Computer Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Computer Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows about computers & has suggested things for me to do on my computer that have helped me in the pass.
Always willing to explain what he will, and is, doing to my computers.
John always bent over backwards to help me out when something went awry with my computer.
He is very computer literate, always willing to help out in any way he can.
His reality is inside the computer and he actually never gets out of there.
John was very well versed in what needed to get done with my computer.
He's all the things you want in a computer "geek"/leader/colleague.
He is not merely someone who knows computers and makes stuff move.
Extremely happy with the help he provided with fixing my computer.
He knows the computer well and keeps his calendar up to date.
I know just enough about my computer to be dangerous (one click and it's a blank computer).
He always is very thorough with his explanations, and you can tell he is enthusiastic about his position and about computers.
Him handouts will make it easy for anyone to remember what to do when they get to their computer.
He was into computers before they were anything other than a glorified calculator.
He knows everything there is to know about computers and the internet world.
John has taken the worry out of what might happen if my computer crashed.
John is as helpful as they get when it come to a broken down computer.
John understands computers better than they understand themselves.
John was prompt and courteous when my computer was malfunctioning.
He helped me frequently with computer issues/programming/design.
His ability to figure things out on the computer is impressive.
John has been a tremendous help to me along my computer path.
He is also computer savvy and has always been updating himself.
For any issues we face with our computers, he is always there.
John has helped us with computer issues on several occasions.
John provides essential computer backup services for our computers.
John is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate computer forensics analyst.
Hiring him for your computer needs will be the best thing you will ever do.
He would look at the computer to see what was or was not happening.
Which is very useful if like him you are computer illiterate.
Verbo computers have been his go to company for all his computer problems for many years now.
John is awesome at what he does and with computers that's about everything.
He could make computers do things that others could only sit back and envy.
John is always on top of it when it comes to one of his sick computers.
John always seemed to know how to solve any of our computer problems.
John computer problem you may have, he can definitely help you out.
If you ever need to fix your computer he will go above and beyond.
John made an inconvenient situation simple for someone who knows very little about computers.
He really knows his stuff and can help you with your computer issues on many, many levels.
Let's just say he can make computers do things that mere mortals cannot get them to do.
Whenever something wrong with our computers comes up, we usually turn to him for help.
He constantly introduced him to new and better ways of doing things on his computer.
He would not hold anything back and showed you all the numbers on the computer.
We use him for all our computer issues because he is honest and trustworthy.
John willing to help out the computer illiterates, and does so with a smile.
John made this very painless and had his computer up and running in no time.
His computer is little old, slow and stubborn, it also tends to overheat
John always has the answer to any computer question and is very helpful.
This gives him the advantage to be an excellent computational linguist.
John came to his rescue to repair his computer on more than one occasion.
John never gets flustered - just opens the computer and makes it happen.
It's good to know that he gives so many computers to good causes.
He empowers you so that the computers are not smarter than you.
John has sorted out all his computer problems as best as he can.
Definitely contact him if you need computer advice on any level.
John is very computer literate and can always solve problems.
John took him under his wing and helped him into the computer age.
Yes, he absolutely sketches before iterating on the computer.
John is always prompt in getting his computers running again.
John is the one you call before you have a computer disaster.
He is very intuitive on helping you with your computer needs.
He often amazed him with his computer-like recall of numbers.
John has on many occasions repaired or upgraded his computers.
The mic has saved him from many disasters with his home computer.
John, thank you for helping him with our company as well as other computer needs.
If you're having computer trouble, you need to make your first call to our company.
John provided his first computer and has been responsible for keeping all the subsequent computers up and running in top condition.