Computer Systems Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Computer Systems Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He switched us to cloud computing and we could not be more thrilled with the system.
Not only does he know what he's doing under the hood of computer systems, he's also a great guy.
He came along, reviewed my system set up and fixed my overheating computer.
John has an unparalleled understanding of system architecture, distributed systems and cloud computing.
John was always open to any discussion about improving our computer system.
John has so much knowledge of computer systems and how to fix them.
John in my employment, he trusted me to completely replace his computer system.
John is an authority on advanced systems utilizing computers and computer technology and related systems.
John possesses the ability to understand any computer system put before him.
His leadership provided a smooth transition to our newsroom computer system.
He completely rejuvenated my aging computer system at a fraction of the cost of a new system.
John was so gracious and technically insightful when he helped me with my computer system and made sure that there were no viruses on my computer.
He is very creative and has a very in-depth knowledge of computers and computer based systems.
He has a great understanding of various computer systems and technologies.
He knew everything about the computer system and how to extract the data.
We moved forward and he cleaned up the system which it made the computer work so much better.
He was particularly knowledgeable and helpful in solving several computer systems issues.
He is able address system issues with his computer knowledge.
He was instrumental in introducing a new computer system to our department.
John has advised me on purchasing my computer systems and keeps them tuned and running.
Once in the system he uncovered system errors, along with the problems we had with our processes.
His knowledge of computers as well as the integration of the various systems that go along with them is quite remarkable.
He uses his insight in advanced computer systems and methodologies to the benefit of everyone around him.
He carefully explains any issues we have had with our computer or database systems.
He encouraged me to learn the computer system so well as to be able to be a back up for him.
He has single-handledly organized every aspect of our computer systems from the ground up.
He listened to my anxieties and concerns for the programming of the computer system.
John is a delightful colleague who is knowledgeable about many aspects of computer systems.
He worked long hours and updated their computing systems drastically.
He helped utilize a computer system that was being under utilized.
John has a great understanding and drive for success of enterprise computing systems.
John was instrumental in our computer system upgrade and we are now experiencing a whole new world of possibilities.
His "plug and play" systems over the internet allow you to be successful without being a computer genius.
No one understood what he did, but we didn't have to, because the computers always worked.
He is by far one of the best individuals to work with when it comes to computers.
John's presentations are always at the perfect level for both computer people and non computer.
Over the years he has fined tuned our computer system so that simple monthly maintenance keeps our system running smoothly.
I have learned so much from him, especially around system thinking.
He had very good knowledge of his responsibilities and our internal computer system.
In regards to artwork and computer publishing systems and programs, he knows his stuff.