Convincing Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Convincing Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John has excellent communication skills and convincing managerial skills.

He is skilled, funny, entertaining and before you know it you are out there convincing the world, of whatever it is you need to convince them.

His convincing skills and sense of humor always help him get over any resistance.

His unique skill is that he's convinced of his purpose and can persist.

His excellent convincing skills are best suited to his profession.

No doubt, he has magical skills of convincing the candidates.

Him convincing skills and persistence to excel are admirable.

Things that he is convinced of, will likely influence you and you yourself to become convinced.

He is filled with self-confidence and self-esteem and unmatchable convincing skills.

He has all but convinced me that he knows everything about everything.

Just have one conversation with him and you will be convinced.

His analysing and convincing skills made him the very best asset of the organization.

He is very reliable and focused individual with good convincing skills.

Combined with his storytelling skills he's able to convince any client.

He has good convincing skills and abilities to get new clients.

John's approach to the assignment was skillful, knowledgeable and truly convincing.

His skill to convince others to make him more fruitful to the team and company.

John ma'am, is genius & also my mentor, has all skills to convince anybody & everybody on this planet.

He has great convincing skills and somebody who can make you feel comfortable when you are being with him.

He also can make complex concepts appear clearer, and has great explaining and convincing skills.

His strengths are like keeping up the commitments, convincing, interpersonal skills & sincerity.

He is dynamic, thorough, extremely god convincing skills and logical in his approach.

He is an asset to the organisation with his super-duper convincing skills.

He has got good persuasive and convincing skills with a solid vocabulary.

He has good convincing skills, backed by logical reasoning and facts.

He is a fine balance of listening skills and convincing capabilities.

John can convince anyone to buy anything, and not only that, he's almost always right.

He's never convinced he has it all figured out and, thus, he keeps getting better.

He will take on a new way of looking at things if the argument is convincing.

He can do anything, but for that he needs to get convinced & commit himself.

If you convince him, he will be at your side till the end of the journey.

He does this by convincing them that he's there for them no matter what.

I am convinced that he will also do very well in his future pursuits.

I wish him the very best of luck - convinced that he will not need it.

Also, he made himself heard if he wasn't convinced of other views.

Although it took some convincing, he did apply and succeeded.

If you want to convince him, you need to have good arguments.