Computer Programmer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Computer Programmer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

It was indeed beneficial for him to have got associated with him in the programme.
First, he knows what he is doing when it comes to programmable logic.
He would be there until after even the last programmer had left.
That's what makes him better than most programmers out there.
A very good programmer (with all the required real-programmer-instincts).
By the end, we were covering very different things - and, for him, that's why the program was so successful.
John then followed up with him several months later to see how the programme was progressing.
His connection with his participants does not end at the end of the programme.
His experiences with programmers up till then had been less than satisfying.
It got better and better with each of the programmes he kept coming from
With his involvement, any cause or programme is on course for success.
John's overall contribution to the programme was exceptional.
John took us through the our company programme which we all found fascinating.
In addition, he is a true computer geek and very experienced programmer.
Angry that he exchanges during the programme is incomparable.
His computer knowledge and computer terminology is unbelievable.
Mom was one of the talented computer programmers from his early university life.
The programme was very challenging in that it made him really look at himself and his role within the organisation.
John's explanations of the programmes available to us have been useful and beneficial to his organization
His example, led others in the group, including himself, to become better and more thorough programmers.
Anyone who gets the opportunity to go through this programme with him should jump at the chance.
He always gives his help, suggestion and guidance to other programmer without any hesitation.
He knows his programmes inside out and is always looking to find better ways of doing things.
To our delight, all feedback was that he had made an immediate difference to the programme.
Once you make the commitment to try him "detox" programme, you will not be disappointed.
If you get the opportunity to get on one of his programmes, do not hesitate to do so.
You don't need to be a programmer to get immeasurable value out of his workshops.
John always went above and beyond to ensure that programme milestones were met.
One day - and not perhaps very far away - he will be a truly great programmer.
He helps him to be a better programmer, and see things from a different angle.
He involved all participants and was the highlight of the whole programme.
His programme is flexible and can be adapted to your needs as any level.
There are very few programmers in the world that are as capable as him.
John and the programmers were willing and capable to do any task for us.
John quickly established himself as the best programmer in the class.
John is our reliable programmer for all things great and small.
He instigated many programmes which were significant and impactful.
After starting he quickly rose to be one of our best programmers.
But he is not just a genius programmer; he's very multitalented.
John made the challenge of delivering his programme much easier.
Working with him on this programme was just a reminder of this.
He taught for five out of the six years that the programme ran.
John's input on this programme was instrumental in its success.
His passion for perfection makes him an asset to any programme.
John is an absolutely first class statistician and programmer.
He is always refining, tweaking and adding to our programmes.
He hits all the marks of what you want your programmers to be.
The outcomes of the programme were very beneficial to himself.
John always made highly insightful comments on the programme.
Our company more to be said, but John is a natural programmer.
He used to guide us in all regard of that our company programme.
During the university days he was one of the computer geeks to whom everyone will approach with their computing problems.
He sorts out all his it requirements and has actually taught him a lot about different computer programmes too.
His initial role was a computer programmer, he carried out his assignment always quickly and with proficiency.
Unlike many programmers, he truly knows what he is doing and it shows in his work.
We definitely became better programmers after working with him.
He is an exceptional programmer and very thorough in his work.
In addition, he never hesitates to advocate for us with him programmers.
John on two occasions: during his bachelor course's regular programme and during one of his university's honours programme electives.
As an inexperienced programmer shlomy took him under his wing and gave him the basic solid foundations for any programmer.
John received high regard from his team, programmers and non-programmers alike.
He has a deep understanding of what he does, which becomes more and more evident over the course of the programme.
John knows his course attendees and provides individual feedback and insights throughout him programmes.
It was a massively successful programme which would not have been possible without his involvement.
To a non-programmer like himself, he always had the patience to explain what he was doing and why.
John took up one of our rescue programmes as he entered the company and he did not disappoint.
And collaborated well with his colleagues to bring them along with the transformation programme.
He's a very good programmer who nevertheless doesn't hesitate to get help when he needs it.
This is probably one of the reasons why he is such a seasoned and well-rounded programmer.
John would be an asset to any programme, and someone who can be relied upon to add value.
He also thrives well when he is given his own programmes to run from start to fruition.
He connects to our value, playfulness and were able to adapt that into the programme.
Unlike most programmers, he is confident and friendly accomplishing what he promises.
John is insightful and innovative, but most of all he get's programmes delivered.
We get consistently great feedback from delegates who have been on his programmes.
John is (and is) a programmer who knows what he wants and just gets on with it.
He understands the needs of the individual and tailors programmes accordingly.
He excelled in his role of a front end programmer; however, he did so much more.
He displayed an exemplary discipline throughout the duration of the programme.
John's approach to any programme is considered, collaborative and refreshing.
John's programme has really helped him to move beyond the pains of his losses.
He came into the programme mid-way through and truly hit the ground running.
He also pushes himself to take on extra to help the program move forward.
John is more than a fantastic programmer, he is an asset in every regard.
John will make a phenomenal gameplay/animation programmer wherever he is.
He also proactively reviews and adds value to all aspects of the programme.
You have to hire this guy or sign him up to your postgraduate programme.
Him flexibility has allowed him to take full advantage of the programme.
John's programme leadership under pressure, was in his view, excellent.
To his surprise, he proved to be much more than a geek'ed out programmer.
If you want a sharp and adaptable programmer, he is definitely the guy.
The feedback from his talk and the programme as a whole was excellent.
He made a valuable and much appreciated contribution to the programme.
Him programmes are thought provoking and most importantly, enjoyable.
His innovative mind was highly regarded by everyone on the programme.
However, he is not your typical hardcore deranged type of programmer.
He sponsored the whole programme and delivered the briefings with him.
He led the programme being very clear on timescales and requirements.
John shares an empathy with those individuals our program reaches.
He can be trusted to deliver programmes of all sizes and complexity.
He has great passion for what he does and is a fantastic programmer.
He created a program for the company to be better for the future.
His superpower is shaping the programme to the individual's needs.
There is no doubt he will be a great programmer for any company.
He would be a fabulous addition to any transformation programme.
John has proven to be a very dynamic and adaptable programmer.
The our company programme has opened up many new opportunities for him.
Our company is brilliant at Devops, he is also a fantastic programmer.
Surya was a young, energetic programmer joined directly after his our company.
John {PRONOUN_FIRST_PERSON} have conducted several programmes & sessions for him at our company.
John is incredibly knowledgeable with nearly all things computers.
He knows his way around computers, very knowledgeable, and fast.