Content Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Content Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's content and delivery are among the best in the industry.
John's content acquisition experience in the content rights industry is second to none.
The content of his presentation was recent and relevant to our industry.
I highly value his insights into the content industry.
John is simply the industry's best content marketer.
John has provided advice to me in the area of TV content and content rights.
John's content has been superbly useful to me while writing and researching the industry.
John is one of the few people who actually understands the mobile content industry.
Him content and relevancy to our industry was not only inspiring, but truly timely.
His content is fresh and his enthusiasm is unmatched by others in the industry.
John is one of the most seasoned and talented content leaders in the industry.
He provides solid, organized content that can be applied in any industry.
John is our go-to person for smart, industry focused content.
John is a true professional in the mobile content industry.
His knowledge of the mobile & content industry is exceptional.
He is full of great content and insights within his industry.
John is one of the pioneers of the Asian mobile content industry.
He prepared content that was industry and company specific.
He knows the content and the mobile ISV industry to its core.
He knows his content inside and out, and then does whatever he can to help others gain his knowledge.
John was organized, thorough, and knowledgeable of the course content.
The content was excellent and he is clearly very knowledgeable.
He came back to us with the content within few working days.
We'll definitely continue to have him work on our content.
I get his communications, and appreciate their content.
I would like to recommend him for his content service.
Extremely knowledgeable and creates the best content.
Leading from the front, he defined content strategy, content quality and content migration strategy.
John was helping us to build our content strategy and Website content.
John is one of the top executive's in the digital content industry.
John provided us great content for two entirely different projects.
He'll always be welcome on any of my content project teams.
First, the quality of the content is quite extraordinary.
Many of my friends are content with him and the product.
He doesn't just know what tools to use, he knows what content will work, and where (and at whom) that content should be aimed.
Always willing to help with a smile on his face - he is the go to person for anyone in the content industry.
John is the antithesis of those that say you can't produce interesting content for 'boring' industries.
John thoroughly researches the industry, provides factual content and creative solutions.
John's passion and knowledge in the telecom and content industry was very impressive.
John raises the bar when it comes to delivering content in the advertising industry.
His courses are very relevant and the content reflects and adapts with the industry.
His breakout session was also rich with content, and applicable to every industry.
The open rates of all our content are higher than industry averages.
His willingness to go above and beyond - when it comes to content - is what makes working with him so great.
John can be trusted and as he's known for his integrity and content knowledge.
John was engaging and knowledgeable throughout and the content was excellent.
He knows his content and always willing to share his knowledge and time.
He was enthusiastic and really worked to make the content come to life.
I've been impressed by his professionalism and his content knowledge.
John has worked on many content deliverables for me over the years.
He was very knowledgeable and confident with the content presented.
I am indeed contented and happy to be working directly with him.
His work always impressed for both it's content and it's style.
John got the potential for mobile content before anyone else.
John knows enterprise content architecture from the inside out.
John has an incredible knowledge in mobile/wireless content.
John's mastery over his content as an author is remarkable.
His insights on "context vs content" kept everyone thinking.
He knows how to craft content that engages and influences.
John is very content-rich, technically and commercially.
He truly understands the industry and it comes across in his content and delivery.
Under his leadership, we have created some of the best content the industry has seen.
John's expertise in appropriate content and insight on industry standards is solid.
John also leveraged his industry knowledge for content creation and speaking at industry conferences.
John entrepreneur with lots of ideas, especially in content related industry.
Without knowing anything about his industry, he exacted clear strategy and content.
Of course, he is taking his content and ideas, but the way in which he has helped him publish it makes the content even better.
He can make dry, highly factual industry-specific content interesting.
John brings great creativity and innovation to the content industry.
He understands the industry and its influencers, knows how to best engage them and what content would resonate most with them.
Fun and engaging, content is mind blowing, him understanding of the industry is very insightful.
John's depth of knowledge goes beyond content expertise to industry expertise.
John is quite experienced in various industries and he can see & deliver the information content of the numbers.
John came from a non-content background, when he took over the content team we were apprehensive.
John always overdelivers in the amount of content - and overall value - he provides.
He is entertaining, for certain, but he also adds tremendous value to his content.
But what set him apart was his pride and diligence in looking beyond the content.
For many years, he was able to create content that was meaningful, for an industry that was not in his immediate frame of reference.
He brought solid industry experience and relevance to what could have been very dry theory content.
It's clear from his our company feed that he is a voracious reader of content in his industry.
He stays abreast of the industry to ensure he is providing the best content available for clients.
Him big proficiency and recognition in the mobile content industry is an example.
He has a knack for content strategy and writing about trends in the industry.
He wanted to make sure that the audience was engaged and was getting the most value out of him content.
It really engaged us in the content of the course and really helped him.
He gets his content right without baffling and engages you from the off.
From content ideas through creation, he was thorough and engaging.
John not only engages the audience, he provides valuable content.
He made sure his content was engaging, interesting and relevant.
John's at the top of his game, he knows the industry and the content inside out and he is passionate about delivering the very best results.
He's happy influencing and improving the industry rather than just being content working within it.