Construction Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Construction Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Always fair and constructive in his approach to constructing deals.
John facilitated a one-day leadership course for our construction supervisors.
As a supervisor, he gives timely, specific, constructive feedback.
Cooperation with him was always not only constructive, but also very pleasant.
John gets things done and keeps things moving forward constructively.
He always tries to inspire us with something new and constructive.
He knows everything there is to know about construction and more.
He takes constructive criticism the way it's meant to be: constructively.
He constructs strong logic, but takes criticism constructively.
John served as the supervisor of construction for his firm and that was only one of the many hats he had to wear during this renovation.
As his supervisor, he had his complete confidence, yet at the same time was responsive to constructive feedback.
He will always get the best from everyone around him and constructively challenges to all.
He is always available to help with constructive advice, but he never gets in the way.
Discussions with him have always been constructive that have resulted in improvements.
He always makes himself available and has relevant and constructive ideas/input.
He provided praise when appropriate and was always constructive with his advice.
He took constructive criticism well and was always available to help others.
Moreover, his advices and recommendations were very welcome and constructive.
However, his ways of saying this will only be constructive than anything.
Working with him was never less than stimulating, constructive and fun.
Feedback that he gives is always constructive and never pulls you down.
He's quick to help when you need it, and gives constructive criticism.
He provided him with the very best constructive and valuable feedback.
John says what needs to be said and does so in in a constructive way.
He's also very pleasant and constructive even when under pressure.
Hence, he constantly provides immediate and constructive feedback.
We have hired him for several different repairs and construction.
Not only did he help him, but he offered constructive feedback.
He gives constructive criticism, even when you didn't ask for it.
His advice then, and now, has always been wise and constructive.
He is constructive, he strives for the best and he is focused.
Furthermore, his feedback was always upbeat and constructive.
He's extremely neat, and constructive in critique willing to give constructive advice.
Giving constructive feedback, he will definitely help you get more out of yourself and your presentation.
John is transparent, motivating, and thoroughly constructive.
As a supervisor, he pushed him to be his best while encouraging him with well-received constructive critiques.
Alternatively, he will accurately follow a well constructed brief with equally well constructed code.
John provides constructive feedback and is always willing to help his colleagues when they need him.
John is always open and honest about what he is looking for and provides constructive feedback.
He's excellent at including everybody and being encouraging while still being constructive.
All his criticism is constructive, and he lets you know when you're doing something right.
John constructively challenges others to be better and always steps up to the challenge.
He always delivered on what he said he was going to do and gave him constructive advice.
However, you can count on his comments to always be well thought out, and constructive.
John's advice was always constructive and definitely added value to our candidates.
He keeps all promises that are made and offers constructive help when the need arises.
John made it enjoyable, constructive and also kept the pressure on at our company.
John has both, is willing to share ideas and thoughts and is always constructive.
He gives you much needed space to think about things freely but also constructive
He gives constructive feedback and he does not hesitate to say things as they are.
And, once he has arrived at the point, he is always constructive in his response.
John for the cooperation which always have been inspired ring and constructive.
He is always challenging and more constructive and right more times than he ought to be.
He keeps you constructively uncomfortable, so that you can grow without overwhelm.
John provides feedback that is straight-to-the-point and certainly constructive.
John constructively accepts decisions made that are different than his own view.
The advice that he has given him has been constructive, pragmatic and encouraging.
John always will be your cheerleader and him constructive criticism is great.
He makes everyone around him feel recognized and provides constructive feedback.
John definitely has both, yet he offers input constructively and respectfully.
Also had many constructive discussions with him during his time in the company.
His feedback was immediate and constructive and he always went the extra mile.
He always came back with constructive and concise feedback regarding our site.
He has always been responsive to queries and constructively available to help.
His feedback was constructive and this has helped him to think out of the box.
He did that in a way that was constructive and helped us make things better.
Bouncing ideas off of him and getting constructive feedback was commonplace.
John provided constructive feedback on what was feasible, what was not.
He gives constructive advice to anyone who goes to him with his/his issues.
Speaks his mind, whilst being very constructive, and very action oriented.
He anticipates his needs and is quick to make constructive recommendations.
His suggestions are always spot-on, constructive, and given with kindness.
John's guidance was constructive, thoughtful and above all encouraging.
His insights were always helpful, while him challenges were constructive.
He will give you constructive advise if there is something to be solved.
The outcomes and feedback he provides is both positive and constructive.
His insights are really constructive, and his advice is always friendly.
He knows how to push you past whining, and redirect you constructively.
His approach, however, is always thoughtful, constructive and rational.
He challenged us constructively inspiring us to come up with new ideas.
He does all this in a friendly, constructive way and without pomposity.
He then gave him very constructive recommendations without being pushy.
He understood the brief and was constructive in his written feedback.
Within a few sessions with him, he has given him constructive feedback.
He expresses his ideas clearly and constructively to all stakeholders.
His advice and encouragement to us is always constructive and helpful.
He collaborates well and participates in discussions constructively.
His constructive approach has been very helpful to us on many levels.
He made constructive comments and used his own profile as an example.
His passion was ever evident, but measured and always constructive.
He has an insightful and constructive approach to all that he does.
John is always open to constructive alternatives to his own ideas.
By the same token, he will always offer up constructive criticism.
The best of all, he is a very consistent & constructive challenging
He can be tough, but in the most empathetic and constructive way.
Him feedback to participants was straightforward and constructive.
He responds very well to constructive feedback and encouragement.
John doesn't just take constructive criticism well, he welcomes it.
You won't hear him complaining unless it's constructive criticism.
We had many challenges & battles along the way (all constructive).
He is very dedicated and always open for constructive discussion.
He is willing to give feedback and take constructive criticism.
You will hear things as they are from him, in a constructive way.
His constructive, honest feedback was also very much appreciated.
He gives great constructive feedback which was always welcomed.
John's constructive and open feedback has been quite affirming.
John knows how to ask questions to elicit constructive thought.
For example, he has a very constructive way of solving problems.
His approach to problems and challenges was always constructive.
He responds to challenges constructively and enthusiastically.
John has been extremely helpful with our website construction.
John understands how the ecosystem equations are constructed.
John knows the remodeling and construction worlds inside out.
This constructive approach made him an excellent collaborator.
He provides constructive advice without dwelling on mistakes.
His insight and advice was both timely and very constructive.
John's constructive criticism always motivated him to think more thoroughly from different perspectives.
And then he has so many other dimensions which help him engage his mind constructively.
His style is very direct and constructive so you always know where you stand.
John's input was always well thought out, constructive and well presented.
He demonstrated this through constructive criticism of his employees.
He inspired and motivated each one of us with constructive feedback.
This allows him to engage constructively and proactively with us.
Working with him is constructive and will never feel like 'work.
As a supervisor, he was very energetic and positive, but most importantly, he always encouraged us while giving us constructive criticism.
He's always willing to help us to give constructive comments on your animation.