Community Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Community Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has assisted us with benefits communications for the past two years.
He is open, communicative and willing to help his clients whenever they need assistance.
He is an excellent communicator and always prepared to assist others.
He is passionate about how communities can collectively assist those we have a shared interest in assisting.
He has assisted me in many complex communication matters and has always provided the right solutions.
He would also volunteer time to help run community events and assist the community department in communicating and explaining bugs.
John was always willing to offer his assistance with any problem that came up and kept in communication with me if any more issues was to arise.
He has extended himself to assist me in every way possible to become a valued participant in the community.
He clearly communicated what was required to be successful and provided assistance for those who needed it.
He is well-connected in the search community and is always willing to offer his expertise and assistance.
He would communicate with me quickly and effectively, and this enabled me to assist him better.
He understands and communicates the intricacies of the role which he is assisting to fill.
John assisted me on multiple occasions with internal communication needs.
I think his communication style would assist him a range of roles.
He would always communicate and follow-thru on the issue at hand and assist to get resolution.
Good communicator and always ready to offer his assistance and guidance in all situations.
John constantly stepped up to assist in different areas of the company and community.
I truly enjoyed working with him and assisting him with his communications needs.
He is always readily available for assistance and is a great community partner.
John was very helpful in assisting with communication tactics for my growing organization.
John is also very active within his community, assisting where he is needed, always on the look out for others and nothing is ever too much trouble, all taken in his stride.
He was an excellent communicator, and without him assistance we haven't been able to deliver such great results.
John has a very clear and enthusiastic message to the assistant community about how to be the best you can be.
He is always willing to assist others and has the rare ability to communicate complex concepts clearly.
He is always open to communication and assists where possible to determine a positive outcome.
He communicates frequently and smartly and makes it extremely easy to assist his company.
John is a wordsmith and would want him to assist in editing any written communication.
He remained in constant communication with me and went above and beyond in assisting me to meet my goals.
He has guided me on communication strategy and assisted me with clear, concise and creative communications in both roles.
Since that time, he has also assisted me in crafting various corporate communications.
He has assisted me with confidence, better communication in meetings as well as how to recognize your audience in all situations.
His organization and ability to be thorough with communicating his ability to assist has surpassed my expectations.
His pattern of assisting current clients and communicating with new ones is quite impressive.
He communicates well throughout the process and can be counted on to assist in any way needed.
His communication, assistance, knowledge and enthusiasm has outdone any of our expectations.
He also values and fosters knowledge sharing amongst the assistant community.
His assistance was very valuable to me in crafting effective internal communications.
John provides fast, accurate assistance in keeping the communication flowing in our department.
He has always been attentive to our requests for assistance in reaching out to the broker community.
He communicates well with his team and provides great insight and assistance when needed.
He was well communicated to all the coaches who assist to facilitate his sessions.
He is always willing to offer his assistance, makes himself available and has an excellent presence in our community of leaders.
I know that using the tools that he provided will assist me greatly in reaching out and joining this wonderful community.
He is passionate about the community and has made a significant contribution assisting others to reach their potential.
John is easy to communicate and deal with, which greatly assists in finding the right candidate for the position.
He is a great asset for the entrepreneurs and for our community and always willing to assist in what is needed.
That always struck me as a nice compliment regarding his ability to communicate with those needing assistance.
John is a strong, open and honest communicator who is always willing to assist and make a difference.
John was excellent to work with as he always kept in the communications and offered his assistance at any time.
Regardless of the content that he communicates, him genuine desire to be of assistance always come through.
His attention to detail and communications assists the whole team.
He communicates policies and procedures with eloquence and is always willing to assist with personnel issues.
John's open and honest communication really assisted me in making this important decision.
He continues to provide suggestions and assistance that have helped our community grow.
He has assisted me in the past with documents, website review, and other forms of communication.
John also takes time to communicate with his fellow colleagues and always there to assist others in tight situations.
His ability to assist others with communication and other related tasks is invaluable.
He has assisted our communities with questions on building code issues.
John was always friendly, knowledgeable and helpful when assisting me with community issues or questions.
John is a pleasure to work with, highly communicative and always happy to assist.
John is very open and communicative and is always very eager to assist in every possible way he can.
Yet, the communication and leadership were very good and he was available for assistance promptly.
He understood what our company needed and always assisted where possible.
His dedication to our company and to assisting others is greatly missed.
He always extends his assistance to the local community and charities.
He is a great communicator, to outline how he may be of assistance.
John assisted other for up for their success in communication.
He clearly communicates him expectations of his people and assists when needed.
John assisted in our communications strategy for our firm's merger.
He welcomed us to communicate with him well after the classes were complete, if we ever needed assistance.
John's assistance was timely and helpful, and his participation in our company is inspiring.
Most importantly, he has the values and commitment to assist individuals and communities.
His ability to communicate at all levels, assists him in the success that he achieves.
John's clear and concise communication allowed for efficient assistance.
He has a great communication style and is willing to assist anyone who asks.
He facilitated, edited and assisted in internal communications.
He is also an effective communicator and assists us with our career growth.
He assists students amicably and communicates effectively when doing so.
Excellent communication, facilitation, interview assistance and he is extremely well connected.
John's dedication comes from his deeply held desire to assist others in being blessings in their communities.
His pleasant disposition made it easy for us to communicate and assisted by having all our questions answered.
He understands the needs of rural communities and is always ready to serve those who request his assistance.
John communicates clearly and regularly to bring the necessary players in to assist to resolve situations.
He always ensured timely communication and was proactive in assisting with any questions we might have.
John's advice and assistance enabled an open communication path between our two organisations.
He wants each and every community to succeed and spends significant time assisting them.
Him pre and post conference communications and assistance is also absolutely brilliant.
John provided excellent communication and assistance to close a very tough deal.
John also volunteers his time and services to assist our company.
He takes the time to communicate about and assist with every one of his client's needs.
He always professional and sensitive in communicating and assisting our clients.
Him organizational abilities; communications; energy and assistance were outstanding.
John always communicated clear direction with what was required, and always welcomed any queries or assistance.
John assisted us several times as we worked to keep our company going despite unrealistic expectations.
John is a key player in assisting in the communication of many new policies and procedures.
He continually goes the extra mile to communicate, assist people and make things happen.
He assists communication among reluctant members with kind and friendly conversation.
His knowledge and assistance has been valuable not only to him, but to the entire community using our company.
John assisted us with funding, and support by offering him volunteers and employees to assist us with our community endeavors.
John assisted him in improving processes and communication across groups within the organization.
Definitely a team player and focused on working within our company and assisting community groups.
During the time we worked together, he assisted him with communications between himself and sites needing assistance with different programs.
He is patient, always willing to go above and beyond to assist those who need it, and he clearly communicates his knowledge to others.
John excels at communicating with people and he truly cares about the people he is assisting.
While doing searches for those companies, him communication was very precise and timely, and thus assisted us greatly in those searches.
Additionally, he has been a key contributor in assisting us in identifying and pursuing opportunities within our company.
John helped him understand himself a lot better, which in turn assisted him to communicate with others more effectively.
John assisted him to advise on tactical communications, as well as obtaining publicity for his company.
He communicates effectively and efficiently and renders all necessary assistance in a timely matter.
He's quick to offer his assistance and great at communicating with everyone the details required.
Always willing to assist the our company's in their activities and is very approachable and clear in his communications and objectives.
Our company, John always assisted his efforts when communicating with the various media groups.
He is very articulate in his communications with clients and coworkers and is always willing to assist in others efforts when needed.
His ability to communicate with customers and colleagues well made him first choice to assist us.
Him trilingualism was a huge benefit to assisting with communications efforts.
John guided us in the right directions and assisted us in both internal and external communication.
He is diligent to follow through with his assignments and communicates effectively to the team when he needs assistance.
John is genuine, and he really cares about who he is assisting; he takes the necessary time to communicate all areas.
His knowledge about sponsorship and his connections/network within our company assist and providing for his success.
His ability to work well with others and his great communication techniques make him an assist in his organization.
He assisted in the effective communication between departments and his attention to detail was invaluable.
His empathy, communication and lovely nature assist to make interaction an enjoyable experience.
John communicates openly and willingly shares his knowledge and provides assistance to others.
His presentation expertise has assisted him in communicating a clearer outward message.
John worked closely with out assisted living communities from day one.
As such, he has worked to find his place in the our company community that will assist him in his ambitions.
He can be relied on to assist others and has created good relationships amongst our partner community.
He assisted with every phase of the process and stayed in communication regarding all critical matters.
His online assistance and support for the user community is first rate.
We received excellent feedback which was basically due to the way he assisted and communicated with them.
His delivery of this assistance shows great organisation and communication, queries never go unanswered.