Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is not only an excellent consultant, but he is a consultant to the consultants.
John is one of the best consultants we had in our consulting organization.
We will come back to him again and again for further consulting.
John has always been available for consultation whether it is formalized or consultant to help in your best interest.
He went above and beyond with all of his consultants and made sure that all their needs were met.
He is always willing to help or train others and is always available for consultation.
As such, himself and others consider him one of the best consultants in the country.
John is always available for consultation after the course has been completed.
There are few consultants that you always go to and he is one of them for him.
Highly recommended to have someone like him available for consultation.
We will definitely consult with him again as we go through our process.
He is also willing to consult and help above and beyond the contract.
And he really goes above and beyond for his consultants and clients.
And the best thing about him is he consults with your requirements.
He is always looking out for the best interests of his consultants.
He is always available to consult with and come up with solutions.
John simply is the best of the best when it comes to consulting.
He always makes himself available when needed for consultation.
He is very thorough and was truly consulted with our clients.
Something that many consultants all too often do for his liking.
John has been our consultant here at for the past five months.
They found him to be thorough, knowledgeable, and consultative.
He always tried his best to make our company for consultations.
By far, he is one of the best consultants, we have ever hired and we will most likely consult with him again as our business expands.
He managed his consultants very well and always took the our company to get to know himself and his consultants personally.
Working tirelessly he made himself available for consultation both before, during and after the period.
John is one of those consultants that just knew what he was doing, because he had the experience.
Please make sure that you consult with him first, so you will keep your profit from your investment.
John has done well for himself and will do even better in his new role as our company consultant.
Him consultant could not believe the difference between him and others having the same treatment.
A valuable consultant when you want to make sure you get it right - he knows the business.
He is the such talented consultant and he can see the goal of the initial consultation.
John will always tell you what you need to hear which is what you want from a consultant.
To have him as your consultant is one of the best choices you can make for your website.
He is very knowledgeable of the business and was very liked by all of his consultants.
His consulting services have far out performed any other consultant, we have ever used.
He makes himself available all the our company to help out the practice and the consultants.
He always went out of his way to be available for consultation on difficult problems.
He also provided consulting support to many of his projects when he was a consultant.
He consulted him through the project and always made himself available for questions.
He also did not just leave him to figure things out on his own after our consultation.
The unique value he has brought to us is that - he is not just another consultant.
Committed to his own consultants, but at the same our company looking out for our interests.
He always went above and beyond to meet the needs of his customers and consultants.
He also knows how to make the most of outside consultants to benefit his company.
He is hired in as a consultant who was relatively new to the consulting business.
He is one of the truly exceptional consultants to be found anywhere in the world.
John is definitely one of the best if not the best recruitment consultants around.
Whether you are looking for our company for him, with him, or consult him he is the best.
He is very responsive to him consultant's needs as well as those of the client.
John is the rare consultative seller that is actually meaningful consultative.
John is definitely one of few go-to consultants if you want exceptional our company.
John is different to other recruitment consultants: he's much more instinctive.
John has been an enormous help as an image consultant and cosmetic consulting
He's thorough during his consultations and always identifies with his clients.
During that our company, we actually consulted with him to make sure we were on track.
We still have him on our panel of consultants and he is welcome back any our company.
John is one of those consultants who always gives you that little bit extra.
John is the best all around consultant, we have had in his area of expertise.
He doesn't hesitate to help where he can and makes an excellent consultant.