Commercial Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Commercial Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He possesses sound commercial acumen, has excellent excel skills and is commercially astute.

His commercial acumen and negotiation skills are second to none.

Although he was relatively new to his role, he displayed good skills and commercial awareness.

He is commercially extremely astute, with transferable skills across many sectors.

Apart from overall great commercial skills, he's also a nice guy.

John has a broad range of skills and is commercial and driven.

He has good commercial skills combined with strong principles.

He is also commercially-minded and strong on analytical skills.

He possesses many skills and strengths and one such key skill is his commercial acumen and persistent follow-up for the closure.

His commercial acumen, domain expertise, and interpersonal skills made him a skillful negotiator across the table.

He achieved this using his considerable commercial and strategic skills.

He has both impeccable commercial knowledge and interpersonal skills.

He really combines his commercial acumen with true people skills.

He was well-known for his entrepreneurial approach, he buys skills and his keen commercial sense.

From a commercial point of view, he has very good skills, and above all, he knows how to use them.

John has strong commercial skills as well as his flexibility to assume managerial challenges.

John has excellent interpersonal skills and couples this with great commercial sense.

He has the ability to couple excellent commercial skills with exceptional leadership.

John's analytical skills were the best on my commercial team.

His analytical skills combined with his commercial acumen are second to none.

Additionally, his skills as a commercial lender would be an asset to most organizations.

In addition to his techno-commercial skills, he was a phenomenal motivator.

He has instinctive commercial skills and can close high value deals.

Not only does he master commercial skills thoroughly, he equally masters people skills with great ease.

John is particularly skilled at taking an idea and making it work commercially.

With his commercial and - strategic skills he has exceeded targets consistently.

John has outstanding commercial skills and very good strategic insight.

He has commercial sense and has excellent communication skills.

He is diligent, enthusiastic and commercially astute with exceptional people skills.

John offers not only great people skills, but commercial expertise and insight.

He has exceptionally strong commercial nous and fine negotiation skills.

He has the right skills in the commercial area and also has good background experience.

John was one of the smartest guys in the team, with very sharp commercial skills.

He has great commercial and organisational skills as well as being an enthusiastic individual to deal with.

This is based upon his strong interpersonal skills and finely tuned commercial acumen.

His communication and commercial engagement skills are two of his strengths.

Good communication skills are another key skill that he posses.

He is a skilled facilitator and people strategist combining these with sound commercial skills.

He has exceptional commercial skills and has the ability to motivate people around him.

No doubt his attention to detail and his commercial skills were well grounded and much appreciated.

He's got good editorial skills, nose for details & most of all, he has commercial sense.

He displayed shrewd negotiation and commercial skills throughout the relationship.

He is extremely talented and brings with him invaluable techno-commercial skills.

He is a direct, clear thinker with excellent commercial skills.

He is commercially aware, has strong communication skills, and follows through on all issues.

He combines that with good entrepreneurial skills, commercial insight, and integrity.

He is a very committed and extremely knowledgeable with strong commercial skills.

Sufficient time to appreciate the excellent way he combines analytical skills with commercial flair.

He has strong leadership skills, commercial acumen and is extremely creative.

John is also a hardened negotiator, and skillful in arranging commercial approaches to the best of the company.

John has a strong commercial awareness, is enthusiastic and above all has very good organizational skills.

John is bright, thorough and a quick learner, and has both people skills and commercial acumen.

John has a superb mix of commercial acumen and outstanding people skills.

John combines his natural commercial skills with a strong focus on results.

His energy, his passion and his commercial skill make for a powerful combination.

His commercial skills and understanding about the industry are second to none.

He made the transition from to commercial industry with great skill.

He's a very good mentor and knows how to develop one's skills and commercial skills.

John has an acute sense of a commercial opportunity and has both the skills and tenacity to turn these into reality.

John has the perfect blend of legal and commercial skills that made him so successful in his role.