Community Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Community Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an adept communicator who can manage upwards and downwards in an organization.
He's an outstanding manager; he communicated with me clearly and directly at all times.
He requires little "hands-on" management and communicates effectively with him management.
He is very thorough in his approach and communicates well to management and his peers.
Projects that he has undertaken are always managed well and his communication is clear and thorough.
I always believe that he has our best interests in mind as he manages our communications needs.
I was often told from various managers that his communications effectively with all stakeholders.
John is bright beyond words, yet manages to make his communication appropriate for his audience.
John is an excellent manager who knows his stuff and communicates well interdepartmentally.
I had less bandwidth and he knew exactly how to manage up and communicate effectively.
He is very good at communication, not only with candidates and also hiring managers.
He will make any communications manager's load lighter by way of his contribution.
John is the kindest type of manager, he was always very warm and communicative.
He's an effective communicator and uses this to effect in stakeholder management.
He is incredibly approachable and excellent at management and communication.
John is an excellent communicator and manager, and is very thorough in exceeding his objectives.
John is excellent at managing, communication, and leadership throughout an organization.
He was very communicative with both our clients, his colleagues and management.
John was very organized as a manager and always provided clear communication.
John was always diligent, proactive and communicated well with his peers and management.
He makes this possible and still manages to stay humble in his approach with various stakeholders in the community.
He is meticulous and great at communicating with different stakeholders and managing their expectations.
As a manager, he challenged us to come up with new and better ways to communicate with our constituents.
Furthermore, he is able to able to communicate and manage the needs of other contributors with aplomb.
With this management style he is able to communicate effectively regardless of whom he is addressing.
His management techniques are effective, as is his ability to clearly communicate his expectations.
He is an excellent communicator, manager and down right good guy that you want to have around.
He is also amazing at managing communications and expectations across departmental boundaries.
John is very thorough in managing and regularly communicating the status of beta activities.
His stakeholder management was excellent and he was clear and concise in all communications.
He's very helpful in communicating upper managements' requests and is never condescending.
He is always very clear about managing expectations and communicating progress and next steps.
John's impact on the community management profession has been profound and far-reaching.
John is particularly good with regular communication and managing multiple stakeholders.
He also communicated well with our upper management, which was essential to my group.
A great communicator, he is very affable while managing to get straight to the point.
John articulates and congenial, communicating easily with coworkers and managers.
John was effective in communication and proved to be an effective manager of others.
John is one of the great all rounders in communications, strategy and management.
John found strong candidates and had good communication with my hiring managers.
I think he can become a good manager as well due to his communication abilities.
His communication and management style is open and yet very clear and concise.
He's an expert on platforms, methodologies, community management, and metrics.
He did manage very beneficial to the company success and good communication.
John communicates well across his peers and upper management and is very dependable.
Because of his approach to management, he is well liked within the organization and amongst the franchise community.
John is a well organized and disciplined manager who communicates clearly and follows through faithfully.
John is hands down the perfect example of what every site should have as a community manager.
He is willing to take direction and will follow up with the manager to communicate progress.
John was assigned to us as a project/account manager for our bigger communication campaign.
While handling up and down communication efficiently he manage to reach the objectives.
John was a great manager and well respected throughout the station and the community.
He's also a very experienced, organized manager, and communicates very effectively.
He clearly communicates expectations and manages feedback from all directions.
And yet, he is equally comfortable in managing and communicating with clients.
John is an outstanding communicator and manager who was well liked by those who worked with him.
He was very good at managing the relationship with the communication agency.
His communication style is thorough, to the point, and with purpose, but also manages to convey the message in a way that all positions understand what is being communicated.
John understood our community better than anyone and was instrumental in helping manage community unrest whenever a problem arose.
Lastly, he has insights and ideas that he knows how to communicate with him peers as well as manage up.
John can communicate above and below to manage people well and to reflect management decisions down.
He understands that communications are needed to manage effective change management.
John's role as one of a select number of community managers required him to set community, culture through creation of posts and positive communion with community members.
John is one of those people who sees what needs to be done, and can communicate that clearly to those he manages.
He is one of the very few managers that knows how to communicate with people at all levels.
His people management and communication is also second to none.
John always makes sure information is communicated to and from management.
He took us on an engaging and challenging change management journey built on community management principles in our respective communities.
John is a masterful communicator and manager that always has the best interest of those he manages in mind.
He manages stakeholders incredibly well and manages his communication style to suit the various audiences.
His sessions about behaviour management, task management and communication had helped him tremendously.
He communicates easily and effectively with all levels of management and overcomes communication barriers with ease.
He is an excellent community manager who carefully considers his communication when dealing with tricky situations.
He's an incredible community focussed ensuring that the voices and opinions of the communities he managed were heard.
He managed the relationship with communication managers in every our company subsidiary very seriously.
As a manager, he's able to clearly communicate what needs to get done and the best way to get there.
John would be an appropriate advocacy manager because of him community awareness and involvement.
John managed him directly, and was always upfront with communications and expectations about his role.
John managed our communication with the up-most respect and was always attentive to his expectations.
He happily took on this additional responsibility when we were in between communications managers.
His understanding of various cultures makes him well respected within the communities he managed.
He communicates with his candidates every step of the way as well as with him hiring managers.
The thing that impressed him the most was his ability to communicate to his management chain.
John has given him many valuable advices on how to be a better manager and communicator.
He is comfortable communicating with all levels of management regarding any subject.
He communicates well with individual contributors and different levels of management.
John manages his time very well, and is always mindful of clear communications.
He communicates well and manages his time well considering he is in high demand.
John fights for his ideas and communicates those ideas well to the other managers.
His way of communication and management towards our group is simply irreplaceable.
He is flexible, communicates well with all and manages his workload efficiently.
He communicated well with the top-management and colleagues from other countries.
John is good at managing things under pressure and excellent in communication.
An excellent communicator, he always manages to get to the root cause of issues.
He managed the communication about the courses through their entire lifecycle.
Him stakeholder communication and management across all levels was outstanding.
He knows his stuff and is an excellent communicator, collaborator and manager.
As a manager, he respects everyone and communicates well with any audience.
He manages stakeholders well and communicates effectively at all levels.
He also helped us communicate some of our thoughts to higher management.
He managed up as required, but communicated expectations down to us too.
He's also very kind, which reflects his community management style.
Throughout he has been a strong communicator and stakeholder manager.
He also led community management for several of our key partnerships.
He is an awesome community manager and an all around great colleague.
His sessions were meticulously tailored for the management community.
John, as we call here, taught him the ropes of community management.
He managed to communicate exceptional with us and truly helped us.
He communicates effectively with managers and employees alike.
John is a truly amazing manager and an inspiring communicator.
All enjoyed his inclusive and communicative management style.
Senior management at our company, particularly appreciated this communication strength
John has been a fantastic community manager here at our company.
There were many applications that he kept track of, managed risks and appropriately communicated to management.
Extremely gifted on communications, people management and numbers - he is an asset as a manager.
Great with end users and very communicative to both his managers and the people he is helping.
He is sociable and he quickly managed to be known by most of the people in our company.
He knows everything there is to know about gaming communities and how to manage them.
John demonstrates strong leadership in management and communication.
John set the bar for other communications managers in our firm.
He clearly communicated the changing situation in career management.
People still remember him as a great communicator and people manager.
Not only that, he made sure he communicated clearly throughout the process and managed expectations of both the candidate and the hiring manager.
From startup dynamics, through communications and strategy, to community management, he has insight and value to add at all levels.
He can communicate very clearly to: upper management, his peers, and the people he is responsible for managing.
And that is what makes him great managing communities, whether online or offline.
Apart form this he is adept in communication with management and know how to be a bridge between the higher management and employees.
He managed to be a buffer and keep the communication avenues open between employees and upper management.
John is a very experienced community manager who has a great understanding of our company management/product mix.
John is an excellent manager, as he always communicated clearly his expectations, and was sure to be available for guidance if needed.
John's wit really comes across when you talk with him and his expertise in managing community comes out really well in his book.
He always managed to communicate and always made himself available, even while being forced to evacuate due to hurricanes.
At the same time he knows how and when to be flexible in his communication and management style when and where needed.
He goes out of his way to ensure that his stakeholders are managed well, constant communications as and when required.
He is an honest communicator and is always encouraging collaboration, bringing out the best in those he manages.
He understood the requirements on when to communicate up the requirements and when they could be managed locally.
His communication is always very thoughtful and he also manages to make you feel like your thoughts are valued.
He is a great manager and knows how to communicate what he wants done and explains why it needs to be done.
Furthermore, he has shown that he is capable to communicate on the right abstraction level with management.
John also knows how to manage and communicate issues so that they are resolved quickly and effectively.
He collaborates well amongst all stakeholders and is able to communicate with all levels of management.
He is excellent in all forms of communication and knows how to manage different level of stakeholders.
He does this thru proactive communication and clearly defined objectives; not thru micro-management.
He would be an asset to any organization looking to help grow and manage their channel community.
He managed all upward communications well and kept his subordinates moving forward on all tasks.
He helped him find the best in himself and the proper way to communicate that to hiring managers.
His communication style is very relaxed but it is also very effective at managing expectations.
He manages his time well, collaborates with others and is comfortable communicating his ideas.
He managed his time very well, communicated up and down the chain and focused on deliverables.
He managed his employees fairly and always communicated regularly what was needed or expected.