Consulting Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Consulting Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is a very competent competence consultant.

Excellent negotiation skills and commercial skills.

Gladly, very competent, skilled negotiator and communicator.

His communication skills and negotiation skills in particular are his skill highlights.

I would be delighted to discuss further his considerable abilities and skills.

He has good networking skills and negotiation skills.

His skill in negotiations is truly inspiring.

He also has very strong negotiating skills.

He truly had the skill to influence and negotiate.

What I like the most in him is his negotiation skills.

His negotiation skills are also evident.

And his negotiation skills are among the best.

What really impressed me was his negotiation skills.

He also has amazing negotiating skills.

Last but not the least, very good negotiation skills.

He is especially skilled in negotiating contracts.

His negotiation skills are especially keen.

John has the ability to find solutions for many needs with the skill and ability to get it done.

I like his ability to gain the right insight on people´s competencies and skills.

His ability to negotiate amongst the various stakeholders was very skilled and highly appreciated.

A very competent and professional consultant.

He has an uncanny ability to negotiate for the close.

More impressive, however, is his outstanding negotiating ability.

One of his greatest attributes is his ability to negotiate.

The two skills which stand out for John are his negotiation and leadership skills.

John is very competent and independent yet open for discussion.

His overall consulting skills are solid.

Using these abilities and skills, he has the ability to communicate exceedingly well.

I was always amazed at his ability to negotiate and get things done under pressure.

One of the strongest abilities, he have are definitely negotiation skills and interpersonal communication.

The things that struck me the most about him were his analytical and negotiation skills.

I appreciate his negotiating and problem solving skills.

John is an excellent trainer in negotiation skills.

He is very organized with great negotiator skills.

He has proven his solid negotiation skills.

Moreover, John has an excellent negotiation skill.

One of the things that really impressed me regarding John was his negotiating skills.

His negotiation skills with stakeholders is impressive.

I admire him most of his negotiation and dialogue skills.

He's particularly awesome at presentation and negotiation skills.

His negotiation skills will help solve many situations.

His negotiating skills are some of the best I've ever seen.

He has outstanding negotiation skills and vision.

His negotiation, influencing skills are exceptional.

He is also very professional and has strong negotiation skills.

We are lucky to have him as our trainer for negotiation skills.

John is a skilled leader and negotiator.

Also, he got a very good negotiation skills.

He is smart and has excellent negotiation skills.

John's diplomatic, and his negotiation skills are excellent.

He has great influencing and negotiation skills.

He is very skilled in negotiating and is strong in leadership.

He has extremely strong negotiation skills.

He has excellent negotiation and presentation skills.

He has excellent negotiation and recruitment skills.

He has good skills to negotiate and knows how to keep things simple.

He has perfect presentation and negotiation skills.

John is extremely skilled in the art of negotiation.

He is a consummately skilled negotiator.

My consultants were clearly impressed with his drive and competencies.