Consulting Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Consulting Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the best technical consultants in the industry.
I would recommend him both in the industry and in consulting.
John is rare in the consulting industry.
John is well known as one of the best consultants in the Telecom industry.
I am delighted to see that you are still teaching the best consultants how to consult.
He is really good at what he does and has always been there for all the consultants.
I am sure that is why he is successful and makes him the best consultant.
Highly recommended to have someone like him available for consultation.
He was always available to consult and would help everyone who asked.
He is always looking out for the best interests of his consultants.
He is always available to consult with and come up with solutions.
He was always available for consultation and was quite supportive.
He always makes himself available when needed for consultation.
He has always made himself available to consult when approached.
John was always available for questions and consultations.
He's always available to help and guide other consultants.
He always tried his best to make time for consultations.
He has been available for consultation at any time.
John is one of the best consultants in his field.
He is one of us, not an "external consultant".
I did so after much research and consultation.
John is one of those consultants who do that.
He is by far one of our best loan consultants.
The course taught me so much about consulting.
John has consulted with me for about two years.
He is both consultative and collaborative.
He is very supportive of each consultant.
He has been consulting for us ever since.
He consulted us and it was very valuable.
He is always ready to help and consult.
I was the consultant and he was my user.
He is very consultative in his approach.
He was my consultant and co-conspirator.
He is also as consultative as they come.
As far as consultants in this industry go, he and his firm are amongst the very best we have encountered.
He puts the industry in context for myself and for my consultants.
John is the ultimate professional consultant in his industry.
He was successful in his role in the consulting industry.
If only all consultants and industry experts were like John.
I have interacted with John as an industry consultant.
I met him while I was consulting for the industry.
Working tirelessly he made himself available for consultation both before, during and after the period.
John's can-do, make it happen attitude is exactly what we value when using outside consultants.
He is the such talented consultant and he can see the goal of the initial consultation.
He knows success, but is humble and willing to help anybody in need of any consultation.
He always went above and beyond to meet the needs of his customers and consultants.
He is one of the truly exceptional consultants to be found anywhere in the world.
John is the rare consultative seller that is actually meaningful consultative.
John was one of those consultants you are really happy to have in your team.
There are talented consultants, then there are likeable, talented consultants.
John has always been responsive to my needs as an irrigation consultant.
Anyone who has the benefit of consulting with him will tell you the same.
He really encompasses everything that you would want from a consultant.
His consultative approach allows him to get things right the first time.
John consult directly with your company, you will not be disappointed.
He treats everybody with respect and always available for consultation.
John was also available to hire for consulting which we did many times.
I would recommend him over and over for all of your consulting needs.
We are going to miss his consultation both internally and externally.
The consultants he has provided me have been very strong technically.
His consistency toward doing the best possible job during the consulting engagement sets an example for the rest of the consulting industry.
Leading by example he has also started his own creative industry consultancy.
He "gets" our industry and is an excellent presenter and consultant.
He is clearly the consultant of the new age real estate industry.
This particular attribute is rarely seen in other consultants in this industry, distinguishing himself as a trustworthy, consistent and reliable consultant.
He is also able to consult on the latest trends that are happening within the industry.
His experience traverses industries and his insights make his consulting invaluable.
Our company few consultants can live up to the standard that John sets in the industry.
Has deep industry knowledge, knows his stuff and certainly someone you can consult.
John and his firm to anyone considering health industry consulting.
His expertise as a consultant to the catering industry is unparalleled.
John gave him help and support with his move from industry and into consulting.
This makes him very reliable and effective and probably explains why he has been successful in transferring from consulting to industry.
He will take the time to consult with you about your options and provide insight as to what forecasts are ahead for the industry.
His ability to scale consulting with industry to the non-profit arena was flawless.
He has a broad range of experience, having consulted in multiple industries.
John brings with him a wealth of core industry and consulting experience.
John's passion for the technology industry is what sets him aside from other consultants.
He's one the few consultants in this industry that goes the extra mile and over delivers for his clients.
He provided clients with savvy consulting, as one who stayed at the forefront of the industry.
This is quite natural, since his background before he was a doctoral student is as a consultant in, amongst other industries, the banking industry.
He is not only very knowledgeable about the industry, but he is genuine and has his consultants best interest in mind.
In addition to this, his knowledge of the industry and consultation was very valuable to both him and his company.
When consulting in other industries such as real estate, the outcome was similar - above his expectations.
Not every marketing consultant like he goes on to recommend colleagues in this industry.
John is highly respected for his industry knowledge and consultative approach.
His dedication to peers, clients and consultants goes above and beyond anything that our industry has seen before.
He's a man that cares about his consultants and helps assure our success in the franchise consulting industry.
John is genuinely one of those consultants who does the job because he believes the industry can be a better place.
With a deep understanding of the industry, having different languages him approach is very consultative.
His industry knowledge is second to none and he truly does 'consult' as to what his needs are and also what is best for the business.
John is an experienced digital consultant who has worked across many different industries.
John's advice and analysis of industry trends has been invaluable in his consulting practice.
This internship gave him valuable insight into the consulting and venture capital industry.
Our company luck in continue creating the best consultancy firm within the our company and Finance industry.
John first started at our company as a consultant to himself as the company ventured into a new industry.
Harsha, brings with him a strong intellect coupled with deep and diverse industry experience ranging from core industry to consulting.
John also taught him the value of client service, especially in the consulting industry.
He has a broad experience both from the consulting industry as well as from insurance.
His vast industry experience has been a welcome addition to our consulting clients.
He brings with him many years of knowledge in the consulting and solutions industry.
John consults with people in the storage and software industry.
It has been a privilege to bring him and his team on as consultants in two different industries with two different companies.
Him consultative manner and data-driven solutions are second to none in our industry.
He understands the consulting industry and how to operate within it.
Ravinder with his experience in the industry will be an asset as a business consultant.
His consulting background has provided him with a pool of experiences in various industries that are an asset to any organisation.
His enthusiasm is contagious and his knowledge of the industry as well as expertise in consulting cannot go unnoticed.
During that time, he taught him many valuable lessons about defense acquisition and the consulting industry.
He is real, dedicated, and truly helpful to his in depth knowledge of the consulting industry.
John inspired and facilitated his transition from academic consulting to his first industry role.
John's direct and honest consultation is a needed wake-up call for many in our industry.
John is a very intelligent and diligent consultant that is hard to beat in this industry.
The rich experience of working across industries makes him a complete consultant.
John is a seasoned industry consultant and prolific solution master.
With years of experience, and the ability to clearly explain the industry, consulting with him is one of the highest-value transactions you can make.
Sure, he knows a ton about many industries, and if you're considering hiring him as a speaker or consultant, you'll get your money's worth.
He did this by immersing himself in the industry and heavily consulting "key players" and taking on board their feedback and inputs.
John could apply his capabilities to any of the sectors and was well respected for his industry know-how and consulting service.
John is very well versed in this industry and is a great asset to him prospects by him consultative selling style.
Over our company period, the consulting industry could be characterized as fast-paced and highly competitive.
His prior consulting and industry experience positioned him well to start contributing from day one.
His services have been recognized by highly-distinguished industry consultants around the world.