Contract Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Contract Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He well versed in contract management, supplier management, and asset rationalization.
He's made the transitions from contract to contract very smoothly.
John always managed our contracts efficiently and as if they were his own.
It was, therefore, not surprising that he managed to clinch the contract.
This was while he was simultaneously managing the contract with the our company.
John is his manager when we were both contracting for the our company.
John is an excellent all round manager of contracts and people.
And after the contract, he helps you get a new contract every time
John is an incredibly organized and attentive contract manager.
His management of the our company contract for our company was stellar.
He managed the outsourcing contract that our company had with our company.
Best of all, he has followed up on items that were above and beyond our contract.
He also makes sure you are doing well once you have started your new contract.
He will do what is contracted and more and nothing is ever too much effort.
John provides value above and beyond anything you contracted for.
He really knows what he's doing when it comes to vendor contracts.
John managed several individuals in the contracts department very effectively.
Prospects that he has presented to sometimes specify him by name in the contract.
His ability to sort the wheat from the chaff on contracts was extremely beneficial in managing new contracts.
From contract preparation to contract disputes, he has given him advice in which we have always prevailed.
John arranged and managed his most recent contract and has been excellent every step of the way.
Working with him through such complex situations was like a class in contracts management.
John managed through adversity resulting from shortcomings of the contracted vendor.
He successfully manages multiple contracts of various sizes and complexities.
Highly recommend him to you with a manageable contractor or permanent positions.
This was a very rare occurrence during his term as contracting manager.
With his help we managed to win a number of excellent contracts.
His experience and management of key contracts sets him apart.
During the course of his contract with him, he was attentive and always made himself available when needed.
He did everything he said he was going to do and followed all the time frames in the contract.
John goes out of his way to accommodate those that he hires on particular contracts.
When his contract had concluded, he was there to help him look for his next position.
That is not just his experience, he even placed his brother on several contracts.
It's really no wonder he is always the one bringing in the largest contracts.
As it stands, we will certainly contract with him again when the need arises.
He could be counted on to do whatever was necessary to be awarded contracts.
He went above and beyond our expectations and obligations in our contract.
Throughout his contract he kept him up-to-date on all that was taking place.
He kept in touch throughout his contract and was always approachable.
We always knew he would get the best contract for our organization.
John is thorough and leaves nothing to chance in his contracts.
Anyone who hires or contracts him will always come out on top.
Whomever contracts he is certain to get their money's worth.
One of those introductions has resulted in his first contract.
He managed us through the interview and negotiation of the resulting contract.
He managed to get him into his current contract in record time and hopefully it will last too.
He would competently and confidently manage his contract, often exceeding his objectives.
He understands contract terms, pricing and vendor management.
Our company hotel management contracts are being signed by the hundreds all across John.
He taught him management strategies, including change, contract and people management.
He excels at contract negotiations as well as relationship management.
John wrote a new our company contract for him, which is, in his opinion, better than any contract in use today
The best thing about him was that he was available at all times and managed his contract with immaculate professionalism.
John managed well under pressure and made significant contributions to contracts terms and conditions.
John's title implies that he only managed our contracts, but he was much more valuable than that.
His disciplined approach to metrics, contracts, and deliverable management are exemplary.
He has managed a very large government prime contract for him over the past five years.
John set the standard for the month-to-month management of an interim contract.
John contracted for our company and really benchmarked the position which the hiring manager created.
He manages client expectations so well that there was never any doubt that our contracts would be renewed.
John often managed to get the contracts enhanced based on customers' requests.
He has in fact placed him in his last two contract positions, which have seen him through the last four years.
If you're looking for your next contract, he will find it for you, or pass you on to someone else who will.
He is still willing to look out for us and review our contract when he had nothing to gain from it.
During that time, he has always been available to help him with any invoicing or contract queries.
Throughout the duration of the contract he was always available and responsive to his queries.
He is ready to help and advise, he looks after you during and after signing the contract.
Always he made it obvious that everything was delivered as it was stated in the contract.
John went the extra mile whether or not the contract in the end went to his company.
John knows how to negotiate for win/win outcomes and getting the best from any contract.
When you're in contract, he's attentive and always checking on how things are going.
He always follows up and takes an interest in what is happening during the contract.
He keeps in contact with throughout your contract to ensure that everything is okay.
Throughout his contract he checked in often and after it ended, he kept in touch.
And he continues to help him regularly even after we've finished our contract.
He's responsive and he doesn't forget your name after you sign the contract.
In fact, he has kept in touch with him after the contracts have terminated too.
John organised everything for us, from contracts through to college courses.
John helped him to get his not one, but few contracts in the really good company's
He could always be depended upon to follow through to contract closure.
If his contract is not extended he will be one of his first calls to place.
John will also advise you how to set up for your new contracts effectively.
Always on point with getting him the right contract at the very point in time.
Hire him, he is outstanding, contract or permanent, nothing more to say.
He also continues to keep in touch even when the contract is finalised.
Enjoyed playing soccer with him and others, though his contract was short.
He seeks to deliver more than what he contracts for and always succeeds.
He will be sadly missed when he leaves us at the end of his contract.
It is really sad to see him leaving because his contract just expired.
John knows federal government contracting so well it is just amazing.
He has been vital to our organization for new contracts and updates.
He has been an outstanding representative for him on his latest contract.
John met all of the expectations and requirements of this contract.
He did more and was involved much more than our contract called for.
Testimony to his strength, we twice extended his freelance contract.
He always acts in his best interest to get the best renewal contract.
We have contracted with him numerous times and would use him again.
He kept his contract in place throughout many economic fluctuations.
Most importantly, he did not disappear once we signed the contract.
But since he likes contract lifestyle we will take what we can get.
He keeps his word and does his best to make a successful contract.
We wanted to extend his contract and were sorry to see him leave.
John took on this challenging contract and exceeded expectations.
It has resulted in recurrent contracts for him in the recent past.
His attentiveness continued once the contract was up and running.
Only because the position was contingency one his contract ended.
John constantly kept him updated on the progress of the contract.
His handshake is worth more than any contract you'll ever sign.
He deeply desires to help everyone he comes into contract with.
He donated many hours above and beyond him contract agreement.
He knows government - and government contracting like no other.
He added many times more value than we had contracted him for.
He is trying his outmost to keep contract time to be extended.
His expertise in scoping and contracting is also commendable.
So, that's a really significant increase in his new contract.
John is very helpful in getting him set up in his contract with our company.
We were awarded this contract even before we were our company certified.
John is contracted by our company to help rebrand the company.
Our company matter what the obstacle, John gets the contract.
He effectively managed conflicting priorities and successfully contracted with his clients to manage expectations.
John is always proactive in his work, never needed managing and always went over and above for what he was contracted for.
He ran the contract management of our first campaign together seamlessly, from start to finish.
John's eye for detail on the monitoring and managing of the contract is impressive.