Coaching Others Performance Review Phrases Examples

Coaching Others Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I always think of John the coach of the coaches.
That said, he is not above taking critique even from his students.
He went above and beyond for me, as well as many other students.
It's been a pleasure to be associated with him as my coach.
I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't benefit from his coaching.
He has helped me in many ways.
He is the game changer.
He's just amazing in all ways.
He is always looking for ways he can help you.
He makes you think of new ways to do things.
He is a terrific coach and organizer.
It is truly a gift to have John as a coach.
After a few short months of coaching, John has exceeded my expectations as a coach.
He engaged with the students effortlessly.
He was always willing to take feedback and liked being coached.
He has been an indispensable coach.
I am blessed to have him as my coach.
I recommend his coaching.
We got a lot more engagement than expected from the teams.
He is one of the best coaches I have met, as he coached and guided me through the first few weeks.
We expect substantial growth on both the top and bottom line.
John can truly be titled as coach of all coaches.
He doesn't allow obstacles get in his way.
He is one the very best in the game.
We are so grateful to have him as our financial coach.
He is on top of his game.
He is always on the top of his game.
He was my coach and mentor.
He is real value for money.
He is very proactive that way.
He will exceed your expectations in every way.
That has certainly been my experience, having him as a coach.
He goes above and beyond normal coaching.
Finally, John has the brain of a superhero.
John was an excellent student supporting his fellow classmates along the way.
He will never let you or his clients down and is constantly on the lookout for ways to help others with no expectation of reciprocity.
Provides awesome service to both his clients and his coaching students.
He exceeded all of my expectations as a coach.
I have experienced him coaching and recommend him strongly - he is an excellent coach.
John has a way of not just getting things done, but knowing how to do them the right way.
John always gives his best when coaching.
I would not hesitate to recommend John to any business or event that needs a great spokesman, an experienced host, a social marketing coach or a thought leader full of inspiration and creative ideas.
I've had the privilege of working with John on several occasions during the last few years and in that time I have known him to be an exceptional personal coach as well as an excellent team coach.
John is an excellent speaker and able to convey his messages into relevant career and business learnings - followed by putting to practice by following on games of poker which he coached and guides.
Under enormous pressure John coached and mentored him team to deliver world class email marketing, press releases and social media marketing.
John's a great guy to have on your network; he's a great recruiter and a wonderful job search coach and I look forward to networking with them for many years to come.
John, a great speaker and coach whom I met a week ago when he joined our corporate event as a speaker.
He guided and coached me, revealing pathways I was unaware of and gave me honest insights in relation to my business model, its sustainability and how to scale.
I've had the good fortune to receive coaching and mentoring from John and from the very first encounter, I knew that he would assist me with moving forward in a significant way.
Till this date I am grateful and appreciative of the coaching and advise John provided to me during my employment and still years after we parted ways as I am now well established in my own endeavors.
Being a professional in the coaching space I've very picky about who I work with, but I knew pretty quickly that John was a brilliant coach.
I would highly recommend John as a career coach, educator, influencer and future thinker for everyone, whether you are looking for a job or the next level in your career.
Thank you too for the coaching sessions which have transformed me tremendously, making me change my mindset and have a successful business and life as well.
I have attended a number of John's social media classes, have studied his books on social media, and have come to respect John as a business coach and as a friend.
Thanks to John's coaching I have found a new life path that blends the lifestyle I want to live with a meaningful career where I can make a difference.
With such a vast and varied background in the fitness business industry John can draw on life and career experiences which make him a great business coach.
As a professional speaker, trainer and coach, I've seen many local and international business speakers and John is a speaker who is definitely worth catching.
But besides his great training, he's a great mentor, a brilliant business trainer and coach, and more importantly, a great friend.
Smart, savvy and incredibly driven, John will go the extra mile to ensure that any careers content, coaching or advice is 100% spot on.
I recently attended a coaching workshop with John, and the structure, location, content and delivery of the program was excellent.
John is coaching him to interpret dreams, he is also his dream coach.
He also provided mentorship to his coaches when necessary, so that the employees could maximize their coaching experience.
The entire coaching journey with him as the coach was a fantastic experience.
John, went above and beyond to help and guide him during our coaching sessions.
He coaches along the way and allows for correction and realignment.
He will guide you and coach you so that you are the best you can be.
We can't wait to have him over again for some more startup coaching.
Clients are lucky to have the best of him coaching and experience.
This was his first experience of coaching on one on one basis.
John's thoughtfulness and experience shine through in his coaching and no doubt contribute to his coaching success.
He steps in when he needs to, but also coaches and guides those around him to get the best out of them.
He guided him in approaching some opportunities that may not have come his way without his coaching.
He once told him that coaching was his superpower and he could not be more correct.
He encourages those around him while still guiding and coaching when warranted.
John provides the coaching and the opportunity for one to experience & grow.
He's fantastic at all three, but coaching is by far the richest experience.
The experience of having him coach, he has been an excellent experience.
Because of his experience, he is able to coach at all different levels.
His vast experience in coaching has given him so much authenticity.
John's personalised coaching made experience even more valuable.
His most beneficial experience was him one on one coaching sessions.
His coaching experience with him was very positive and uplifting.
Part of him mind coaching was better than an amazing massage.
John is a perceptive coach with extensive experience coaching people with trauma.
John also coached him through the first few years of his own radio show.
He is also very flexible if you hire him for private coaching.
John is also a great coach - with his extensive coaching experience and desire to help others he can be positively inspiring.
As a coach, he is also excellent - his manner is such to create a very positive coaching experience.
John is driven to help others and anyone who experiences him coaching will see that he succeeds in doing just that.
Encouraging new ideas and always looking to provide guidance and coaching whenever possible, is in his nature.
His experience and ability to coach others is excellent, and he always follows through on his commitments.
His coaching was holistic in that he got to know the whole him to guide his leadership journey.
John coaches through your experiences and encourages you to see past the obstacles and snags.
John's coaching and multidiscipline experience always provide inspiration and encouragement.
He guided him every step of the way, coaching him on what to say, and on how to pace himself.
He is an excellent coach and ready to guide and help where ever and when ever he can.
He truly is a coach in that he doesn't provide the answers; he provides the questions.
Working with him would an enjoyable and rewarding experience as he is an excellent coach
He coaches and guides you to make the right decisions with your success in mind.
He is also a coach in that he can guide you along paths that he has yet to tread
He can draw on years of experience to coach anyone to where they want to be.
This guy knows his craft and his guiding and coaching was much appreciated.
His experience and passion for coaching is evident in everything he does.
He went beyond his call of duty to coach him in the messaging and framing.
John is very coachable and he was welcoming input and corrections.
He became a coach to those with little experience in front of the camera.
That experience is the best definition, to him, of what a coach should be.
John coaches with empathy, experience, humor, and above all, honesty.
And him a willingness to coach and provide guidance has been invaluable.
He gave him the freedom to experiment and was an enthusiastic coach.
John is an expert and has the experience you want a coach to have.
John's broad range of experience makes him an outstanding coach.
His years of experience are definitely evident as he coaches him.
John is an unusually insightful and intuitive coach and guide.
John is one of the very few scrum coaches that impressed a lot.
John is concept conversant and has an immense feel about coaching.
His coaching is guided by love with your best interest at heart.
John served as his guide, his coach and his biggest cheerleader.
This great experience showed him that coaching is very valuable.
A professional coach to follow and keep track of his messages.
His experience with him has undoubtedly shaped him as a coach.
John, as his our company coach, has guided him through some hiring/training issues.
John continued to coach / guide him through his first few months at our company.