Communications Technician Performance Review Phrases Examples

Communications Technician Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He understands community and communication more than people in their teens.
He engages our company, the whole community, and has gained their trust.
Whether they are technicians or clients, his communications are right on target.
His communication style seems to be one of his particular strengths: he communicates clearly, authentically and with vision.
John seeks to understand the needs of our company and the people he serves within that community.
His ability to communicate clearly and relate across multicultural communities is exceptional.
He established communication with a group of people who did not want to communicate.
His community involvement should also be noted as he gives back to his local and international communities.
He communicates well with all levels internally and is exceptional at customer/prospect communications.
His advice on leadership, communication and internal communication is very valuable.
John provided the necessary leadership and communicated well with his vendors.
He listens to your needs and wants and always provides timely communication.
John clearly communicated his needs and was timely and decisive.
John is one of those rare people who asks what he can do for our company and then follows through with the best interests of our company at heart.
He's been a great inspiration on leadership, community engagement and communication.
John well communicates with the other people and always is looking for a proper way of communication, such which best suits to various circumstances and participants.
In communication he is direct, honest and open, and knows how to adapt him communication to each individual.
The real estate community, and our company at large, are lucky to have him.
Our company top of all of this, John is an excellent communicator, community builder, and evangelist.
John always looks for the best in the people, and communicates clearly with everybody.
So many need his help to become more effective and engaging in their communications.
Not only that, he knows how to help people become better communicators themselves.
His communication has always been well done and he keeps employees well motivated.
He can relate to all audiences as he gets it when it comes to communication.
He communicates clearly and directly and is available when people need him.
He does the right thing for people and is very involved in our company.
He communicates very well and will always be direct with his objectives.
Also, he communicates really well, which is most demanding in his area.
He can do that because he communicates exceptionally well with people.
This allows him to relate and communicate with almost any individual.
Effective communication was key, and he did very well in this area.
Same for him typography: appropriate and direct in communication.
Throughout the engagement he has been spot on with communication.
Dealing with him is easy and he communicates well at every stage.
In our company, he goes out of his way to help people in need.
John is not only dedicated to his trade, but also, his community.
He brings people together who might not otherwise communicate.
Increased also his communication set among the others students.
Continuously looking to genuinely help people in his community.
He knows his stuff and knows how to communicate and motivate.
Linking and communicating with people has been his trademark.
His directions and guidance were always clearly communicated.
He communicates well with people throughout the organization.
John has always been an excellent communicator and motivator.
He brought an excellent strategy and cadence to the communications, really having conversations instead of one way communications.
He's a brilliant communicator and knows to communicate what's important and what others make look complex, he does look simple.
John is also an excellent communicator and that show, both for external but also internal communication.
Him community outreach continues to have significant impact on our community at large.
Fine communicator, great sounding board and he communicates well.
He knows the importance, value and can communicate it so that everyone understand.
He really knows what he's doing and communicates it effortlessly in all cases.
He also gives back to our company and that's important to us.
He handled all the communications between him and the employer.
He communicates clearly about the goals and responsibilities.
John's focus is very much about communication and connection.
He integrated well into his community and earned the respect of community members.
Him subtle and soft communication was always accompanied by the beautiful voice he has which makes him approachable and communicative.
He also values partnerships with the vendor community, which in turn makes the vendor community want to do anything they can do help.
With that being done he was master in communication, he knows his levels of communication and is very capable to handle this.
He knows what he wants, he communicates it clearly and then makes timely and definitive decisions.
He always followed up promptly and making sure everything was communicated and well facilitated.
Continuously asking questions to better our company he serves and himself at the same time.
He communicates persuasively and influences others to do what is best for the organization.
He communicates clearly and you never wonder where you stand - no drama, just results.
John does what he says he will and communicates clearly facilitating good results.
John can often be seen in the news for his many contributions to our company.
He is organized, communicates well and follows-up until tasks are completed.
His follow up and communication throughout our transaction was unsurpassed.
John knows how to distill the message and get results from communication.
This being said he also has the ability to clearly communicate internally.
He always communicates ahead of time and most importantly gets results.
Supports wonderful causes and volunteers his time to our company.
He facilitates the flow of communication, and does it with style.
He communicated effectively and efficiently with several vendors.
Nonetheless, it succeeded well with our company and internally.
John's great strength is communication, especially listening.
His communication and interpersonal strengths are exceptional.
He not only offers up his expertise in how to communicate (and very creative), but also provides guidance on what should be communicated.
He understood the importance of communication and always kept the communication channels open between each department.
His passion for our company sector will be valuable to any organisation that serves the needs of people in its community.
John completely groks the dynamics of communities and how firms can use communities to drive innovation.
He communicates clearly in presentations and one on one, and seems to always be prepared for any question.
In addition, he is an exceptional communicator and knows how to get things done through other people.
If he can't help you himself, perhaps one of the over three thousand people in his communities can.
John provided motivation to these women, who had found themselves isolated in their community.
John is the consummate communicator because he is one of the very few people who does both.
John knows more about various aspects of communication than any other three people combined.
Obviously he was good at what he was doing- communicating and bringing the best out in people.
John is well-prepared, he communicated clearly and made sure that the audience was engaged.
John's engagement with our community is the most successful of all of our other sponsors.
He also stresses the need for communication between all department/operations personnel.
He knows the directive, is clear in communicating it and allows you to take it forward.
Coupled with that, he really knows how to get on with people and is a great communicator.
He always doesn't hesitate to communicate with people to get everyone on the same page.
He always thinks about all the small areas, and communicates very well with the techies.
He communicated to everyone so well that the tasks and directions were well understood.
His communication within his department and throughout the company is second to none.
He makes very useful connections between people and between communities of interest.
Coaching and mentoring are particular strengths and he is an excellent communicator.
He knows how to communicate this experience to all of the students in his classes.
Working with him was a pleasure as he always followed up and communicated changes.
We appreciate very much his generosity and willingness to engage with our company.
He is a direct communicator and does not ask of you what he wouldn't do himself.
His presentations are very organized and allows for communication to go both ways.
Johns directions were well defined and he always communicated them clearly.
Courteous, yet determined, he communicates well with people of different levels.
John knows our company and is wonderful and connecting all the right people.
The thing that sticks out most to him is his ability to communicate with people.
He always knew how to keep everyone engaged and communicated very effectively.
In all areas, he communicates relentlessly so you always know where you stand.
His communications are direct and he is not afraid to say what is on his mind.
He communicates extraordinarily well and gets along with all types of people.
Both of our companies became anchored in the communities through his campaigns.
Few people get the opportunity to know someone so connected to our company.
From the very beginning he was direct and transparent in him communication.
The way he communicates is absolutely out of the world and truly motivating.
His communications are impeccable, and his motivation is very inspirational.
John communicates well when resolving any issues we had with the campaigns.
He provided leadership and communication in this area when we were in need.
Our community - and our profession - is better for him moving to our area.
He communicates effectively with different departments within the company.
He communicates clearly and clearly expresses motivation in what he does.
He knows very well to communicate and deal properly with the new people.
He also has ability to adequate the communication for different people.
His interpersonal and communications and presentation is second to none.
He's smart, motivated, articulate and very serious about communications.
He also knows people well and has an excellent ability to communicate.
He knows when to finesse communication and when directness is required.
What he didn't change was his dedication to the craft of communication.
He relates well with others, and communicates easily and effectively.
He literally can direct all the attention to what he is communicating.
He is very smart and he is very friendly in communication with people.
John communicated his advice and directions clearly and with humour.
He's comfortable communicating with people from various backgrounds.
Dunn is an asset to our company and an inspiration to his students.
He does this through direct communication and well organized efforts.
He provides clear direction, communicates well and always follows-up.
His communication and direction was always very clear and organized.
Em is him authentic self, communicates honestly, clearly and directly
John's expertise in the area of communications is unquestionable.
He prepares for meetings and communicates clearly his requirements.
He presents himself very well in attire, style and communication.
He his also an expert in all aspects related to communications.
He is very prompt with him communication, direct and organized.
He communicates and relates well to the employees at all levels.
John treats people with respect and gives back to his community.
His commitment to him community and people in need is admirable.
It's obvious that his heart is in his community and for people.
John is brilliant at getting people to communicate effectively.
He communicates well what he expects of people and of himself.