Communications Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Communications Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is an excellent communicator and communicates effectively with people at all levels of management.

He is an excellent community manager who carefully considers his communication when dealing with tricky situations.

John is a communications manager, well organized with great people management.

John was an excellent manager who clearly communicated expectations and was always willing to listen.

John managed our communication with the up-most respect and was always attentive to my expectations.

His understanding of various cultures makes him well respected within the communities he managed.

John communicates openly and clearly, manages collaboratively and is always available to listen.

John has been a first-class manager and is respected by anyone that knows him in the community.

John is good at managing things under pressure and excellent in communication.

He also contributed to communications and stakeholder management initiatives.

He was really easy to communicate with and managed to get me on board swiftly.

He understands that communications are needed to manage effective change management.

He understood how to get things done and could communicate effectively with both employees and management.

He is an effective and engaging communicator, as well as an inspiring manager.

His sessions about behavior management, task management and communication had helped me tremendously.

John is a smart, enthusiastic community manager with an exceptional understanding of the online community.

He knows everything there is to know about gaming communities and how to manage them.

His contributions went beyond his job description as communications manager.

John was always incredibly helpful and made the communication between both our companies that much easier to manage.

His communication is always very thoughtful and he also manages to make you feel like your thoughts are valued.

John is very communicative, open to new ideas, and adds value to suggestions provided by his managers.

He communicates well with all levels of management and is always eager to take on new challenges.

John is an amazing manager that communicates extremely well with everyone he deals with.

John had great communication and follow up for both hiring managers and candidates.

He asked questions, managed communications and expectations, and always followed up.

Two of his core strengths are communication and managing very large deliverables.

He is a great communicator and had the respect of his colleagues and managers.

John is also a great manager, who is communicative, effective, and punctual.

He was well organized and clearly communicated the goals of upper management.

He was detailed oriented and communicated well with management and his colleagues.

He was communicating with me as his property manager, with other board members, and with the community residents.

He managed all upward communications well and kept his subordinates moving forward on all tasks.

John is an inspiring manager whose leadership and communication are unfailingly motivational.

He managed his employees fairly and always communicated regularly what was needed or expected.

In this way he manages expectations and maintains clear communication between all parties.

He communicates with you on an ongoing basis and manages expectations clearly and openly.

John is an excellent manager: organized, transparent, communicative, and responsible.

John's management style is very hands on and he champions transparent communication.

He is very good at communication and management within all levels of an organization.

He communicated well with all involved parties and managed procedures effectively.

He is very talented in both managing and problem solving, as well communicating.

As well he is experienced in communications, friendly (non-conflict) manager.

He's been very well knowledgeable in telecommunication, management and communication as well.

He effectively manages all the necessary communication with openness and integrity.

John is extremely thorough and dedicated to his work as communication manager.

John is an exceptional manager who is both goal-driven and an effective communicator.

His session on communication, management, presentation, leadership was excellent.

He is a great communicator & manages to get the best out of people effortlessly.

I must say that he is very eloquent and clear in his communication, stakeholder expectation management and people management.

John manages his team effectively and communicates clearly and often on every deal.

He has successfully managed this non-profit community organization during this time.

John has an inclusive management and communication style which enables him to get the very best out of both his colleagues and subordinates.

John is an excellent communicator, knows how to set expectations and more importantly manage to those expectations.

John was a clear communicator and so if problems arose, he would let me know and we could manage them efficiently.

I found him to be a responsive manager; he was very good about follow through and was good about communication.

This would not have been possible without his expertise and ability to communicate with management and staff.

Furthermore, he has shown that he is capable to communicate on the right abstraction level with management.

Strong communications, foresight, delivering results & stakeholder management are some of his forte.

His communication stream is excellent, his management style is unique and he is very well respected.

He is extremely insightful when it comes to problem solving and communicating with hiring managers.