Contract Negotiator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Contract Negotiator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been my chosen contract solicitor for licensing contract negotiations.
John has been fantastic to have on your side when going into contract negotiations.
I found his insights in negotiations and contracting very valuable.
John is someone you want in your corner when it comes to negotiating contracts.
John was an especially good negotiator for partner contracts.
He keeps in touch during both contract negotiation and the execution of the contract.
I have found him reasonable in his approach and considerate of our needs through contract negotiations.
John negotiated contracts with the unions that was fair across the board.
John also mentored me through my first brush with contract negotiations.
Charikleia are excellent at contract negotiations and does everything he can for his clients.
He is very strong in negotiating pricing and new contracts with suppliers.
John's greatest area of strength has to be contracts negotiations.
He is willing to negotiate and re-negotiate to ensure you get the best deal for you.
His creativity also shines when it comes to contract negotiation.
I was also impressed with his expertise in licensing and contract negotiations.
He read through the contract on the spot and helped us negotiate.
He knew what he wanted to go into contract negotiations, while always forthcoming and honest.
John displayed tolerance and patience all through the duration of the contract negotiation.
He has helped me greatly with his tireless efforts with regards to contract negotiation.
He is a stellar contract negotiator and will always get you the most bang for your buck.
He responded quickly because he knew that the contract negotiation could not wait.
He also has excellent major contract negotiation expertise which is invaluable.
He was also able to negotiate a contract on his own with little input from me.
He is tenacious and negotiates in depth each clause of the entire contract.
He's the master at government contracting, fulfillment, and negotiation.
He is a good negotiator, helping me get the best terms in my contract.
He expertly negotiated the contract to ensure our rights as tenants.
He is a savvy, tough but fair negotiator when it comes to contracts.
He negotiated contracts for our group and got several good deals.
He negotiated a more favorable venue contract for our luncheons.
John helped my company move locations and negotiate contracts.
John was fair, but he was sure to negotiate what was best for his company.
Additionally, he brings expert negotiation and contracts experience.
He even works with partners through contracts and negotiations.
John had an awesome ability when it came to resolving conflicts and as well as contract negotiations.
He's been constantly following me during all the stages of the interviews and the contract negotiation.
He negotiated the contract, continuously kept in touch with me and made the transition very smooth.
I never was concerned as long as he was reviewing the contracts and advising on negotiations.
John delivered some spectacular contract re-negotiations during his time with the company.
John helped to negotiate terms for many of our contracts and vendor agreements.
During that time, he's negotiated a myriad of contracts on my behalf.
He is really good at negotiating contract and come to optimal cost.
He helped us negotiate several contracts and is very thorough and deliberate in his work.
John was always key in closing many of our contracts; certainly instrumental in all negotiations.
He was also key to the success of other crucial contract negotiations on our behalf.
John also knew the value of equitable negotiations with his suppliers and how to best find the best contracts for his company.
He then walked us through each step of negotiating, signing the contract, and making sure everything went smoothly.
John was responsible for negotiating all the contracts with our suppliers and promotions for the show.
This combined with his background in law made the negotiation and contract phases go very smoothly.
John to him we have been able to negotiate huge contracts with well sized added value.
He helped me re-negotiate a contract successfully and with significant increases.
John is comfortable negotiating complex contracts and quick to solve problems.
He answered all my questions and helped me negotiate a great contract.
John handles contract negotiations in a calm and polished manner.
His expertise in commercial and contract negotiations is the best we have experienced.
John has very good understanding of commercial contracts and negotiations.
He is passionate about getting the best out of every contract negotiation.
He applies that vision as an excellent negotiator during contract negotiations.
Working with him on contract negotiations has always been a pleasure.
Plus, he was our go-to guy whenever we had a contract negotiation.
Through astute negotiations, he has saved significant sums during contract negotiations.
He negotiated several things that were of extra importance to him in his contract.
By being so thorough, he helped save the company with many of our contract negotiations.
Because of his experiences he is able to also do some amazing contract negotiations.
When it comes to negotiating contracts, he is simultaneously fierce and charming.
He became an expert in contract negotiations with different type of stakeholders.
John would be his first choice in any complex or difficult contract negotiation.
John's efficiency while negotiating contracts was nothing short of superb.
Clients love him and he knows the ins and outs of contracts and negotiations.
John negotiated many complex contracts with several parties involved.
Him extraordinary ability to negotiate contracts was invaluable.
He's a tough negotiator; terrific to put in as a contract negotiator.
There were never any budget concerns when dealing with any of his negotiations or contracts.
John made himself available at the crucial time of employment contract negotiation.
He even negotiated with his new employer on his behalf when his contract expired.
At the same time, he understands when it is appropriate to be determined when negotiating contracts with vendors.
One of his special interests is contract negotiation and how to get the best value for money from suppliers.
He makes contract negotiations so simple and always has the best interests of the client/event in mind.
John very efficiently negotiated his contract with no unnecessary delays whatsoever.
Part of his responsibilities included negotiating rates and contracts with vendors.
He is involved in the licensing negotiations and drafting the licensing contracts.
He's the guy you want in the room when you're negotiating the big annual contract.
He again made the process easy for him and negotiated the details of his contract.
He is well versed in negotiations (and renegotiations) of complex contracts.
The contract negotiations were painless with very little effort on his part.
He negotiated every contract like a bulldog and maximized every dollar.
John contract negotiations and problem solving comes natural to him.
His contract experience is solid and he is a very good negotiator.
We also negotiated new contracts which made the most sense for his business.
During contract negotiations, he took the time to analyze our needs and offer the best solution.
John is also great at contract negotiations and protecting his employer's interests.
John does an excellent job negotiating contracts that are fair for both parties.
John is instrumental in our negotiations and subsequent final contract signing.