Controller Performance Review Phrases Examples

Controller Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is in control of all aspects without appearing to be controlling.
He is determined and makes sure that things are always in control.
He will accept nothing less than the best from every controller.
He does things so precisely that they never go beyond control.
He helped him keep thing in perspective by saying "all you can do is control the controllable".
He is control focused and understands what controls are expected.
He helped him take control of his finances, and stay in control.
However, usually always meets these, especially when they are in his control of responsibilities.
Not to mention he was taking on everything and it was quite clear he had it in his control.
He helped when possible and was honest, if it was something that was out of his control.
John will do everything in his control to get things done efficiently and accurately.
Whatever was the challenge, he was there to assure that everything was under control.
He is the man who knows where is the control, and he knows it well how to operate.
He has been ever efficient and always seems to have everything under control.
Remarkable, is the tact he has in taking control of any given situation.
John came in to take control of our infrastructure at the partnership.
John took immediate control and saw him through the claims process.
His ability to take control and see things through is outstanding.
Everything he does for him delegates seems so totally in control.
For him it doesn't mean abrasiveness; nor out of control ambition.
John is very efficient and always in control of the situation.
He can take control of activities on his own and be the leader.
During this he was unflappable, always calm, always in control.
Leading the way, also for teams not under his direct control.
Anything to do with technology, he is in control and at ease.
He is always insightful and is in control of his our company.