Controlling Costs Performance Review Phrases Examples

Controlling Costs Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He was maybe the best CEO we ever had with cost control.

He makes himself always available to everyone, but never beyond his control.

Bottom line, he knows what he is doing and is always in control.

Extremely knowledgeable and very focused on cost control.

He is always looking for ways to control costs as well.

John focuses on things he can do something about rather than on things beyond his control.

John focuses on things he can do something about rather than on things beyond his control.

All-around can be said that he is well known to recent trends and knows to control.

He always seemed to have everything under control and was very organized.

He always seems to have things under control even at the last minute.

He was in control of all aspects without appearing to be controlling.

John knows how to stay in control without controlling people.

That does not mean that he doesn't have control over the situation.

He got things done without being the “annoying” controller.

He's never tired and he has always everything under control.

He is always in control of what needs to be done and when.

He will get it under control and make it seem effortless.

He is always positive and has everything under control.

He's always omnipresent and has it all under control.

He is always in control regardless of the situation.

He always gives 150%, even when there are things beyond his control.

John is really the best of the best when it comes to sales controlling.

He used to keep tight control on costs while doing recruitment.

John will be the first one to recommend ways to control your costs at his facility.

John has been instrumental in helping us get control of our travel costs.

Also, John is equally sensitive to controlling cost.

He always made sure everything was under control, and if it, wasn't it would definitely become an instant priority.

People, who above all else, do everything in their control to always do the right and honourable thing.

He is an excellent teacher and keep control of the class, where some can and do get out of control.

It's with confidence that one can say that things will definitely be in control when he's around.

He helped me keep thing in perspective by saying "all you can do is control the controllable".

Effort and attitude are the two things that all professionals have within their control.

He was truly flexible and because of that he was mostly in control of the system.

John was always willing to step up, take control and make sure things got done.

He is always on top of things and does everything he can be fully in control.

When he said he had something under control, we could all trust that it was.

You never have to follow up and can trust that he's got things under control.

I was very impressed with how quickly he got everything under control.

Deals with pressure, no problem and always has everything under control.

If you are looking to take control of your life, then look no further.

John's role was to help with the documentation of the various controls.

One of my stipulations for him was to have zero control deficiencies.

While having it all under control, he is always upbeat and engaging.

He then would do all he could to control and amend those situations.

He is always several steps ahead and in control of every situation.

John took immediate control and saw me through the claims process.

John has provided me the right tools to take control of my life.

He controls meetings, but doesn't get in the way of conversations.

John has the ability to keep things organized and under control.

He is control focused and understands what controls are expected.

He's fun and easy to work with and we get control after control.

However, because he's so in control he never has to play that card.

He is thorough whilst never losing control when things get tough.

He is always on top of everything and always stays in control.

He was always in control; his paperwork was always up to date.

John knows how to make you feel comfortable and in control.

He was always in control and was very easy to get along with.

To me that showed he was very much in control of the process.

Learned how to respect their space, but always be in control.

John's is relaxed, he is knowledgeable and always in control.