Cool-Headed Performance Review Phrases Examples

Cool-Headed Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

The cool head besides you help you even if you are not in his stream.
He is very cool as cucumber & very cool head, it's like an iceberg.
He does this all while being quite cool-headed and really kind.
He knows how things should be, he knows how to do so, that would be cool.
Not only does he look cool, but he knows what's cool out there.
His cool head and approachability more than help when things are not going in the right direction.
He gets things done, whether under pressure or not, and always keeps a cool head.
He did this with cool and calm while all those around were losing their heads.
He is always cool headed, even under the most stressful of situations.
John is known for keeping his head cool and getting things done.
He is cool headed, calculated and knows what to do at our company.
He is very cool headed and juniors look up to him for guidance.
John always rely on him to be cool headed even under pressure.
John never hesitated to take on challenges head on, always maintaining a cool head.
Hats off to him to keep his cool and take everybody along with the team.
John keeps his cool even when others around him are panicking.
He always keeps his cool and his cheerful disposition, even when everyone around him is losing their heads.
He knows what he is talking about, keeps a cool head when things are not going, as they should be.
He keeps his head cool in tough situations and always follows through with his commitments.
Ashu's cool and calm demeanor allows for him to keep a cool head while going to any project.
John gets things done, and perhaps most importantly, he keeps a cool head in every situation.
John is one of those few people who keep their heads cool no matter what the situation.
He is gentle in nature, never seems to be agitated, and always keep his head cool.
He is a cool headed individual and provides the right inputs for the right issues.
He is collaborative, cool headed and always ready to take on new challenges.
Always calm and cool headed, he is there to back up his team whenever needed.
John is an intelligent, personable, thorough and very cool headed manager.
He is always willing to listen and provided a cool head in conversations.
Always keeps a cool head, excels at whatever he does and provide solutions.
His strength is he always keep his head cool while facing the challenges.
He is cool headed and very professional while handling the escalations.
John is always very cool headed and great to have around in a crisis.
He impressed him as very cool-headed and determined as well as effective.
He is cool headed and always want to help people solve their problems.
Also, he's patient, and knows how to keep a cool head under pressure.
John is very cool headed but very smart and committed professional.
John is methodical, accurate and cool headed and always delivered.
John is one of the most cool headed digital experts out there.
John always keeps a cool head and you know he'll get the job done.
John is always on time, well presented, charming and cool headed.
John's cool head and focus definitely helped keep us all on track.
He is very resourceful, cool headed, approachable and empathetic.
He is professional, collaborative, understanding and cool headed.
Not one to be flustered, he is extremely cool headed and capable.
John is a cool headed guy and is very meticulous in what he does.
Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, he keeps a cool head.
John is a cool headed guy who goes about his our company with passion.
He keeps a cool head and can handle anything that comes his way.
John is a cool headed manager, who is always willing to help.
He is motivating, supportive, cool-headed, and very personable.
In any difficult situation, he always has a cool headed solution
He keeps a cool head under pressure and looks out for his team.
In stressful situations, he keeps his head cool, and delivers.
Him as the patients to look into the solution with a cool head.
How has the ability to our company under pressure with a cool head
A cool head that can distress anyone with stress in our company.
When things seem most ambiguous, he's cool headed and will always have the trust of his employees.
John's cool head is what distinguishes him from many communications professionals.
He engages well with others, is confident in his approach, and is cool headed.
John is cool headed, new what to do, who to call and took care of business.