Construction Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Construction Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He comes from a construction background and is familiar with new construction.
He does this in a constructive way, leveraging, management where necessary to see progress.
John manages with the right combination of encouragement and constructive criticism.
His management style is friendly, and his feedback is always constructive.
His criticisms were constructive, and his management style friendly.
John managed in a style that was both constructive and decisive.
John stands out in his memory as one of the few managers who took a constructive approach to change management.
John is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable project manager, he is keen to participate in all aspects of construction and construction management.
He always provided positive and constructive feedback during our manager meetings.
He manages with constructive criticism, empowerment, and motivation.
He always comes with constructive solutions and is proactive at managing problems.
As well as having the ability to offer honest, constructive feedback and views to him and other managers who managed him.
When he was his manager, he always had time for discussion and provided honest and constructive feedback.
As a manager, he knows how to criticize constructively, and also how to compliment those who excel.
John helped him to see how his views, assumptions and self talk could be managed constructively.
His willingness to listen and advise constructively is far beyond expectations of any manager.
He's a great manager, very positive with constructive and having things done mindset.
He took time to get to know us and manage us in a friendly yet, constructive way.
John made sure we did - we visited many homes and even new construction.
Working environment with him is very healthy and constructive.
John is an excellent addition to any construction management team.
His understanding of codes, as well as well thought out constructibility management makes him an asset.
Friendly, but persistent he managed the four of us working together in constructive ways.
He is proactive, insightful, and direct in his approach to construction management.
John has deep knowledge of construction and facilities/property management.
He actually absorbs and acts on the constructive criticism he receives from management.
He manages people in a constructive way and motivates them to succeed.
As a manager he was always accessible, constructive and supportive.
He says what needs to be said, even if it's not what you want to hear, but because he's unfailingly charming and constructive he manages never to offend anyone.
John doesn't micro manage, but he has been always available to provide regular feedback, both positive and constructive.
He excels at understanding and constructively dealing with organizations' management challenges.
He managed him efficiently, challenged his ideas constructively, inspired and demanded.
As a manager, his leadership style is to be encouraged, inclusive and constructive.
He also handles constructive feedback extremely well and was a pleasure to manage.
As a manager, he provided relevant and appropriate feedback in a constructive way.
He will be a tremendous asset in any construction leadership or management role.
He managed large construction manpower of the contractor as well as anger
He's very analytical and can really break down complex concepts into manageable constructs.
He provides constructive feedback and is prepared to take up new challenges/responsibilities.
He's confident and eager to please while always willing to take constructive feedback.
His ability to take feedback constructively has also been one of his strengths.
He used to take criticisms positively and constructively for self improvement.
His interventions were exceptionally insightful and always constructive.
The conversation with him is always constructive, relax and efficient.
His experience and advice is usually well delivered and constructive.
He'll always be there to improve everything in a constructive way.
His editorial suggestions were always constructive and helpful.
His lectures are completely entertaining and well-constructed.
He will guide you and correct you with constructive feedback.
He very much understands construction and remodeling of homes.
John manages his team with an open dialog and allows for constructive feedback.
This constructive attitude, due directly to his influence, was pervasive among both management and the workforce.
He always kept us committed to the task at hand and his management style was ethical and constructive.
John manages conflict constructively and looks at every obstacle as a milestone to make things better.
He knows how to manage and critique work in a way that's constructive and never rude.
He is an excellent manager that listens to his employees and actually uses the information he get to something constructive.
His feedback is always constructive and he is willing to help if students have difficulties.
As a manager, he always encouraged his growth, helped him to learn, and was constructive.
He taught him how to manage staff and provided constructive and beneficial feedback.
John knows how to get the best out of agency partners and the teams he manages, and is always constructive with feedback.
He knows how to manage his team members by giving constructive suggestion.
John managed to provide serious constructive feedback to him on his profile and offer some really useful insights into making himself stand out to hiring managers.
He is a very supportive manager, but also knows when to provide constructive feedback.
What's important about this is that he does so in a constructive way.
His approach to strategy was very constructive and thoughtful.
When managing others, he is sympathetic to them and how they might be feeling, but not afraid to push them and give constructive criticism.
John's approach to management is one of openness and frankness, he is always encouraging, collaborative, constructive and fun.
As a manager, he provides clear, concise, constructive feedback intended to get the best out of each employee.
John is consistent, delegated fairly and gave true constructive feedback and guidance to his managers.
John's perfectly organised manager, at the same time approachable, constructive and open for new ideas.
John's positive and encouraging attitude makes him both a constructive and extremely likeable manager.
He took the time to give constructive feedback rather than the lazy manager's criticism or praise.
As a manager, he's not afraid to give praise or any other constructive feedback whenever needed.
He manages to do this whilst wearing a smile and keeping the mood positive and constructive.
This meant his priors, description construction, layout and style was easy to manage.
He manages to achieve all of this in a positive, quiet, constructive and calm manner.
John's knowledge of facilities management, new construction, and natural disaster management is second to none.