Construction Project Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Construction Project Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John was also supporting the project construction and engineering activities.
He was always available to brainstorm and give constructive feedback throughout the duration of the project.
His remarks were always constructive showing he was really interested in our project and in our success.
He is very effective in giving constructive critiques and edits to any project.
I highly recommend him firm for any construction oriented projects.
John remained calm and constructive for the benefit of the project.
He doesn't hesitate to give constructive feedback on the project at hand.
John is someone you can trust to do a good job with your construction project.
He brings calm to chaos and provides constructive feedback to make projects better for the future.
John gave me constructive criticism on many projects, and did so with tact and fairness.
He challenged existing project culture in a constructive way.
Also, through work with us, he knows the project and construction works.
His approach is constructive, realistic and positive to get things done, which benefit the project.
He was very dedicated to both recruiting and engineering projects.
I appreciated that he always provided clear direction and constructive feedback on projects.
He included us in major projects and provided guidance with constructive criticism.
His constructive feedback on group projects was always motivating and appreciated.
He gives importance to the growth of engineers working under him and hence always balances immediate requirement projects with explore projects.
Being always enthusiastic, positive and constructive it was very easy to work with him on new projects.
He is hardworking, constructive, and honest about the projects he works on.
John always provided well thought-out and constructive feedback to his colleagues as well as their project team.
John was very attentive and responsive to the construction team's questions and needs throughout the project.
His input to project planning is pragmatic, constructive and diligent.
He is always willing to lend a hand on projects and offer constructive advice.
He was very approachable and his ability to challenge the approach of the project was constructive, appreciated and valued.
John's constructive ideas and friendly critique have helped me shape some of more successful projects.
He provided a framework for us to both contribute to the project in a collegial and constructive way.
John has a great understanding of engineering, construction and the necessary data associated with these phases of a project.
He always made himself available to answer questions as well as provide guidance and constructive feedback on projects.
John is very detail oriented and will help to ensure that your construction project is done with due diligence.
He works well with his team to accomplish the construction projects.
John led my engineering team during one of our longest, most difficult projects.
He gave constructive advice and always made sure projects were being worked on and assigned accordingly.
He has been a joy to work with and always has a constructive input to any project.
He was very helpful throughout the project, always willing to answer questions quickly and provide constructive feedback.
He is a great professional, also has extensive knowledge in engineering and planning engineering and construction projects.
We worked together for few important projects and his turn around time on deliverables as an engineer have been extremely value add to the projects.
Working with him is always a pleasure, because of his ability to give constructive feedback and him immense passion for his projects.
He made it possible to discuss some harsh analysis, facts in a constructive way between our project partners.
John is a responsible project engineer and collaborative team player.
John remained accessible throughout all phases of all projects, providing clear and constructive feedback.
I would consider it a privilege to work with him again on any commercial construction project.