Coding Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Coding Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also has great coding skills too, and pitches in to code when needed.
Was always helpful to others in time of need, especially with his coding skills.
His skills are not only in coding, but also in the process of good coding.
If the code isn't right, he will often code an example himself.
His front-end experience is matched by his skills at the back-end code
When it comes to pure coding skill he leaves everybody in the dust.
His code and his people skills can both easily be described as elegant.
He can not only make the code better, but he excels at making other people who code better at coding.
John has a passion for coding, he is continuous practice his coding skills.
He doesn't just want to code something that will do for right now.
John makes it possible for him to get back into the coding chair.
Thanks to him his own coding skills have grown tremendously and it's greatly appreciated.
His combination of skill, thoughtfulness and calm makes for some very effective coding.
He always makes use of his strong code separation, reuse, and abstraction skills.
He not only helped him improve his coding skills, but also with other good advice.
His javascript skills are also great - he can code pretty much anything.
Him coding skill is excellent and he is an extremely fast learner
His coding skills are always in high demand and rightfully so.
His coding skills are outstanding, easily at the expert level.
John's coding skills have saved the day on numerous occasions.
Johns key skills are a very bright mind, excellent coding skills and he is a quick learner
Him coding skills are exceptional in comparison to the average coder.
Him front-end and back-end coding skills impressed him greatly.
His code is solid and thoroughly commented and it is used in our coding standard.
His problem solving skills, coding skills and quality of the code he produces is second to none.
In addition, his coding skills came in handy in situations that required custom code.
For example, he was very willing to refactor code to make it more reusable.
What was also clear was that he took getting the code right very seriously.
He's accommodated and understanding, and best of all, he knows his code.
Working with him and his code has always been enjoyable and intuitive.
He then went on to pinpoint exactly where the issue was in the code.
John also doesn't shy away from doing some coding when he needs to.
His coding became very good and he keeps getting better and better.
His code was definitely an example to the rest of the organization.
Moreover, he really knows how to code stuff and get things done.
The code that he delivered was just what we were looking for.
If he can't code it, then it's probably an impossible request.
The assignments that he gave in class was very valuable to him and it made him confident about his coding skills.
His skills at understanding our needs was excellent and his ability to understand our code was outstanding.
Shwoof is beyond grateful for his coding and ideas and all around problem solving skill set.
His photography captures the story of the campus, and his coding skills are superb.
John combines strong coding skills with incredible mentoring/teaching abilities.
Egor has been a self learner, always seeking to refine his coding skills and improve.
John's passionate about coding, skilled, and also good to go for a pint with.
His leadership skills, code of ethics, and intelligence are extraordinary.
His attention to detail and front-end coding skills are second to none.
He adds continuously new skills to improve his clean and tidy code.
John's coding and our company experiences and skills would be greatly beneficial to companies.
John is an outstanding programmer with exceptional coding skills.
His coding skills are superb; his code is consistently clean, tested, and commented.