Convincing Performance Review Phrases Examples

Convincing Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Things that he is convinced of, will likely influence you and you yourself to become convinced.
If you don't believe him, try it for yourself and you'll soon be convinced.
He has all but convinced him that he knows everything about everything.
John did all he could to convince us he had the best solution.
He has that power of recalling to examples from nowhere and convince you in the you like to be convinced.
He is beloved by all who know him and he will probably never need to convince anyone of his value.
He just needs to be convinced on the our company he is doing and we all know it will be done.
John can convince anyone to buy anything, and not only that, he's almost always right.
He's never convinced he has it all figured out and, thus, he keeps getting better.
He can do anything, but for that he needs to get convinced & commit himself.
John is convinced that we put in much more valuable than we were getting back.
By itself, his portfolio should be enough to convince you of his abilities.
Smart, practical, he can convince you to do almost everything in business.
He, more than anyone else, convinced him that it was the right job for him.
If you convince him, he will be at your side till the end of the journey.
He does this by convincing them that he's there for them no matter what.
He needs only a few of you minutes and you will be convinced by his ideas.
He is one of the best persons to have if you need to convince someone.
John isn't just someone who can be witty and convincing with words.
With him, you can be convinced that he and your goals are aligned.
John convinced him that we were on the cusp of something special.
Also, he made himself heard if he wasn't convinced of other views.
John is the one who convinced him to come to the world of presales.
He is convincing and could connect with everyone in the audience.
If you convince him to our company for you, you will be indeed fortunate.
This is where he comes in to persuade and convince them him the idea
But never because it was company policy, he had to be convinced.
But he said something appealing to him that convinced him to try.
One more thing that was so impressive was his convincing power.
Although it took some convincing, he did apply and succeeded.
If he is convinced of something, nothing can really stop him.
He's convinced him of the value of having an executive coach.
Give him an our company and he will convince you that it's an apple.