Construction Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Construction Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John managed the complete design and construction of the project.
His contribution to any project or discussion is always measured, well thought through and constructive.
He gave constructive feedback as the course took shape, and was very responsive during the project.
He genuinely wants his project to succeed and is always open to constructive feedback.
His no-nonsense approach to this engagement and project management was also valuable given the tight turnaround on the project.
He is very knowledgeable of building construction and can manage a large construction project with great success.
His understanding of the projects, managing the project schedules, team and management are of excellent nature.
His constructive influence on the success of the project was both crucial & undeniable.
He does this in a constructive way, leveraging, management where necessary to see progress.
I would recommend him for any position involving construction management.
John is an excellent manager for injection mold construction.
John is a dedicated project manager who cares about the success of projects.
John managed a number of projects from inception to completion and showed that he was capable and willing to get the projects done and done right.
He is a driven project manager, and clearly enjoys brining projects from the very beginning and seeing them to successful completion.
In terms of project management, his leadership helped remove obstacles that hindered the forward progression of the project.
John was responsible for project managing a number of large and complex projects, some of which we were involved with.
He is a superb project manager who made sure that the project stayed on track and met each deadline when expected.
He has brought us a great number of good projects and managed to complete this project successfully.
John is a strong project manager who knows what it takes to keep a project on track and within budget.
He's also an efficient project manager who keeps everything and everyone in order.
He became his manager's go to person for project management and handling escalations.
He always provided positive and constructive feedback during our manager meetings.
He's approaching every project with an open mind and provides feedback that's constructive yet realistic.
He is a very experienced project & construction manager and would be a great asset to any firm.
John is a consummately professional project manager who engages constructively and positively with his peers and project stakeholders.
John is an excellent project manager, successfully overseeing all aspects of multiple multi-phase projects.
John is amazing project manager and excellent leader with very structured and collaborative approach to project management.
He brought his solid construction and project management experience to the team.
He always comes with constructive solutions and is proactive at managing problems.
He never fails to do his part of whatever projects well and always gives very constructive feedback in any discussions.
I would often see him manage complex projects with tight deadlines; while still being a great personable manager that you would want to be around and give you all for on projects.
John has all the boxes ticked when it comes to team management, client management, project management and event management.
John is a true professional in the management of large scale construction projects.
I would personally recommend him for any construction management or project management assignment from the perspective of a provider.
He is very proactive, great at driving projects and conversations to constructive action.
He's a constructive manager that drives momentum to getting a project done with solid, measurable results.
He had always led the other managers like myself to think constructively and putting discussions into actions.
He manages to deal with difficult situations is by way of constructive confrontation.
John is a proactive, enthusiastic, inspiring, and constructive manager.
John is extremely knowledgeable about construction projects and has the adaptability to take successfully take on projects outside his main area of expertise.
John's deep understanding of construction techniques, project finance, budgeting and project management was very valuable to me on my own development project.
His knowledge & understanding of construction in complex projects is second to none.
His feedback throughout the process was constructive and made the project better.
He was also a very efficient manager who always had a pulse of the project which enabled the initiation of appropriate steps to be taken in different project scenarios.
John's exceptional results oriented project management approach kept us all focused and was an immense contributor to the success of the project.
He is efficient and effective in his ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and always completes these projects to the highest degree.
A charismatic individual, he is able to manage multiple projects with ease while being mindful of deadlines and project parameters.
Unlike most of the project managers, he is an approachable person.
John is an outstanding project manager and an even better person.
He successfully managed several construction projects and helped save the company in excess of a million dollars.
His positive work attitude and approach to projects is very constructive.
He's a great project manager and multi-Tasker, being able to handle multiple projects at once without an issue.
Showing his experience in project management, earthworks, structures and civil construction.
John is a project manager who has firm controls on both project delivery and project finance.
He was honest, articulated his requirements for the projects well and gave constructive criticism when necessary to help our team make the project more successful.
He has solid experience in managing high profile projects and in managing a large portfolio of projects.
John is an exceptional construction talent with the ability to manage multiple complex projects simultaneously around the country.
I appreciate the constructive conversations we've had on this topic, and how he managed to put our findings into actions.
John is an exceptional manager and gives excellent constructive feedback while maintaining diplomacy.
As a manager, he knows how to criticize constructively, and also how to compliment those who excel.