Construction Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Construction Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is well respected in the construction industry.
He is not only an expert in the construction industry, but also within his field.
John is one of the most knowledgeable people in the construction industry.
John's understanding of the construction industry is second to none.
He is well respected amongst his peers in the construction industry.
John would be an asset to any company in the construction industry.
His understanding of the construction industry is second to none.
His creativity in the construction industry is refreshing.
His experience in the construction industry is vast.
Cooperation with him was always not only constructive, but also very pleasant.
He always tries to inspire us with something new and constructive.
He's certainly someone that can take constructive criticism.
John interactions with him have always been constructive.
Interaction with him was comfortable and constructive.
Very constructive and always trying to help his team.
I found his interactions with me very constructive.
He is always willing to take constructive feedback.
John is one of the exceptions in the construction recruitment industry.
At the same time he included new capabilities that our industry had not yet tapped for the construction industry.
John has been involved in the construction industry for many years and in many different capacities.
John is one of the most intelligent and transformational leaders in the construction industry.
More importantly, he knows the construction industry and what builders need - and don't need.
He was respected by his team and is truly knowledgeable in the construction industry.
His knowledge of the construction industry and its various aspects, is outstanding.
John has excellent knowledge of the industries he works in and is very constructive.
He has a thorough understanding of the construction industry and is well networked.
John has undertaken various photo shoots for us within the construction industry.
He knows the waste recycling and construction industry like the back of his hand.
His publications benefit from his many connections in the construction industry.
His knowledge in the construction industry is absolutely excellent.
John presented some great strategies for the construction industry.
His vast knowledge of the construction industry is second to none.
He is probably one of the best networked that I have come in contact with in the construction industry.
He was thorough, courteous, and made sure we had the best possible experience before, during and after the construction.
Giving constructive feedback, he will definitely help you get more out of yourself and your presentation.
John is one who is willing to listen and often comes up with constructive solutions.
Never once was it unclear that any criticism was anything less than constructive.
John is someone who listens to and gives constructive feedback/suggestions.
He is constructive and our assignments with him were an example of co-creation.
Your feedbacks have been always constructive and there is no better way to improve.
His constructive feedback gives food for thought and is very constructive.
He is always glad to help, discussions with him are always constructive.
He has always been very professional and constructive with his advice.
I always appreciate the way he gives kudos and constructive criticism.
He challenges those around him and gives very constructive criticism.
He is always constructive when mistakes are made and never demanding.
He was always willing to listen and provided constructive feedback.
He was always available for us and gave very constructive feedback.
And best of all, his attitude has been always positive and constructive.
John was transparent, motivating, and thoroughly constructive.
John is always available to help and provide constructive feedback.
John understood construction as well as the needs for the school.
He's also very pleasant and constructive even when under pressure.
Additionally, he is always willing to give constructive feedback.
One is that he has expertise in both construction and contracts.
Not only did he help me, but he offered constructive feedback.
He is always willing to help and to give constructive feedback.
He gives constructive criticism, even when you didn't ask for it.
He always has something constructive to contribute in meetings.
He always provided me with constructive and positive feedback.
John brings with him years of experience in not only the door & hardware industry, but also the commercial construction industry.
He brought conventional construction practices to the modular industry.
His one-on-one meetings were both insightful and constructive.
John always provides you constructive feedback and mentors you in the right direction to survive in this competitive industry.
Along the way there was of course, constructive criticism given - which he took happily and came back with even better results.
John gives honest and constructive criticism at the appropriate times.
John learnt the construction industry quickly and was able to deliver on assignments effectively.
He's well connected, knows how to evangelize in the construction software space, and understands the broad trends in the construction industry.
He followed up with "one on one" meetings, which were also very constructive.
In our regular one-on-one meetings, he always provided constructive feedback.
His direction was always on the mark, constructive and well-timed.
He listens very well and has constructive advice and direction.
John consistently delivers what is asked of him demonstrating his enthusiasm and passion for the construction industry.
He is well versed and experienced in many aspects of the construction industry- both residential and commercial.
John knows the industry inside and out and is always ready to share this knowledge in a constructive way.
His passion for the for both the construction industry as well as his high work ethic is obvious.
John goes above and beyond the call of duty in regards to providing editorial content to the construction industry.
The content he is putting out is helping the modular construction industry greatly.