Comforting Performance Review Phrases Examples

Comforting Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He gets along with everyone, and seems to make everyone around him comfortable.
John is someone who goes out of his way to make others comfortable.
The first thing that strikes you about him is that he would do almost anything to make you comfortable.
It was very comfortable working with him, probably because he is so comfortable with himself.
If he is not comfortable doing something he will always ask and look for solutions.
Everyone is comfortable around him, and with each other, because of his involvement.
It is comforting to know that he is looking out for you and your best interests.
John is always there for them and he was quite comfortable in the role.
He knows everything that needs to be done & makes you feel very comfortable.
He is comfortable with himself and spreads that comfort to others as well.
He can help as little or as much as you need and are comfortable with.
He will go above and beyond to make sure his clients are comfortable.
The best thing about him is he makes the team very much comfortable.
It's comforting to him to know that he'll be there for his child.
He is very approachable and always made everybody comfortable.
He made it very comfortable for him to come in and do his our company.
John, thank you for your help getting him comfortable with our company.
The whole team was comfortable under him and he always makes sure that each and every member comfortable in the team.
He has his own way to get along with anybody and everybody in his office, make them feel comfortable.
He is always willing to try something new and challenging, even when it was outside his comfort zone.
He is likely to make you quite uncomfortable, so don't go near him if you want to remain comfortable.
He still pushed him, "don't get comfortable, you've seen what happens when people get comfortable".
He provides value and comfort to those around him and those who have the benefit of his counsel.
He ensures that he, as well as those around him, are comfortable and that their needs are met.
He makes you so comfortable that before you know it you are on to the issues that really matter.
He goes out of his way to make you comfortable and gives you the best opportunity to deliver.
He clearly understood our client, his needs and what would make them the most comfortable.
John is one of the very few people who can make you comfortable at the very first meeting.
He is comfortable in every situation and makes sure others around him are also at ease.
When he needs help, he's comfortable enough to ask for it, and does not feel inferior.
John gets exactly who you are and makes you very comfortable even in awkward situations.
He has the capability to make anybody and everybody comfortable while being with him.
He makes you feel at ease and comfortable whilst taking you out of your comfort zone.
It's always comforting to know he is there looking after all the (technical) details.
In addition, knowing that you could always go to him for advice was very comforting.
John is comfortable is comfortable interacting with our company of the organization.
John follows up to make certain his candidate is comfortable with the new position.
He will push you outside your comfort zone, and make sure you're comfortable there.
Makes everyone around him really comfortable, so that one can give his best in our company.
Gordy treated him as if he had known him forever, and made him feel very comfortable.
He goes out of the way to meet the needs of his team and makes them comfortable.
He made him comfortable from go, by explaining what he was going to do and why.
He could get the best out of you while making you comfortable at the same our company.
He never gives up and has a way about him which makes others feel comfortable.
Get to know him, he will inspire you to move beyond where you are comfortable.
He is always comfortable and always sure to greet everyone when they came in.
Working with him was comfortable for him and he is always ready to help others.
Clients tell him the staff always makes them feel welcome and very comfortable.
He goes above and beyond to help everyone feel comfortable in any situation.
He challenged each and every one of us to think outside of our comfort zone.
He did all his best to make our our company comfortable, so we could do it in our company.
Perhaps most importantly, he made sure we were comfortable with everything.
He is also very comfortable and very capable when it comes to headhunting.
John is really helpful and made him comfortable throughout the whole process.
Conducting business with him is as it should be, comfortable and effective.
His interviews were often seen as the most challenging and yet comfortable.
He makes people very comfortable when they are going through this process.
John knows how to make everyone in the room feel welcome and comfortable.
John is not scared to try something new or to go beyond his comfort zone.
He is comfortable in any role given to him and was always very positive.