Computer Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Computer Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

The only thing stronger than him computer skills is his people skills.

His computer skills and his organizational skills are of the highest standards.

His skill at closing is matched only by his skill online and with computers.

He has tremendous presentation skills, excellent phone skills, and great computer skills.

Him networking skills, computer skills and people skills are a rich blend.

Whether those skills are computer skills or writing skills, John will research the topic thoroughly.

He had good accounting skills and very knowledgeable computer skills.

Very confident, he knows how to get things done and his computer skills are off the charts.

John is also very knowledgeable and has great computer skills.

His analysis as well as his computer skills was exceptional.

John is very knowledgeable in all aspects of computer skills.

His teaching skills have improved even my own hiking, research and computer skills.

He has excellent interpersonal skills, presentation skills and computer literacy.

And he is always willing to assist us anything regarding to computer.

Always willing to explain what he will, and is, doing to my computers.

John knows about computers and IT - and my computer is now "singing".

His skills were not limited to, his prescribed role, but he also possesses rich computer skills along people skills.

John is skilled in many different areas, both on the computer and in the office in general.

His computer skills are impeccable and he is always willing to take on extra assignments.

He does know many other useful skills around computers, networks, clouds and life.

He also has learned the computer skills necessary to keep current in the field.

I have the utmost respect for his computer skills and his professionalism.

John is very knowledgeable with computers and has strong technical skills.

Him organizational and computer skills are very positive and up to date.

He has many computer skills and picks up on new procedures quickly.

His computer skills are excellent and he is very savvy technically.

John has excellent skills in computer forensic's and investigation.

John's editing, proofreading, and computer skills were impressive.

John is an excellent instructor and has very good computer skills.

He is detailed and has excellent database and computing skills.

His computer skills at that time were excellent and innovative.

Many occasions, he has used his computer skills to help others.

He has excellent computer skills and his creativity is amazing.

John is skilled in computers and all around the "go to" person.

His computer skills helped me keep everything running smoothly.

I tell everyone I can take classes with him, especially if you're unsure about your skills with computers and computer programs.

Furthermore, I remember he was very skillful and knowledgeable with computers.

He is a tireless worker with great people skills and computer skills.

Overall, John is highly intelligent and has good analytical skills and computer skills.

He has extraordinary computer skills and is very competent in the classroom.

I am very impressed with his professionalism and computer security skills.

His computer skill with both hardware and software is beyond excellent.

He taught some of the accounts team in different skills in computing.

His media and computer skills were both professional and exceptional.

John knows about computers & has suggested things for me to do on my computer that have helped me in the pass.

I would recommend him for anyone that needs to have something done in computer programming.

John always bent over backwards to help me out when something went awry with my computer.

John has been there to back me up and help me with our office computers many times.

John knew exactly what he was doing, right down to every detail about my computer.

Not only computers, but how to use them and in what context they should be used.

John demonstrated while the students followed along using their own computers.

John is very knowledgeable about computers and is very willing to help you out.

He is very computer literate, always willing to help out in any way he can.

He knows everything there is to know about computers and the internet world.

His reality is inside the computer and he actually never gets out of there.

John is excellent in all that he does, especially in the computer field.

I was so blessed to have him at the other end of the phone and computer.

John has also helped us to back up all our computers in the cloud.

He has proven to be thoroughly knowledgeable on all things computers.

He made himself available to help staff with their computer issues.