Communicative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Communicative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is well known to everyone in his community and in our company in which he serves.
Not only does he communicate well, but he always makes sure to communicate promptly.
John is always looking for ways to improve the communication within our company.
He makes himself available to our company and is an excellent communicator.
His motto is that it is better to over-communicate than under-communicate.
Thank you for all you have given to him and others in our community.
He knows very well how, when, what, and to whom to communicate.
He always communicates clearly and reconfirm all the communication to prevent possible communication gaps.
John has a great gift - not only communicating - but also communicating how to communicate.
John is an excellent communicator, and he follows up as promised with his communications.
He is easy to communicate with and communicated his needs clearly and unambiguously.
He communicates professionally and follows up with communication and commitments.
He encourages effective communication through his own example of communication.
John is by far the most learned non-violent communicator in this community.
He is an asset to our community and especially our business community.
He is doing wonderful things in his community and other's community.
John understands the need to communicate, and he communicates well.
His way of communicating is the way most average folks communicate.
He communicates very clearly and has a passion for communication.
John is truly masterful at communications and community relations.
He communicates well with both business as well as our company community.
He has always made himself available for our needs and those of our company both before, during and after his presentations.
John is very thorough in getting to know what his needs were and our ongoing communication was vital.
He kept all of us in communication and followed up afterwards to make sure that we were all happy.
He is thorough, communicates clearly and often, follows up, does what he says he is going to do.
He always made himself available when he said he would and was very responsive in communication.
John always communicates clearly and directly so you don't have to wonder what he is thinking.
He always knows how and when to ask the questions to get at the best possible communications.
He always seemed to be available, and very communicative about what was going on his end.
Last but certainly not least, he gives back to those in need and serves his community.
He is thorough in his communications and always followed through on his commitments.
He knows what he wants and communicates exactly what his needs are for the project.
John will do what he says he will do and communicate with you during the process.
He has the ability to say what needs to be said by having the right communication.
John knows what he needs to have done and communicates it clearly and concisely.
He is willing to take on any opportunity that will help others and our company.
He again went above and beyond, always communicated to keep everyone in the loop.
He communicates well and always follows up to make sure we are on the same page.
John can communicate because he has been there and done it all in his own career.
He is always very clear around what he was looking for and very communicative.
John always is willing to go above and beyond to be an asset to our community.
Additionally, he communicates well with those in and outside of his department.
One more plus - he has to be one of the best communicators you would ever meet.
He goes above and beyond getting things done and communicating with everyone.
From his first to our company communication with him, he was nothing but professional.
He is always on it and communicated very well and most of all, he delivered.
He is very communicative and always makes himself available to his clients.
He goes out of his way to help everyone and is prompt with communications.
John knows exactly what he wants, and knows exactly how to communicate it.
John went above and beyond, and made sure to include him in communication.
He is always very thorough and in communication throughout our engagement.
Humble does not do justice to anyone who gives so much to his community.
He communicated well with others above and below him in the organization.
He's probably one of the best communicators around too, which also helps.
John communicated clearly what he was going to do, then actually did it.
John goes above and beyond when working with others in our company.
John is second to none when it comes to communicating via the internet.
John seems to commune directly with whomever, and whatever, he paints.
He gives back more to his community than most anyone you'll ever meet.
John is all of that and more as he also involved with his community.