Concentration Performance Review Phrases Examples

Concentration Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

During the project John was very attentive to our needs, always communicated effectively, and was easy to work with.
He helped open my eyes and taught me how to concentrate on positive and spiritual experiences rather than self gratification.
I was particularly impressed by the one-on-one attention he was able to give all of us despite the long hours and sometimes stressful environment we worked in.
His ability to concentrate under stress is also worth mentioning, along with the desire to achieve perfection in dealing with intricate problems.
When we worked together, he was assertive, efficient and very concentrated.
Listening to John is like having a concentrated vitamin.
John had all our staff's attention from beginning to end with some amazing insights and lateral thinking that we hadn't even considered.
John has always been attentive, professional, technically competent and responsive in supporting my needs as a customer.
He goes out of his way to understand the issues and concentrates on what the value of his solution is for his client's business.
Moreover, he showed not only technical leadership abilities, but also great attention to customer needs.
He was very efficient and responsive to all of my queries and him timely attention lead to successful execution of the project.
Willing to work with business analysts, not just concentrating on technical development problems, focusing on quality issues.
If I had to deliver an outsourced project quickly, reliably, and with the highest attention to quality - I know who to call.
I worked closely with John and he was always attentive and action orientated.
He was always careful to spell out the implications of decisions about what he should concentrate his testing on.
His consistent attention to our business goals and drivers was a refreshing change and very welcome.
Very respectful, open and professional, he is always available and attentive in order to deliver each project quickly and efficiently.
Prior to working with John, we had no understanding of how to call attention to our products and services in the business to business marketplace.
He concentrates on problem solving to insure results.
John always has a great attitude and his concentration is always on how to help his clients succeed.
John is a wonderful team member who focuses on objectives with laser concentration.
John taught me a concentration meditation, which really helped me find direction and purpose while in a meditative state.
John enables clients to concentrate on their businesses and unlock ideas they may never have thought about.
John is very communicative and always ready to help in the situations that needed his attention on the projects.
He is deeply concentrated on has given piece of work and always achieves set objectives.
John took a vested interest in our project and was very attentive while we walked him through our requirements.
He was always a pleasure to work with, reliable, attentive and never less than enthusiastic and fully engaged in the task at hand.
He made it all so easy, allowing me to concentrate on my business.
In addition, he pays a lot of attention to the presentation of his ideas, whether in writing or speaking.
John really captures the attention of the room and builds a friendly rapport with the listeners before his presentation even begins.
The times when he was new to a project, his energetic and attentive qualities allowed him to come up to quickly come up to speed and start contributing.
He concentrated on my long-term, bottom line performance.
He is very knowledgeable, attentive and a pleasure to work with.
He is disciplined and capable of moving several projects forward at once while still giving the right amount of attention to each one.
Intelligent, creative and focused, John gives you and the project all his attention.
He presents his work well and takes feedback and input attentively.
He is knowledgeable, patient, intuitive and he really paid attention to our wants and needs when recommending properties to see.
I have encountered few service providers that come close to meeting his level of attentiveness, competence and creativity.
He works well with the board to ensure projects and initiatives get the proper attention and are completed with great success.
He is positive and creates trusting relationships with clients, co-workers and vendors alike, quickly and through attention to their needs.
It was not only his eagerness to learn and achieve that caught my attention, but the analytical approach that he exhibited.
John is very attentive to his clients needs while always representing his employer with integrity and passion.
Thanks to his attention and preparation, my integration in the team and my training went very smoothly.
I allowed myself to fully concentrate on his work and opened myself up to him.
Rather, he believed in full concentration for whatever time he used to spend at the study table.
I appreciate his valuable assistance as it means that I can focus on the things in my work that most require my attention.
Always thoughtful and attentive to the team's needs, and does what is necessary, making the production cycle run as smoothly as possible.
As a supervisor, he's always stood up for and taken care of his underlings, so that they may better concentrate on getting the job done.
For days on end, I had seen him working with full concentration in a tireless manner.
He spent the time helping our actual problems instead of concentrating on overall theory, which was very helpful.
He approaches every project with practicality, attention to deal and a level head.
John is a great team leader, who pays attention to the production process and his colleagues as well.
He can dive into technical depth without fear, concentrate on a problem and be successful with it's solving.
He is an attentive and charismatic communicator, an engaging public speaker, and a natural leader.
His ability to focus his concentration on the tasks at hand during long overnight shifts was impressive.
He not only concentrates on the business generating staff, but also on the technicality of the subject by which any client is happy and impressed by him.
He brings the same level of respect and attention to his team members as he does to every project.
His vast knowledge and superb writing style really capture his audience's attention.
His attention to the analytics have given him a wealth of historical testing experience which he uses to obtain results.
He paid great attention to the issues at hand and made sure that they were addressed in a timely manner.