Copy Editor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Copy Editor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As an editor, he always improved the copy, even when it was mine.
As an editor, he has just the right touch that makes already- good copy soars
He's the kind of copy editor you want in the trenches with you.
Since then, he has blossomed as a substantive and copy editor.
John is not only and excellent editors, he writes terrific copy.
Oh yes, and very clean copy; he makes his job as editor easier
He must be doing something right like maybe not screwing with his copy.
They were copies of copies of copies and not easily discernible by even an expert like him.
He brought new approaches at the section which were copied from other editors in the newspaper.
As his copy editor, he provided him with great feedback after reviewing his articles.
John served as copy editor and all-around "organizer" for his doctoral dissertation.
As a copy editor, he has been invaluable to the newsroom in many ways.
He packs his stories with substance and is a superb copy editor - not only of his own stories but those of his fellow editors.
Both the copy he's edited for him and the copy he wrote himself has been great.
He writes perfect copy, is an excellent editor, and is truly versatile.
His copy was always clean, which made his work as an editor much easier.
He can also write with style and panache, and is a mean copy editor.
So, many have tried to take his course and copy him techniques and they've failed.
He always pulls him in and through his copy, without exception.
John distinguished himself as an energetic and conscientious news copy editor.
He turned in copy that's clean, clear and on-time - every editor's dream.
His sharp eye also made him an excellent copy editor and proofreader
John is a very diligent, efficient & intelligent copy editor.
Our company top of all of that, John is a first-rate proofreader and copy editor.
He fought to ensure that all copies that left the building went through copy editors first.