Communications Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Communications Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John communicates well with all other disciplines, communicating to them why things are the way they are and fostering a better understanding.

He is an excellent communicator, who encourages open, two way communication with his subordinates.

John is dedicated to the community and to his magazine as a mirror of that community.

John is also a great communicator, communicating with credibility and confidence.

John ensures you are together in the journey with him with close communication and consultative approach.

His consultative approach is thorough, and communicates the offering of his company very effectively.

John was an excellent communication link between me and the group of consultants.

He is thorough in his communications and always follows-through on his commitments.

John was always very thorough and made sure to always have an open communication.

John's strengths were around communication - both doing it himself and also facilitating communication between others who were unable to do it for themselves.

His communication style is consultative and inclusive and he is always looking for the best possible outcome for all parties.

John has been unlike most other consultants as he is extremely reliable and maintains excellent communication.

He really is an all round achiever who is very aware of the community and, in my opinion, contributes effectively to that community.

John taught us how communicate more efficiently by understanding the communication style of our audience.

He is a good communicator and is very deliberate and considered in his communication style.

He helps with communication within the organization through consultation with experts in various areas.

He stands apart from many consultants through his enduring quest for the advancement of community and environment.

He consults regularly with our foundation board to help us increase visibility within our community.

John is always positive and upbeat in our dealings as a successful consultant for our community.

In the inductions, he communicated what consulting is in a group of people who often liked the sound of consulting but didn't really know what it was.

I appreciate everything he does for our community and the example he set for all to follow.

His ability to communicate and help others get along together has been one of his strengths.

He will always go above and beyond expectations with communication being one of the strengths.

Excellent at communication, he can get across what he wants to with good precision.

With his help, we have made substantial changes in how we communicate our message.

He's an excellent communicator, always willing to help out and is very responsive.

He was very communicative and always kept me as updated as possible, maintaining great communication between myself and the client.

His communication style and openness fostered open communication across our organizations.

He was very well liked and trusted by his team members and the consulting community.

His past experiences in communication consulting have definitely helped to shape him to where he is today.

He was very knowledgeable and was good at communicating effective ways to communicate.

I found him to be an excellent communicator with an extensive knowledge of the our company community.

His communications consultation was invaluable for my company as we prepared the launch of our website.

Endorsing his work as a colleague or a communication consultant comes only naturally.

He is a strong communicator who understands that how something is communicated is often as important as the message.

What is unusual about his consulting style is the breadth and depth of his consulting competencies.

He was a "consultant's consultant" and clients always liked his commitment to their success.

He treated clients and consultants with respect and was consultative in his approach.

John provides exceptional communication consulting and leverages communication to drive business results.

He is very well planned & very good communicator, keeps the communication open & never has any surprises.

His ability to communicate with the client, translate what they say into needs, and then communicate those to me is just superb.

He is the authority on effective communications with clients through effective one -to-one communications.

John is an amazing communications consultant that gets straight to the point and gets the job done.

Under his leadership, communications have transformed from an occasional company email to several different communication avenues.

He his visibility in the community and consistently communicates with his constituents so as to gain their trust and respect.

He is an effective communicator, and is able to clearly communicate the vision and mission of a company.

John's can-do, make it happen attitude is exactly what we value when using outside consultants.

John's consultation and expertise have been critical to my organization's success in communicating our message.

John's choice to become a consultant is a windfall to the community which he chooses to serve.

John is one of those rare consultants who combines razor sharp insight with communication flair.

John is an excellent communicator, in writing and in spoken presentations and interpersonal communication.

John's excellent communication style and friendly nature make consulting with him easy and allows him to easily communicate at all levels of the organization.

I thoroughly enjoy working with him - he is my go-to consultant for communications work.

He is articulate, thinks clearly and can communicate with the user community effectively.

He's also an excellent communicator and there's never any confusion as to what's going on and who's responsible.

When it comes to communication, he's there when we need him, but he doesn't bury me in unsolicited resumes.

Further, he would communicate the root cause, the best way to retest, and be available for any questions.

He could always be counted on to communicative and diplomatic even in the most trying of circumstances.

He makes sure that everyone gets the help they need by remaining open and responsive to communications.

He is clear about the results he wants and when he needs them, and clearly communicates expectations.