Construction Project Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Construction Project Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is an excellent coordinator and was very organised and committed in his approach to the project.
This extends beyond himself, and to coordination activities with others involved with his projects.
He also ensures proper follow up as well as coordination of project rollout.
He knows how to spearhead and coordinate group projects successfully.
He was instrumental in coordinating projects and correcting the issues.
We would hire him ten times over for any construction project in the future.
I love coordinating projects with him because he is reliable, available and very responsive to every request.
John coordinates multiple projects simultaneously and does it accurately and always on time.
It was quite good the way he handles the projects through coordination and implementation.
John helped to coordinate the project and ensure it was all delivered on time.
John is always looking to improve his project and gives excellent constructive feedback.
Each week he gives constructive feedback to help me improve my projects.
John was great to work with, coordinating handoff's between projects.
He coordinated projects and it was really amazing working with him.
John was very good at the coordination of the different trades that were required to complete this project.
John is an excellent project coordinator with great attention to detail and the tenacity to see a project through to completion.
John is efficient with complex projects and event coordination.
He coordinates well across project teams and achieves results.
John is a very reliable and punctual project coordinator, getting the things done on time.
He was coordinating the conversion and made sure everyone was aware of the current situation and that project was going forward.
One of his strengths are able to coordinate with executors and contractors for his project.
His responsibilities have included coordinating major projects from start to finish.
I highly recommend him to anyone who needs common sense, great project coordination.
He is especially strong at coordinating large projects with multiple shareholders.
John is a very dedicated, loyal, and trusted individual and project coordinator.
He's very detailed and not afraid to give constructive advise during the course of the project.
When we came across challenges on the project, he got involved and always had a calm and constructive attitude.
John, was always helpful in coordinating projects, keeping our projects organized and on task and solving all of the many problems that would pop up each week.
I always look forward to sessions with him and would highly recommend him as both talent and project coordinator.
John is frequently multitasking and coordinating huge numbers of tasks for his projects.
I always enjoyed working with him and the open and constructive dialog he provided to projects.
He sees the broader picture and coordinates projects and people effectively.
We collaborated together on innovative projects and his contribution was always meaningful, concrete and constructive.
His demeanor is well-suited for project coordination and team leadership.
He is excellent at coordinating teams for large scale projects.
He is able to contribute very constructive and unique ideas and is also willing to take the initiative during projects.
John has been nothing but responsive, constructive, and motivated on every project we've worked on.
I can say that he is someone who coordinates projects with the utmost meticulousness and care.
John provided the leadership and coordination that was necessary to bring all the different viewpoints together and to complete projects that were a challenge.
John can be many places at once and handle multiple projects that require cross-departmental coordination.
He drove and coordinated complex projects under immense pressure with true elegance.
John is not only an expert in the coordination of complex construction project entitlements with city governments, but also a very valuable member of our project teams.
John would always provide encouragement and constructive feedback for all of the projects and tasks that were completed.
During this time, he was always constructive and open, always keeping in mind goals of the project.
He likes getting involved in the project while letting the project owners have the grip and use his always constructive feedback as they see fit.
He is always looking for constructive feedback in all this project and is patient and responsive to it.
John has the capability to be constructive in a very difficult contractual and political project environment.
He was always positive, constructive, and goal-oriented when the project was presented with challenges.
John is very open-minded, as well as forward-looking and certainly very good at coordinating project flows and implementation.
Where his talents really shine is when he needs to coordinate multiple stakeholders on very complex projects.
He is well-versed in project management/program coordination and has the ability to meet tight deadlines.
He easily coordinated projects in a timely manner and followed through to ensure completion.
He did a good coordination & took fast & right choices for completing the project on time.
He is exceptionally well organised and works hard to keep projects moving forward constructively.
I could always count on him for clear communication and constructive feedback on every project.
He went beyond his initial role to become an essential base of knowledge and project coordinator.
John capably coordinates resources to see projects successfully completed.
He is a team player who knows exactly how best to coordinate people and projects.
He is honest and straight forward, which is so important when dealing with the complexities of a construction project.
He not only impacts, but also proffers ways where you can construct the present to enable you project the future.