Coaching Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Coaching Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John coached me and he is one of the finest in the industry.

He is definitely an asset to the coaching industry.

John represents the best that the coaching industry has to offer.

Without having to ask, he became my mentor and coach.

I will always look up to him as my mentor and coach.

John has been coaching long before coaching was the profession that it is today.

I would recommend his coaching service to anyone who needs a coach.

So many coaches are great at coaching, but not so good at selling.

John was my mentor and master coach for my own coaching journey.

Pre coached me directly, when I came into the process, not looking forward to it, having worked with other coaches.

If you want coaching that really works and accomplishes the changes you want, then John is your coach.

On the course I have had coaching from other delegates and have coached under his supervision.

John and his associated coaches have provided executive coaching services for our company.

He then became, and still is my coach and advisor.

John is a coach who gives him industry a great name and gives you the tools to do so in your own industry.

John's flexibility and openness make him stand apart from many other coaches in the industry.

He's someone who is the 'real deal' when it comes to the coaching industry, as well.

John has also added that he is available for interview coaching & industry insight.

I've ordered and studied many courses from many different coaches in the industry.

I found him mentoring and coaching ability to be best in the mortgage industry.

Honoured to have been coached and challenged by such a credit to the industry.

Hands-down the brightest dissertation coach and statistician in the industry.

I don't believe there is a better coach in the executive search industry.

His commitment to him coaching clients is unsurpassed in the industry.

I was new to the industry and needed a lot of coaching.

John has long been a leader in the coaching industry.

John is a leader in the corporate coaching industry.

John and I have been associated with the coaching industry for lots of years.

John is a former colleague of mine in the coaching industry.

The Australian coaching industry is better because of John's work.

Hiring John as my coach WILL take me to the top of my industry.

I am inspired by the work he does with others and myself and how he goes about his coaching.

John is the best coach and mentor you can ask for and that has been my experience.

John was always there to help with any problem and coach you through the solution.

John is always willing to help others by mentoring and coaching them to grow.

Most recently, he has helped me with one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

John is very knowledgeable when it comes to coaching and mentorship.

One would be fortunate to work with him and to have him as one's coach.

To anyone who is thinking about getting into coaching: look no further.

John is knowledgeable and brings out the best in those he coaches.

If you are looking for a mentor or coach, he is definitely your person.

I look forward to working more with him and his new coaching programs.

He coaches them to be their best and doesn't put up with second rate.

I have worked with so many coaches, and you are the best one for me.

He has been my mentor, coach, and above all one of my best friends.

Blessings my friend for all that you do for us as a coach and mentor.

John was not only my supervisor, he was also my coach and mentor.

Since then we have worked together in the capacity of coaching.

John has provided coaching services within our organisation.

He is like the coach or mentor that you would never disappoint.

I am blessed to have found him and used his coaching services.

What else could you ask for when it comes to a coaching model.

For sure, your knowledge will be used in our daily coachings.

He's convinced me of the value of having an executive coach.

You will be better for the work he will coach you through.

John directly through his coaching and mentoring program.

The coaching experience that he provided was first rate.

Good coach to be with, as he always shares his knowledge.

I've worked with other coaches and he is one of the best.