Collaboration Performance Review Phrases Examples

Collaboration Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I'm talking about leadership and not management because the way he solves problems and motivates people to achieve their goals, is way over a manager's skill.
He has successfully assembled a team of the best people I've worked with.
Whenever he has an idea, you definitely want to listen to him seriously.
He finds the right people that can be motivated to help him implement those ideas and shows them a vision and a purpose that they can all execute as a team.
John's presence in a team makes the entire environment much better.
John would be a key asset to any company he starts or works at.
It is easy to work together with him, share work, discuss the project, explore solutions.
He's collaborative, enthusiastic, always willing to go the extra step when he's inspired, and motivate others by his own example.
I've witnessed many team members coming to him for advice, and he always found a word of inspiration and desire to keep working as a team.
He is the type of employee that companies dream of having and any company would be lucky to have him.
He is always collaborative, enthusiastic and willing to share his experience - management teams, development team, and client.
John is an inspirational and positive person who can unite employees in a friendly and productive team.
My collaboration with him was perfect, always willing to help me when needed.
Also a very good team leader who can organize the work within a team in a most efficient way and always being able to keep group members motivated.
John is a great addition to any network, team or business solution.
During our cooperation he proved himself as high level professional and interesting person to speak to.
John is an excellent professional and a very supportive friend.
John is a great communicator and is very responsive to any query asked about.
I have been lucky to get to know more about John recently, his passions and his self motivation, through our recent collaboration on a series we are working on.
Well organized, likes working on a team, listens to what customer's needs are and therefore you can count on him to solve any critical problem.
I have only positive thoughts about cooperation with John.
He is a strong contributor to the positive environment of the group.
He is equally comfortable in leadership roles as he is as a team member in group settings.
He works and communicates well with all levels of personnel, creating an effective, focused team to tackle the assigned project.
He worked well with his team and collaborated with his peers or other departments to get the job done.
He is visionary and that is what is needed in this environment.
John is a very organized, experienced manager.
It is rare to meet people with such a willingness to help others and add value to the wider community.
A great motivator and encourages people to produce results and provide excellent customer service are just what every workforce wants.
John is a very organized and committed professional.
A very valuable co-worker and also just plain fun to work together with.
Self-motivated team leader who combines exceptional experience with technical issues and team management skills.
A pleasure to work with and a great collaborator.
John has always excelled in academics and extracurricular activities and demonstrated attributes of a strong leader.
John is a wonderful communicator and the type of servant leader that anyone would want to have on their team.
John has a strong knowledge of methods and how to best leverage the value embedded in them.
They are a dynamic community leader who created a warm, welcome, and inclusive environment for conference attendees.
John is a team player to the fullest extent of the meaning.
A truly authentic, passionate and most importantly honest individual who is a valued part of any network.
A fantastic team player who has astute leadership qualities.
John was an amazing, passionate and thoughtful team member.
John is very supportive and has the ability to get under performing staff members into top performing ones.
John demonstrated strong knowledge, grasp and was generous with ideas, which helped to drive conversion in building a business proposition.
If you are looking for a solid set of ears, a great brain, and an energetic and enthusiastic business person, you are talking to the right gentleman.
All processes were well organized, understood by the whole team while working on some projects.
Global connections really provide a unique perspective that takes into consideration various perspectives.
John is a very motivating communicator who passed on a wealth of knowledge.
John is a very responsible individual.
It was a pleasure to go to business school with this type of colleague.
A servant leader that always gets the job done and does it with a smile and grit.
A pleasure to be around and a great team player.
A brilliant communicator and collaborator.
John is someone who understands how to build great collaborative relationships.
John is a very responsible person, as well as an employee.
John is very knowledgeable, helpful and a person you can count on to solve any critical problem.
John is a manager that succeeded to build and keep altogether a very united team.
A very good team player who was a pleasure to work with.
John's leadership skills successfully transformed a sales group which was lacking cohesion into a tightly-knit, disciplined group.
John is a "get-it-done" type of person.
John was a great communicator and fostered cooperation between the sales team and all other groups within the company.