Content Editor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Content Editor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As an editor, he is passionate about the content and the audiences he serves.
His content was always well-regarded and quickly accepted by editors.
He also provided effective guidance to each new content editor through the complexity of out back end.
As an editor his grasp of story, voice, and content is exceptional.
As an editor, he challenges and pushes for engaging, meaningful content.
As an editor, he makes his job easier by turning in content that needs very little, if any, help.
One thing that really impressed him as an editor was the quality of the unedited content.
John came to him as an intelligent, alert, eager content editor, looking to go places.
He not only creates amazing, well thought out content but also is a fantastic editor.
Always willing to help others, even outside of his work content.
Not only is he willing to do and try new things, but he also leverages content that's worked in the past - recycling "evergreen content".
John is an accomplished, creative and versatile copywriter and content editor.
He not only created journalistic content, but also acted as an editor for participating university classes.
As a great content editor, he picks up ideas and runs with them fast.
He is an editor, leader and content strategist like no other.
As an editor, he made suggestions that added emotion and personality to our content.
As an editor, his content is timely, well-researched, and cleanly written.
Him strategies in content marketing are out of the box content.
John makes his job easier, which is what every editor wants and needs.
John is one of those editors that you don't have to worry about, because he will get the job done.