Community Representative Performance Review Phrases Examples

Community Representative Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is an excellent communicator and knows how to represent them with the premise of success in mind.
He represented the chapter in the community by virtue of his confidence and finesse.
Additionally, he represents our group in a collaborative way within our community.
I'd absolutely cast a ballot to have him representing me and my community.
John is also a great representative of advocate within our community.
He represents what it means to be an active connection in the community.
He represented our company well in his community outreach endeavors.
He is an effective communicator, one who represents his company well.
He knows how to communicate that vision to employees, partners, and the community.
He did his best to represent his community and handled them very well in a difficult time.
This helped him communicate passionately about the books and authors he was representing.
At the same time he is very communicative and representational positive approach to his duties.
Prompt communication, instant follow-ups and concise updates; he represents and provides a very positive approach in his communications.
He represents the next wave of dynamic community leaders in the pursuit of helping our communities grow.
He is all over the community, ensuring that he represents everyone's best interests in his capacity and efforts.
He really has taken our company's name and put a positive face on it to represent to our community.
I have a great deal of respect for what he has accomplished and is represented in his community.
He also serves an excellent representative of our company and culture to the community and visitors.
He knows the products he represents inside and out and communicates their value with ease.
John always impressed me with his professionalism and commitment to the community he represented.
John represents the utmost in professionalism and effective communication.
John has also been effective in his efforts to represent the organization within the community by becoming involved with their needs.
John communicates well and in a timely manner, clearly representing the positions he is looking for.
Him attitude shines through as the class representative for my communication fundamentals class.
John is the epitome of a calm, collected community representative.
His generosity is a credit to our community and the companies he represents.
He makes sure that everything that has been represented becomes a reality, and follows through with unfailing communication and integrity.
He represented himself as very kind, friendly and communicative person.
When communicating his ideas he is forthright and represents himself and the organization very well.
I found him to be a good communicator who can represent the organization well.
John has confidence in communicating ideas and representing the team he is a part of.
John is an excellent communicator an a great ambassador for any organization he represents.
John is an extremely dedicated and conscientious individual who represents the best interests in the community which he serves.
John is a great communicator with candidates as well as the properties that he is representing.
He represents the views of the group well and is well respected in the franchise community.
I am proud that he has expanded into that space and represents the artistic community.
He thus includes the representatives in the local community network.
He communicates ideas, but, more important, he communicates vision and energy.
John always made sure to represent the interests of each team, and communicated very clearly with us and with the client.
John spoke at a national conference of community college communicators.
His enthusiasm for representing the needs of our clients makes him very effective at communicating those needs and following through on our shared commitments.
He was always up to date on communications with the hiring company representatives and timely with all follow-up requirements.
Moreover, he is also an excellent facilitator, a great communicator and a first class representative.
He represents the company well being friendly, outgoing, organized and a good communicator.
He is a good communicator with both colleagues and client representatives alike.
John has done an incredible job representing his company before the investment community.
John represents the next wave in the chamber and organizational leadership and its impact on the community.
He has strong connections to the local community and represents the college well.
John represents the community and his organization with great professionalism and insight.
John is a successful entrepreneur who has never lost his commitment to share his many gifts with underrepresented communities.
John scrupulously represented his own company, while clearly communicating his understanding of my company's critical issues.
His ability to communicate clearly and see mutually beneficial opportunities makes him a great company representative.
He was pivotal in his communication to legislate to best represent the college interests for a promising future.
He is a terrific representative of his community and has all of the ingredients you look for in a leader.
I have found him to be very organized, communicates well and represents himself and those he works with in a positive manner.
John understands this communications medium well and is able to represent the needs of his branch accurately and consistently.
His firm represents one of my biggest clients and has done an excellent job of communicating.
I have been impressed by him both in communication and delivery.
John takes the time to get to know you & knows the company he is representing, with good communication, even when there is nothing to report.
He is a passionate advocate for those he represents, and him consistent and timely communication is always appreciated.
For him, he represents the future of communication and advertising.
He represents the best that the our company partner community has to offer.
He represented the agency on various committees and collaborative efforts throughout our company.
In communicating with him it is clear that he is a great representative for his company.
His communication style to his representatives and ethical values are unmatched.
He represents our company with authenticity, humility and compassion for the needs of our company.
He communicates professionally and follows up with communication and commitments.
He has become effective in communicating the benefits of the companies he represents.
His individual interactions represent a new model: not mass communications, but masses of communicators.
Wherever he goes, he will be an asset to our company, the team and the organization which he is representing.
He represents our organization very well, especially to the business community.
His presence is felt by the members of the communities he represents, and he has many.
He definitely cares about his peers, the organization he represents, and our company.
John represents his company extremely well in our company relations marketplace.
He truly cares for the people who live in our company that he represents.
He represented our company well out in our company while also guiding us through some incredible challenging years.
He represented our company interests and was the glue that held the organization together.
John is an enthusiastic, caring communicator who represents the finest in our profession.
John represents a perfect blending of communication effectiveness and leadership.
John is representing the business within the broader local community.
John has a passion for the success of his students, universities and communities he represents.
John cares about his community and it shows through his work as our representative.
He regularly represents our class to the school, alumni and community.
John has shown an extraordinary commitment to him events and our company that he represents.
He builds community within his communities as a result is highly influential.
He prioritizes good communication and community building in the workplace.
His communication is very clear, makes himself available across the timezones and does an excellent job representing his organization.
It would be seen by thousands of people and needed to represent our company well.
He communicates his findings well with staff and customer representatives.
He's a consummate collaborator, organizer, and most of all an excellent representative of the nonprofit community to government, funders, our company - and each other.
He is an active volunteer in his community and he takes pride in the organizations of which he represents.
John represents his company in a very positive and professional way - he gives back to our company.
John represents what everyone should strive for, being a family man with community involvement.
He serves as a prolific voice for numerous under-represented, intersectional communities.
We are proud that he is representing the channels of communication on all the media platforms.
From his first to the last communication with him, he was nothing but professional.
His communication was always professional and he represented our company well.
His commitment to the mission and the business community it represented is without question.
He is highly energized and committed to representing the business community.
Not only does he bring people together, but he is able to represent our ideas and opinions to the wider community.
John is not only an effective representative of his electorate, but he is a committed member of the local community.
Effective at getting the message out, he's someone you definitely want on your communications team.
Great communications and follow-through with both himself and all of our teams.
He represents his travelers' interests by clearly communicating their priorities and articulates clearly their wants and needs.
John's community building is making our community a better place to live.
John has unique ability to communicate with both clients he partners up with and the candidates he represents.
What's more, he can clearly communicate the results of his work.
John represented an online community service provider to our company.
Additionally, he is an avid volunteer and represents our company's commitment to our company through him outreach efforts.
John understands his organization, clearly communicates goals and objectives, and represents our company with distinction.
John represents a heavy-traffic junction on the our company communication routes.
He also has other interesting things to say about branding and communications.
He communicates very well himself and then he also helps the entire team communicate as well.
John represents how business and communities work in partnership.
John's many existing connections and the ease with which he makes new ones made him a strong community-facing representative for our organization.
His demeanor melts away any hostility or doubt regarding his intentions or the company he represents and allows for effective communication.
We were very confident in John representing our interest in the vendor community as well as the positive image he always provided.
He helps you to represent your visual ideas and express them in a way that allows you to clearly communicate them to others.
While serving his company he was mindful and effective in also representing a wider community of interest.
He's a fantastic company representative, a great communicator and always willing to go the extra mile.
John has shown his commitment to every company he has represented, and has been an active participant in many community endeavors.
His passion and enthusiasm for the brand he represents comes through in all his communication and work.
They are outstanding in their community outreach and represent our company extremely well.
Furthermore, he is second to none in his way of communication and presenting that knowledge.
John gives back to his profession and community through his leadership in professional organizations and community charities.
John is a professional in communications and a great communicator himself.
You can count on him to communicate and represent reality for our clients and internal stakeholders.
He communicates with the utmost professionalism to both our clients he is representing and candidates.
He is the very best at communication and professionalism, these especially are his hallmarks.
He came across to him as an excellent communicator and a thorough professional
John gets it, and that's why he is an excellent communication professional.
There is no need to say that he is a professional communicator and speaker.
He communicated his expectations well and was always very professional.
He follows up on all communication and any issues in timely fashion.
Him communication and professionalism could not be more outstanding.
He collaborates well and communicates clearly and professionally.
John's professionalism and communication throughout was superb.
Plus, he's very communicative, professional and down-to-earth.
His community service is also an example for others to follow.
Bartek is professional in his approach and very communicative.