Conflict Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Conflict Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is a very patient manager and very good at managing conflicts.

He is equally good at resolving conflicts and conflict management.

He can articulate very well, especially in conflict management and resolution.

Project execution, people management and conflict management were some of his expertise to mention.

The best managers manage through respect and communication rather than intimidation and conflict.

In our roles, as managers of different divisions, there was always the possibility for conflict.

He gets on very well with everyone and is great when managing tension or conflict within teams.

I have particularly appreciated his style in managing conflict and "particular" situations.

John's passion for conflict management and resolution comes through in his teaching.

He can be your manager as well as your friend without it being a conflict of interest.

I've been always inspired by the way how he managed people and dealt with conflicts.

He is very good at managing conflicts within his team and gets the best out of them.

John is dedicated, passionate and professional about managing conflict.

John manages multiple, sometimes conflicting, priorities with aplomb.

He is also very strong in managing negotiations and resolving conflicts.

He always knew how helping us manage conflicts and difficult issues.

John can manage conflict effectively and redirect it into creativity.

John manages conflict and challenges with diplomacy and integrity.

John is highly experienced in the field of conflict management.

He manages conflict and challenges with diplomacy and integrity.

He is extremely efficient in managing conflicts within the team.

Very good at managing relationships and conflict at workplace.

Now my clients tell me when it comes to conflict management I am everything.

John is exceptionally good when it comes to conflict management.

His expertise in conflict management made him one of the most sought-after people managers in the company at that time.

John shared with me his experience in management of customers' expectations, resource and conflict management.

He's a solid manager and an expert at time management and conflict resolution.

He was very good at conflict management and I would recommend him for leadership and management position.

His understanding of mediation and conflict management is unparalleled by any other conflict management professional I have worked with.

Especially how to deal with them when it comes to the conflict situation.

Potential conflicts with were always addressed before there were issues.

He is not afraid of conflict and will never make it personal.

John works well with others and knows how to defuse conflicts.

On the few occasions when there was employee conflict, he managed it fairly, respectfully and professionally.

Especially with the customer or when he has to manage internal conflicts between customer and supplier.

Controlling your emotions and understanding the emotions of others is the key to conflict management.

He is able to manage multiple, and sometimes conflicting priorities to the best possible resolution.

He manages the dynamics of his customers very well especially during times of conflict and change.

He has great instincts, particularly when it comes to people management and conflict resolution.

He somehow manages to juggle the sometimes conflicting requirements of all parties with aplomb.

He is also good with pulling members of the management back together when conflict is present.

He managed to resolve conflicts well and tends to bring all together in difficult situations.

His way of working was really helpful when it came to managing conflicts with trade unions.

He effectively manages conflicts if they arise and gets along extremely well with people.

He can get along easily with everybody and he can manage a conflict situation with ease.

John's ability for conflict resolution and complaint management always seemed genuine.

Whether it was negotiating or conflict management, his thirst for learning is endless.

He clearly demonstrated his ability to manage multiple and conflicting priorities.

John has demonstrated ability to manage conflicting demands of the stakeholders.

He was an expert on managing both customer relationship and internal conflicts.

He manages the risk well and priorities the conflicting requirement very well.

He absolutely understands how to manage conflicts and always finds solutions.

He's patient, conceptual, and sharp and manages conflict without histrionics.

I have a lot of respect for the way he handled himself and managed conflict.

John is an outstanding conflict resolution therapist, manager or consultant.

He also excels at managing expectations during times of chaos or conflict.

The way, he handles the team conflicts and manages people is just amazing.

He is also able to manage through conflict and offer solutions to problems.

He's very strong at managing personal relationships and resolving conflict.

His ability to manage colleagues in conflict situations was remarkable.