Commercial Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Commercial Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John would be an asset to any organisation looking to strengthen their commercial management.
Combine that with his commercial and political awareness, and you have first-rate managing
He is a commercially astute manager and an excellent manager of his team.
He also manages to be very creative and commercial at the same time.
His sharp commercial acumen and he is committed to creating and managing outstanding commercial websites.
First, he always manages to find the best commercial solution for all involved.
And he manages to keep the focus on the defined commercial objectives.
His management style is collaborative and inclusive yet still very commercially focused.
He is commercial, but he manages the money side politely and with style.
He also has a strong stakeholder and commercial management experience.
His commercial approach could offer to manage challenges successfully.
His commercial vision and management style adds something to it.
John excels in his commercial role, but also in relationship management.
This alone is enough to recommend him, but he's also truly commercial in the best sense.
He can tell you exactly what needs to be done, the purity and the commercial impact.
John him as your commercial godfather, there when you need and to help you succeed.
John is commercially very astute and does what he says he will do.
And those who underestimate him do so at their own commercial peril.
What impresses him even more, however, is his commercial awareness.
Besides the fact that he is commercial, he is also very sociable.
Him commercials, films, and everything else he does are amazing.
John provided commercialization expertise to his new company.
He will do well in whatever he tackles in the commercial world.
He got the right balance between governance and commerciality.
John is the go to guy if you are looking for commercial space.
John brings together expertise in commercial and management teams.
During his assignment, he managed some key commercial breakthroughs for the department.
He manages to balance usability and commercial needs without resorting to compromises.
He efficiently managed the commercial aspects of all departments within the agency.
His understanding of the commercial card world is above all others - he was in the infancy of commercial cards.
He drove that commercial appreciation to his management staff.
John excels in stakeholder management and is extremely commercial in the way he approaches all that he does.
He managed it very effectively ensuring all deliverables were met and the commercials were captured.
He managed complex situations well and displayed an excellent commercial understanding
John is an intelligent, thoughtful and results oriented commercial manager.
John possesses the rare commercial acumen and was a delight to manage.
Knew how to matrix manage to get the best for his customer base (commercially & operationally).
John managed stakeholders to get better conclusion for the customers and commercials.
He is thorough and articulate and always looks for the commercial benefit in almost everything he does.
But importantly, he is also commercial and competitive, always looking to do more and do it better.
John can always be relied upon to come up with new ideas and deliver them commercially.
He still selflessly provides help and advice without worrying about the commercialities.
He challenges the conventional way of doing things, whilst maintaining commercially
He's always available, reliable, commercial, straightforward and above all honest.
His ability to see opportunities well before they become commercialized is amazing.
He has commercial acumen which could be exploited if he is given the opportunity.
He is commercial, seeing the big picture and what he can do to make things happen.
He's the right kind of commercial profile one should be looking to employ.
John shares examples that can be used in various commercial environments.
He is also aware of the commercial aspects as well as being pragmatic.
John is extremely focused and very commercial in all that he does.
He is passionate about what he does and hugely commercially focussed.
He does not need the endlessly repeating commercials and billboards.
He is switched on both commercial and in regards to world issues.
That's to say his friendship is really not just commercial shallowness.
He can also translate that insight into commercial recommendations.
Yet, one should not mistake his attitude for commercial negligence.
He truly values you as the individual within the commercial arena.
In fact, his perspective on all things commercial was always valued.
John always had an eye for the commercial aspect of the company.
John is one of the reasons for our success in commercial cards.
Also keeps his eye on the ball when it comes to commercial impact.
He strives for perfection and is very commercial in his approach.
His passion for commercial is reflected in each one of his ventures.
He's also really fair and commercially minded as you'd expect.
He is very commercially savvy and his input is always valued.
His commerciality and pragmatism make his courses successful.
He is commercially and very useful to bounce ideas around with.
He's commercially minded as well as being editorially driven.
John should be used as an our company commercial because he is "priceless".
John has recently helped him out with his commercial property.