Conceptual Thinking Performance Review Phrases Examples

Conceptual Thinking Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is someone who comes in thinking about you, before he thinks about himself.
After all, we are not thinking to be, we are feeling is that often thinks.
He is always thinking about how to take something and make it so much better than anyone else had in mind.
Greatness, is seeing what everyone else has seen and the thinking what no-one else has thought.
John has always said exactly what he thinks and, what he thinks is pretty sensitive stuff.
I say that as he is always very forward thinking and always looking for new opportunities.
John thinks about all of those things, but only after his customers/prospects.
John thinks things through thoroughly and provides the best possible service.
He is always thinking about how he can help, instead of how he can be helped.
Always thinking of others, he is someone everyone knows or at least should.
He thinks nothing of going above and beyond to make something successful.
John knows all the thinking that's necessary because he has done it before.
There is always something more of him and he always thinks out of the box.
Everyone isn't the same even though everyone thinks they can make it big.
He does what he says he'll do and is never afraid to say what he thinks.
If you are thinking about taking his course, think no more, just do it.
He's always trying something new and thinking through the implications.
He knows exactly what to do & when doing it and thinks outside the box.
He's one of the very few that really gets me thinking in a different way.
He thinks things through and always comes across very professionally.
If you're thinking about taking this course you're on the right path.
Conversation with him has always been impairing and forward thinking.
John is forward thinking and always looking out for his clients.
He knows what to do and when doing it, he thinks outside the box.
John is forward thinking and does what he can to help others out.
He is also the one who will be there for you, thinking about you.
You could depend on him to tell you exactly what he was thinking.
He always used to tell us, how and what the customer is thinking.
He always is thinking of how he can help the others in the group.
Friendly and always thinking about how you can do something better.
He will tell you exactly what he thinks, and he's usually right.
If he thinks something can be done better, he will let you know.
John is someone that thinks things through and gets things done.
He always knows what he has to do and keeps thinking next steps.
John is always thinking and doing what is right for his client.
You always know where he's coming from and what he's thinking.
John is very thorough and is always thinking outside the box.
He not only gives you what you ask for, but comes up with something even better or shows you how you should have been thinking all along.
He's particularly clever at thinking about new things that are useful to clients before anyone else has got round to thinking about them.
John is unique in being passionate, knowledgeable and yet saying what he thinks, rather than what others think.
He always thinks about what students can take away and how his class can help them improve the way they think.
John is always thinking about new and better ways to get the most out of everybody in the organization.
He will let you know if he thinks the house you are looking at will probably not be the best for you.
John is one of those people that always thinks of you and your needs and how he can help you first.
John is forward thinking and is always looking at what is best for the organization and its customers.
John is someone that get's it done and is always thinking of the next best thing to get accomplished.
When it comes to thinking ahead and improving things, he's actively thinking about how we can improve.
He'll go to bat for anyone, and is the type you don't have to wonder about what he's thinking.
He is one of those people who is always thinking about how to make things better and more fun.
What amazed me most about him was his ability to think beyond what everyone else was thinking.
John is always thinking of others, even when he himself is having problems at the same time.
We might not have always agreed, but we were both very clear on what the other was thinking.
John always makes himself available for his peers, without ever thinking of himself first.
I have also been on some of his seminars when he really challenges you and makes you think.
He will tell you what he thinks is right and, somewhat annoyingly, that is often the case.
He was always thinking about how can we get the best value out of this event or meeting.
He thinks at the next level and knows where he needs to go to get what needs done, done.
He is always thinking about how helping others and pushing them to do and be their best.
He's always thinking about who can collaborate with whom to make something more successful.
He's very thorough and thinks about all the options available to get the best results.
His conceptual chops are right up there with the best of them.