Competent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Competent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is definitely someone with which you want to compete with and not against.
He is very competent and he will try to do his best to look after you.
At the end of the day, he knows what he's doing and is very competent.
He would do just about anything for anyone, with extreme competence.
He is very competent on his professional duties and very competent.
Always competent, and goes out of his way to get things done.
If there is something he cannot do competently, he is upfront.
John is always very thorough and competent in his our company.
He is always available to help, even if it is not directly related to his competences, because that's just who he is.
He is not only very knowledgeable and competent, but also always willing to go above and beyond what was asked.
John is not only under no obligation to do this, but, we're also competing for many of the same clients.
John always went beyond what he was asked to do, and everything he did was done with great competence.
He's competent, capable and if he can't help you he will do his best to get you the help you need.
He is so competent that you have to brief him just once and he always over delivers on results.
Besides, he knows how to make people our company together, even when they think they are competing.
He is not only competent, he defines competence when it comes to learning and instruction.
He is not those who make themselves forward, but leave others to do and raise competences.
He clearly has the competencies to take on way more responsibility than he was given.
John let nothing get in the way of learning how to be competent in these new roles.
Within the company, he was well liked and came across as professional and competent.
He is not only competent in his work, but also always looking for the best solution.
John is willing to help and perfectly competent to help with just about anything.
He is always willing to take on responsibility and is very competent in his field.
He is not just competent at what he does, but he can pass that on to his team.
He is very technically competent and always willing to help out however needed.
John is very competent and knows what he wants to achieve and what he can offer.
He is always more than competent, even if he didn't always realise it himself.
Also, he is very competent and dedicated and therefore very useful in our team.
John is not only enthusiastic, but was also distinguished by his competence.
He is above and beyond in his industry and can compete with the best of them.
If you are in it for the win, then you don't want to be competing against him.
John is self-motivated and competes against himself with everything he does.
John has the ability to look up to and compete with the best in the business.
He is very knowledgeable, competent, and follows through on his commitments.
John is the one you prefer to have in your team rather than in competitions
John is focused on competences and how to use these within organisations.
John could always be relied upon and was always very capable and competent.
John is the most prepared and competent to help us in our challenge.
John can always be counted on for being competent, thorough and passionate.
He accomplished this not only through competency, but through compassion.
He is available every step of the way and always patient and competent.
We all found him to be very committed, competent and thorough in his job.
Not because he is more competent or intelligent than any other employee.
He follows up very well, tries hard, he is talented and very competent.
John has the expertise and competencies found in very few individuals.
He is also very competent with systems, and is always willing to assist.
John has always been as passionate about him, our company as he is competent.
Professionals often look forward to competent colleagues, which he is.
His competencies go far beyond his immediate area of responsibilities.
John is very competent and takes everything he does very seriously.
John is and has always been more than competent in all endeavors.
As to the latter: you never want to compete against him or his teams.
Technically, he is very competent and always did what he committed to.
John is always timely, competent and thorough in our interactions.
He is highly competent in all that he provides and follows through.
John provides such competence and expertise in whatever he does.
John's technical competency is well known throughout the department.
He always made it fun to compete against and with him on the team.
John provides everything you need to become a competent coach.
Creativity and motivating others are also his strong competencies.