Coaching Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Coaching Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John coached me and he is one of the finest in the industry.
He is definitely an asset to the coaching industry.
John represents the best that the coaching industry has to offer.
Without having to ask, he became my mentor and coach.
I will always look up to him as my mentor and coach.
John has been coaching long before coaching was the profession that it is today.
I would recommend his coaching service to anyone who needs a coach.
So many coaches are great at coaching, but not so good at selling.
John was my mentor and master coach for my own coaching journey.
Pre coached me directly, when I came into the process, not looking forward to it, having worked with other coaches.
If you want coaching that really works and accomplishes the changes you want, then John is your coach.
On the course I have had coaching from other delegates and have coached under his supervision.
John and his associated coaches have provided executive coaching services for our company.
He then became, and still is my coach and advisor.
John is a coach who gives him industry a great name and gives you the tools to do so in your own industry.
John's flexibility and openness make him stand apart from many other coaches in the industry.
He's someone who is the 'real deal' when it comes to the coaching industry, as well.
John has also added that he is available for interview coaching & industry insight.
I've ordered and studied many courses from many different coaches in the industry.
I found him mentoring and coaching ability to be best in the mortgage industry.
Honoured to have been coached and challenged by such a credit to the industry.
Hands-down the brightest dissertation coach and statistician in the industry.
I don't believe there is a better coach in the executive search industry.
His commitment to him coaching clients is unsurpassed in the industry.
I was new to the industry and needed a lot of coaching.
John has long been a leader in the coaching industry.
John is a leader in the corporate coaching industry.
John and I have been associated with the coaching industry for lots of years.
John is a former colleague of mine in the coaching industry.
The Australian coaching industry is better because of John's work.
Hiring John as my coach WILL take me to the top of my industry.
I am inspired by the work he does with others and myself and how he goes about his coaching.
John is the best coach and mentor you can ask for and that has been my experience.
John was always there to help with any problem and coach you through the solution.
John is always willing to help others by mentoring and coaching them to grow.
Most recently, he has helped me with one-on-one coaching and mentoring.
John is very knowledgeable when it comes to coaching and mentorship.
One would be fortunate to work with him and to have him as one's coach.
To anyone who is thinking about getting into coaching: look no further.
John is knowledgeable and brings out the best in those he coaches.
If you are looking for a mentor or coach, he is definitely your person.
I look forward to working more with him and his new coaching programs.
He coaches them to be their best and doesn't put up with second rate.
I have worked with so many coaches, and you are the best one for me.
He has been my mentor, coach, and above all one of my best friends.
Blessings my friend for all that you do for us as a coach and mentor.
John was not only my supervisor, he was also my coach and mentor.
Since then we have worked together in the capacity of coaching.
John has provided coaching services within our organisation.
He is like the coach or mentor that you would never disappoint.
I am blessed to have found him and used his coaching services.
What else could you ask for when it comes to a coaching model.
For sure, your knowledge will be used in our daily coachings.
He's convinced me of the value of having an executive coach.
You will be better for the work he will coach you through.
John directly through his coaching and mentoring program.
The coaching experience that he provided was first rate.
Good coach to be with, as he always shares his knowledge.
I've worked with other coaches and he is one of the best.
As a coach, he is also able to demonstrate what he is coaching.
Finally, he exposed all class members to valuable coaching resources not normally available to those outside the coaching industry.
John knows his industry, his coaching was invaluable and immediately applicable.
His passion for coaches and coaching was evident in both his words and actions.
He coaches some of the most sophisticated people-people that are best in their industry.
His expertise in the industry should be recognized, as well as his unique coaching approach.
He coaches to excellence, and his passion for the industry and the company is contagious.
He has extensive industry experience which he shares in his coaching and influencing.
And because he knows the industry so well, he is an excellent career coach for candidates.
His coaching is very strong, and his knowledge of his industry is amazing.
Him experience sharing strategy is unique in the coaching industry.
John connects with you very well, in a one on one coaching environment and as any great coach will do.
His vast experience across industries and deep coaching expertise makes him an excellent choice for individuals or group coaching.
He goes out of his way to make sure everyone is on board with what he is catching on.
His guidance and coaching was fundamental in helping him acclimate to a new industry.
John's coaching and intricate knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry was instrumental in his entry into the pharmaceutical industry.
His knowledge of the industry and coaching really helped to give him the edge.
He possesses the industry knowledge and coached him every step of the way.
He coaches with the use of positive reinforcement and unique styles that are applicable to any industry.
In fact, there can be no greater recommendation than that a coach is prepared to hire him as his coach.
He always made himself available for either coaching, mentoring, or motivation.
And he is not afraid to coach - something else that not many know how to do in large organizations.
When there was an opportunity, he coached him one on one on what to expect and how to prepare.
He also introduced him to organizations that could help him become proficient in coaching.
John's everything you could ask for in a speaker, coach - for anyone in your organization.
He knows his way around that environment, he gets it and he's also a fantastic coach.
But he has gone far beyond his expectations of what a coach can do for his company.
He is both kind and demanding, which is exactly what you want in a coach.
With the right environment and coaching, he'll always be a Rockstar
He demanded his very best, but also coached him along to achieve more.
His lectures and coaching was interesting, useful and very helpful.
John's coaching truly had immeasurable impact on our organization.
His way of coaching can be described as structured and humorists
John's coaching that he delivered across the board was awesome.
John's coaching has allowed him to trust in his own abilities.
Trained & coached his subordinates to get company objectives.
He immediately understood and coached him on talking points and how best to sell himself in a new industry.
That and him staying power in this industry is testament to his vitality and effectiveness as a coach.
He understands the industry and is able to pass that along through training and coaching.
His training is comprehensive and coaching experience unparalleled in his industry.
His incredible generosity while coaching, he is a rare commodity amongst business/executive coaches.
Our company matters what team or industry, John will always be an effective and respected coach.
He has inside information about the industry that he shared with him and coached him on the delivery to this particular audience.
John's methods and interactive way of coaching has been above his expectations.
He has provided follow up coaching to the students and himself.
His knowledge and experience of our industry is second to none, and his coaching methods are extremely effective.
What was evident was his deep passion for coaching and his extensive knowledge of the industry.
Being new to the industry, he also coached him on the luxury retail landscape.
As a professional coach, he is very natural, sensitive and well versed in using the various coaching tools and methods available in our industry.
John is creating a movement in him industry as a fitness coach.
He is adamant about doing things the right way and isn't afraid to advocate for the needs of those he coaches.
He also counseled and coached him when we were in situations not seen before.
John's counsel and coaching have been of immeasurable value to him.
John's expertise goes beyond the resume and interview coaching.
He provided effective counseling and coaching to all employees.
He coached and counseled him for nearly one year - invaluable.
His experience in the industry was invaluable as he coached us for the most up to date strategies and the best approach for our company.
John will be an asset to any future employer as he is clearly willing to progress as far as possible on the bus and coach industry.
You are more than a smart investment ~ you're a blessing to him and the coaching industry.
He brings in a lot of passion and clarity around the coaching arena and truly dedicates himself to the cause of coaching.
The companies that he coaches find his coaching extremely valuable and his advise spot on.
Best of all, he coached him on how to be less nervous while presenting from the stage.
And he not only had to coach students, but also all the guest presenters.
John provided him with sound direction and excellent coaching.
He keeps the team informed of relevant changes in the industry and coaches many of us.
He hasn't only coached him, he also gave him some sound advice coming from his knowledge in the industry.
After this he coached him through the world of heavy industrial waste and sales.
John creates an environment where the coached is comfortable and lets them see more possibilities/solutions.
He creates an environment of success and provides the necessary coaching to help everyone be our company.
Others within his organization have tried to bring in others coaches with little degree of success.
A rare thing, he is also prepared to give something of himself to you during his coaching sessions.
He provided many options and coached us well as we created an "image" for our company.
He provided great coaching, he was always thoughtful and prepared for each discussion.
Being coached by him is a serious endeavor, because he will demand the best of you.
Having had several coaching experiences over the years, he is the top in his books.
The impact of his coaching is still visible even after he left the company.
His coaching has been very useful and has added a lot of value to his role.
He taught him a lot of things while he coached him for about three months.
John provided valuable coaching that made him feel prepared and valuable.
His coaching is, in his words, "high flame" and he does not disappoint.
Your coaching has been so helpful in telling the story of his company.
John guided and coached him through the key concepts that were new to him.
We love him coaching and the passion he brings to the organization.
John company or individual would be so lucky to have him as a coach.
John is a very good coach who was prepared well and well-known.
John definitely be using his coaching services again in the future.
John' approach to coaching is transparent, trusting, and honest.
John's coaching was incredibly valuable in preparing his pitch.
More importantly, he is also a good coach in the organization.
Our company some of the words to describe his recent coaching session with John.
He shared thought provoking insights and lit up the room with him passion for the coaching industry.