Commercial Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Commercial Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Furthermore, he has an outstanding awareness of project, program and commercial management.
I have always found him to be a very strong commercial manager.
His key strength is managing projects and ensures that projects are delivered on time.
He collaborates with project managers and appreciates delivery and commercial needs.
He consistently meets all project deliverables and is excellent at managing project budgets.
John is reliable and is a great project manager in helping to push projects forward.
John is a very experienced project manager with extensive knowledge of project management methodology and processes which he uses well to guide and advise the team of project managers responsible for the program of projects he manages.
He has pioneered commercial and philanthropic projects with unprecedented success.
His exceptional commercial acumen is strongly evident across all his projects.
John has also a keen understanding of the commercial aspects of projects.
John never leaves a project, where he has a commercial responsibility.
John is an excellent and an organised project manager with a strong vision and commercial acumen.
He started from the project's very inception, and through several commercial releases.
John is very professional in his management of others as well as his projects.
John is a self-driven and self-managed, professional project manager.
John is a dynamic manager who manages projects professionally.
He is at ease with both residential and commercial projects whether large or small.
He also knows how to drive results both on the commercial and project level.
Beyond onboarding me to a new company and project, he also helped me mature and grow in my role as project manager.
I warmly recommend him in commercial and management positions.
His sharp commercial acumen and he is committed to creating and managing outstanding commercial websites.
John worked with me on my first major commercial renovation project.
His strengths lie in commercial and supplier management and project creation and delivery.
John is a highly professional and experienced project manager who has a no-nonsense approach to project management.
John proved himself as a very experienced project manager being reliable and accurate and always keeping the project's timeline.
He gets what it takes to run a successful, commercially viable project.
I know him from projects ranging from commercial to animation and he is exceptional at his craft.
He was extremely thorough and managed his projects very professionally.
He was always professional and had some very large projects to manage.
He spots opportunities and drives the projects forward to ensure commercial success.
He managed complex projects implementing new commercial strategies with dedication and enthusiasm.
He is so highly respected and sought after in his current assignment, there multiple project sponsors waiting for him to manage their projects.
His impact was instrumental in ensuring commitments are well understood and brought the project under strong project management.
He provided sound strategic and commercial direction, along with excellent project management.
His management style is collaborative and inclusive yet still very commercially focused.
John is a straight talker, and very experienced commercial manager.
John is a very capable commercial manager with enormous potential.
He manages each project with high integrity and is very punctual on each step of the project overall.
He counts commercial awareness, project management and people leadership amongst his key strengths.
John has worked very successfully for us on a number of commercial projects.
John has a particular strength in managing projects and has a commercial yet empathetic approach to his work.
I would recommend him for any kind of project- commercial or personal.
He has an enormous capacity to manage multiple projects, people, agencies and commercial imperatives with seeming ease.
His project management, commercial focus and six sigma capabilities enabled him to pick things up quickly and credibly.
He is conscientious and manages his time and he projects well.
He manages to balance usability and commercial needs without resorting to compromises.
John is a commercially astute, engaging and passionate manager.
John was truly dedicated to the project, commercially astute and focussed on a successful outcome.
Even on commercial projects with strict guidelines he adds a wonderful edge.
John reads scripts for my commercials and is always dependable and can complete the project for me very quickly.
John understands that true project management goes above and beyond project plans, task lists, and meetings.
John is highly professional project manager and he is always here when you need advice.
John´s way of managing topics and projects is always professional and challenging.
I found him to be always professional and extremely valuable in managing the project.
I was impressed with the professionalism he displayed in managing the project.
John is the consummate professional and is the queen of project management.
John manages projects with an amazing clarity and professionalism.
He is an excellent professional to manage infrastructure projects.
He manages projects professionally and is extremely proficient.
He's able to find the concrete commercial potential in projects which he articulates clearly and compellingly.