Community Planner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Community Planner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Out of all the wedding planners out there, he is, by far, the easiest to communicate with.
John possesses all of these traits and is a recognized leader within the our company community as well as the planned community.
He is also a very effective planner & communicator and he has the patience of a saint.
He's a listener, an effective planner, communicator and all around phenomenal executor.
He's an expert in communicating, both for digital communication and print.
While being an excellent communicator and planner, he can provide for his clients what they need to be very successful.
John understands that as a community, we build successful communities.
John can communicate because he has been there and done it all in his own career.
He knows exactly how to communicate the message and the goal.
He is detail oriented, an expert planner, and an exceptional communication expert.
Additionally, he has an amazing way of communicating with the end user community and offering support.
He understands that he has communicated only if the other person receives the communication.
Not only has he effectively communicated with us his clients' needs he has time and time again proven himself to go above and beyond for his planners.
John is known in our company for being innovative and creative.
Not only is he deeply technically, but he can successfully communicate up and down the stream to all communities.
He is an excellent communicator which helps him build strong communication with the candidates.
John has been always responsive to the needs of his community and buildings.
John communicates well with all parties and is very knowledgeable.
He provides structure and communication within our department.
His communication is extremely clear in communicating the needs to all of those involved in the project.
John kept in close communication before, during and after the event.
He easily communicates well with others and was a resource and mentor to many planners in his group.
His talent is in getting to know and communicate with people.
Him communication and delivery of him messages are always understandable.
He always went out of his way to keep his team in communication with his department.
Meticulous planner & an excellent communicator, his attention to detail is impeccable, willing to accept any challenge.
He is a great strategic planner with excellent interpersonal communication abilities.
John is very articulated communicator and relates very well with people.
John has also given tremendous support back into our company.
He relates very well with people and is an excellent communicator.
Additionally, he supports many worthy causes in our community.
He knows how to motivate people and communicate his strengths.
He is always thinking about improvements in any community in which he is involved.
He's an effective, persuasive communicator and knows how to think strategically.
He spends as much time thinking as doing, and is always willing to communicate.
He does his best to communicate what he needs done in a pleasant fashion.
All of his communications with his company have been very professional.
Swift communication and proper planning are just some of his assets.
He is particularly strong in strategic analysis and communications.
He is very professional in both his appearance and communication.
John provided him with timely and professional communication.