Concept Artist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Concept Artist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John considers himself mostly a concept artist, but his observations suggest that he is an all-around amazing artist.
John has every aspect of an excellent concept artist covered.
He knows what he wants and gives direction, but also allows for artistic freedom.
He knows how to guide artists towards innovative concepts and he quickly sees the formal artistic needs of a piece.
He really tried to make what our players would love and that to him is a stellar concept artist.
Leave him with your concepts and he will come up with exactly what you are looking for.
John, grasped the concept and came back with some great concepts.
He also came up with concepts that we hadn't even considered.
Unlike many artists, he is willing to canvas the city to promote his concepts.
Many artists connect not only with him, but through him to other artists-he is a resource that many of us deeply appreciate.
As you could guess, this makes him an invaluable resource to his teammates, artists and non-artists alike.
John provided himself and other artist with good clear direction.
His advice to other artists is direct without being devastating.
He's also a great character modeler and also an amazing concept artist
John made him feel very comfortable and at ease even though this is his first opportunity as a concept artist.
He is very passionate about what he is perusing and open to bring about new artistic concepts and styles.
From initial conception to polish, he was receptive to artistic input and willing to try anything.
Looking at the varied styles in his concepts was an inspiration to him as a fellow artist.
Anyone looking for a great, reliable concept artist would do well to talk to him.
He's got great ideas, he is funny and an artist in visualization concepts.
John inspires confidence by being one of those "go-to" artists.
He's always trying to think of what else would make the concept smarter/cooler/more effective.
He'll push any concept until it's at its best, and he'll have you back on it once it's there.
He thoroughly understands the concept that just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
He may use the same concepts, but in different and appropriate ways for each situation.
This is just one of the various ideas that he has taken from concept to completion.
He came up with concepts and saw them through to completion without any problems.
Some of our concepts were cohesive than the others - he made them all come out great.
His concepts are very thorough as one can see during the duration of the class.
John champions the concept of looking at things from different perspectives.
He's easy to get along with and got the concept of what we were after quickly.
Someone who is very clear in his concepts and very sure of what he is saying.
The simplest of concepts he took and made them into something so amazing.
Always willing to help out and include himself when concepting is needed.
He hung in there with him for two years until we found the right concept.
Additionally, he knows exactly how to translate that concept to film.
John ensures that we get the concepts right before going ahead.
He made sure that from the concept to the output we were involved.
He keeps the concept of value at the heart of everything he does.
He came up with multiple concepts, all of which were exceptional.
He can usually take a concept and make it just that much better.
He makes himself available to explain new concepts, if needed.
John can grasp concepts others cannot, and he does so quickly.
He knows how to take an idea from concept to product/program.
He is very thorough and able to take on new concepts quickly.