Communications Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Communications Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He maintained and coordinated almost all communications between myself and the client.

He is an excellent communicator, coordinator and incredibly well organized.

John did a beautiful job of both communication and coordination.

John was a true inspiration and most helpful in coordinating all communications.

He coordinated communications with multiple stakeholders with efficiency.

He has the ability to communicate, facilitate, and coordinate with the various first responder disciplines.

He is excellent as far as concerned with communication and coordinating with you and the client.

John knows the community well and does a great job coordinating everything for out of towners.

John was an effective communicator and ensured overall coordination with the team.

John was able to communicate and coordinate effectively across all levels of the organisation.

John is down to earth, positive and pragmatic, naturally adept to coordinating communities.

John left a wonderful legacy that current communication coordinator now tries to emulate.

He excels in coordinating & bridging communication gaps to bring forth success.

He coordinates all messaging and communications for a tech-savvy congregation.

He coordinates and communicates well, thinks acutely, and maintains composure.

John is an amazing coordinator and community leader, as his active and engaged community shows.

He effectively coordinates and communicates cross functionally throughout the organization.

John had to coordinate vendors, communications and benefits fairs with me.

He coordinates with different departments very well as a result of which there is never a communication barrier.

John went out of his way to meet with all of the community coordinators to ensure that we were having an enjoyable experience.

He is effective at communicating and coordinating large teams of stakeholders.

His ability to coordinate, communicate and motivate personnel is more than extraordinary.

John quickly became a "hub" within the company, through which much of our communications and activity was coordinated.

John's ability to coordinate and communicate is outstanding and makes him a highly sought after teammate.

John is a great coordinator, and communicated extensively with me to ensure no question went unanswered.

He delivers his message with precision; coordinating all forms of verbal and non-verbal communication.

He brings to the table good communication, coordination and a way of making things look easy.

He is a great communicator, easy to coordinate with, and a pleasure to be around.

John is very good at communicating with other groups and the entire end user community.

I definitely see myself being his student for communication in the near future.

I consider communication, coordination and professionalism to be outstanding attributes of his.

John is a brilliant coordinator with sharp direction and communication abilities.

John knows how to communicate the needs of those serving and their families.

John and his family truly believe in giving back to the community.

Not to mention what he does for his family and his community.

He worked through the night when he had an idea for the theme and the coordinating communications.

I found him diligent, personable and an effective coordinator and communicator.

John also knows the art of 'communication' and always delivers.

While that's taken countless hours of coordination, communication, and effort - he's done so with a smile and plenty of laughter.

He has a very good communication and is very good at coordinating with vendors/other groups and getting things done.

He is very helpful, easy to communicate with, and always there for his students.

He was very true in his communications, even if the news was not positive.

He encourages students to get out and get involved in the community.

He also has an amazing ability to communicate with his students.

His ability to coordinate communication and provide just the right input when necessary was enjoyed by all of the committee members.

Him potential is strong in communication, coordination and commercial functions.

As a coordinator of the event his ability to communicate with the volunteers was exceptional.

He communicates well with other teams when needed to coordinate tasks and resolve issues.