Community Health Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Community Health Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent worker, efficient and with an exquisite way to communicate with stakeholders.
He is succinct and thoughtful in his communications with co-workers, both written and verbal.
John is a conscientious worker, who communicates well and is easy to get along with.
He is a dedicated worker and very involved in entrepreneurship and the community.
In short, he is an exceptional businessman, auctioneer, and community worker.
John is a tireless and passionate worker who communities clearly and frankly.
John is a hard worker who knows how to prioritize, communicate and delegate.
He is a very effective communicator, and highly regarded by his co-workers.
He is an incredibly hard worker and always very easy to communicate with.
He is an excellent speaker and communicator as well as a hard worker.
John is a very friendly co-worker, and a very good communicator.
He has taught me to find better ways of communicating not only with others, but also in my communication with self.
Very enthusiastic, energetic, understanding, always helping and he knows how to communicate and what to communicate.
John is an exceptional communicator with the ability of being able to communicate with any audience.
John is an expert in communications methods with our clients and co-workers.
He is respected by his peers, co-workers and the people in the community.
He always seemed to be available, and very communicative about what was going on his end.
Last but certainly not least, he gives back to those in need and serves his community.
He communicates well and always follows thru by doing what he says he is going to do.
John knows what he needs to have done and communicates it clearly and concisely.
He was always very clear around what he was looking for and very communicative.
He also does what he says he is going to do and is excellent at communication.
He goes above and beyond getting things done and communicating with everyone.
Better still, he can communicate this to you clearly and without patronizing.
He was always on it and communicated very well and most of all, he delivered.
But not only that, he is very good indeed at what he does - communication.
He was always available for help and was very prompt in his communication.
He was very communicative and made sure to keep everyone on the same page.
I can't think of anyone better to help the community he currently serves.
He communicates very clearly and will help you think outside of the box.
John does not do justice to anyone who gives so much to his community.
John was all of that and more as he also involved with his community.
He knows exactly what he wants and communicates this very effectively.
He goes above and beyond as it comes to giving back to our community.
John is among those in our community who know how to get things done.
He followed up on all of his communication with appropriate actions.
He makes sure to communicate and makes sure that things are correct.
It's more about how he communicates that makes these things stick.
Furthermore, he is well-connected and well-liked in the community.
He has done so many wonderful things for so many in our community.
He communicated with others very well and he was always smiling.
John was very communicative with us and there were no surprises.
When you communicate with him, he gets what you are looking for.
I appreciate how thorough he is when it comes to communication.
Collaboration and communication is how he makes things happen.
He does well communicating clearly everything that's going on.
He is a passionate about his work and communicates it to his co-workers.
He is a clear communicator of him and his company's communication objectives.
He's also got the ability to communicate very well with co-workers and knows how to speak up when there is an issue to be addressed.
His communication with co-workers was excellent, and he was highly respected among his peers.
He communicates effectively with his co-workers and customers.
John is a great communicator, he has the ability to get the most out of his co-workers and have fun along the way.
John is well connected in his community, he is a tireless worker, and his follow through is exceptional.
Always steady and encouraging, communicating smartly, he really trusts and empowers his co-workers.
He always went out of his way to get my answers, was a great communicator and a hard-worker.
John is a tireless worker that communicates well with contemporaries, bosses and subordinates.
John is an exceptionally hard worker, great communicator and extremely efficient.
He was always a very good communicator and hard worker in his role at the firm.
He is a hard worker, effective communicator, and enthusiastic individual.
John is a punctual and a very hard worker at owens' community college.