Community Outreach Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Community Outreach Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is also well experienced in coordinating and communicating between various areas with different cultures.
He is a mentor and a coordinator for women and does extremely well in community outreach.
John's outreach within this community goes above and beyond what him title might suggest.
Him communication and outreach was consistent, beneficial and positive.
John's energy and passion are evident in everything he does to coordinate the communications.
He coordinates the communication between concerned parties in an efficient and thorough way.
He gives back more to his community than most anyone you'll ever meet.
He is also a great humanitarian that is sincere in his community outreach.
I found him to be extremely organized and was impressed by him coordination of communications between so many people.
He is an asset to our community and especially our business community.
Him outreach to the local student community is also impressive.
John communicates very well at meetings and always follows up promptly.
John, clearly communicated during each interaction we experienced.
His prices are very reasonable and he has the best communication.
One of his primary job responsibilities was coordinating employee communications.
He single handily turned one of our struggling communities into the top community in our division.
John intuitively understands the company culture and portrays that through him community outreach.
He is an excellent communicator who is very proactive in establishing strong collaborative efforts and coordination.
He was always the first to communicate with the group and keep everyone on the same page.
John instinctively knows what is newsworthy and how to communicate it to his readers.
I like him, because he is very communicative and just a buddy of mine in the mail.
He has always been available to communicate different strategies with.
John was the go to guy for all communications needs of my group.
John is a very well known and trusted gentleman of this community.
Fit and bright, he is a delight to work with in our community outreach.
He is resourceful and an asset when it comes to community outreach.
He was coordinating the program and sending out all required communications to the candidates.
John is one of those individuals that one meets that really makes you think about yourself and how you want to communicate with others.
What has been even more impressive to me, however, is the way in which he communicates and interacts with those around him.
Always communicative, he is one of those, interactions with whom you remember always.
He's a diligent, organized, and thorough, but above all he's an excellent communicator.
He interacts and communicates well with all those that he comes in contact with.
He is very organized, communicates and collaborates well, and get things done.
He consistently communicated effectively and clearly across the organization.
He is thorough in his communication and timely in his response to questions.
John is very committed to his community and involved in many organizations.
He's well organized and open in his communication towards his stakeholders.
In interactions, he comes out with very calm and definite communication.
He is very thorough and always provides strong lines of communication.
John fostered transparency and communication within our organization.
He has streamlined the communication cycle to make it more efficient.
He was collaborative, communicative and always super organized.
His example sets the standard for the other community members.
I have always found him to be knowledgeable in community needs and trends.
John recruited volunteers and donors, provided community outreach and coordinated events.
He is very communicative and helpful towards his colleagues, which made aligning on both communication strategies always easy and pleasant.
John coordinated communication with the seller's side, the closers, and the lenders with great ease.
He is someone who steps up to the plate to volunteer for community outreach even though his plate is full.
He also gives back so much to his community while helping everyone reach their own goals.
He clearly and effectively communicated needs and goals a part of this position.
John has been very often willing to stretch if goals are communicated eloquently.
His number one goal is to make sure everyone is communicating effectively.
John was very passionate when communicating his vision and goals.
He is well read, updated and very articulate in his communication.
John has a way of communicating that goal quite clearly and calmly.
It was quite easy to communicate with him and achieve any goals.
He is excellent in communication and willing to exchange ideas.
Him community outreach was outstanding and he was a respected leader.
John is good at analysis, technology adoption, communication and coordination.
He is an outstanding communicator, well organized and always prepared.