Community Health Nurse Performance Review Phrases Examples

Community Health Nurse Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is excellent at finding whatever your needs might be in the way of communication items or health items.
He was also very good about keeping an eye on the health of the community in the off-hours.
John is well known and highly-regarded in the mental health community.
He is energetic, enthusiastic, forward-thinking, and is committed to the health of his community.
He is also very visionary, and communicates clearly with his team and the wider community.
John is a great communicator and uses all forms of communications very well.
He understands the transformative qualities of community gardens on people, communities and health.
He communicates especially well and values timely and frequent communication to all levels.
He is gentle, very communicative, really wants to increase your health and life overall, and also great fun.
John knows exactly what he wants and communicates this very well.
He also gets along quite well with others and communicates well.
John is definitely dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the community.
John well communicates with the other people and always is looking for a proper way of communication, such which best suits to various circumstances and participants.
Fine communicator, great sounding board and he communicates well.
I thought it was so great that he is helping to increase awareness of health issues in our community.
John has been critical in our efforts to communicate with our community as well as understand how well we are serving them.
He is very responsive and willing to communicate with people.
John is very knowledgeable in the area of community enterprise and community co-ops.
He is passionate about community, collaboration, and relationships; and any community would be lucky to have him.
He is an extremely effective and energetic communicator improving communication throughout the organisation.
He is a strong communicator with a passion for improving his community.
What makes him different is that the way he communicates always motivates people.
He is also very easy to communicate with and follows through very well.
He communicated well and was willing to learn from those around him.
More than that he brings an ease of communication without compromising on straight communication and laser focus.
Talented communicator, always adjusting his communication style to the situation and the other party needs.
He is an effective communicator who communicates the tasks, expectations, and requirements well.
I also appreciate his friendly attitude and communication that makes everything so much easier.
Demanding, communicative and friendly attitude is what you get from him anytime.
He listens and get the right message communicated at the right time.
John was also a great communicator with both his listeners or off air in dealing with the music community.
John is always to the point with what he needs and communicates clearly on the end goal and result.
He is so well-respected in the community that people will help him in any way possible.
He is just as effective communicating with people outside the company.
John treats people with respect and gives back to his community.
He has the ability to communicate clearly and convince people.
John is the kind of people with whom the communication is easy.
John is there when you need him and communicates all the needs of the team perfectly.
He is also an eloquent communicator and knows how to get things done within teams.
He is a great communicator and is always looking out for the well being of the team.
He is an effective communicator and someone you will always want on your team.
John communicates well with the team and you always know where you stand.
He communicates across teams very well and follows through effectively.
He will always communicate directly with the team to get things done.
John kept in constant communication with myself and the team.
He knows what he wants, he communicates it clearly and then makes timely and definitive decisions.
He is known for his go-to attitude and passion for writing and communications.
His contribution and dedication towards women's health is commendable; moreover, he contributes a lot for the community.
What's truly unique about him is that he is a genius that can actually communicate his ideas and communicate them amazingly well.
He was always very communicative and attentive to our issues, questions, and problems.
He communicated effectively the results of both the first and second interviews.
In his communication style he is very collaborative and result focussed.
He understands follow-up and the critical need for communication.
John is excellent at follow up communication which is critical.
He is a businessman, communicator, teacher and community servant.
John is one of those people that always communicates well, and follows through on any necessary tasks.
John is an excellent communicator, and facilitator who always gets the best out of people.
John communicates clearly and precisely, and knows how to motivate people.
His way of cooperating is good and his communication is reliable.
He understands not only the value of good communications, but what it looks like as well.