Copy Writer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Copy Writer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a very strong writer who is passionate about his copy.
That is, he improves copy while retaining the writer's voice.
During that time he was, by far, the best writer we used and we used him monthly.
Not only is he an amazing writer, he always has the best attitude.
Besides, he also has the makings of becoming an incredible writer.
He is an excellent writer who always amazes him with how quickly he can draft copy.
A brilliant copy writer and just great to be around with his stories of escapades.
He's like the proverbial trifecta - our company skills/strategic/campaign copy writer.
If his copy, or his writers' copy, went through his hands, rest assured it would come back looking shiny and clean.
John is very talented as both a videographer and copywriter
He also directly reached out to each writer whenever edits were made to let them know what the changes were and if they had any questions.
Not only that, but you'll probably improve as a writer, too, just from his feedback.
John always keeps the reader in mind and makes sure the writer does too.
His critiques are on target, and he does it without criticizing the writer.
He may be an excellent writer, without question, but he is so much more.
Add to that that he is very good with words and an excellent writer.
His editorial insights are well-reasoned, he goes to bat for the writer when the writer's argument makes sense.
He doesn't just want the copy to be correct, he wants it to be better.
John helped with so much more than just the copy for his website.
Plus, he dresses much better than any writer; this is an advantage in every presentation.
As a writer, he is thorough and even-handed, always willing to look at the whole story.
John is his writer-partner for three years here at our company.
Our company few writers meet this challenge better than John.
He knows how to elevate copy from drab to dramatic without distilling the writer's voice.
As a writer, he always made the deadline with clean copy and was receptive to feedback.
He edits in the writer's voice and knows how to make others' ideas and copy better.
John is an excellent copywriter and his attention to detail is second to none.
As a freelance writer, he can be counted on for timely, clean copy.
He won't tell you this, but he's a pretty kick arse copy writer too.
John has proven to be a top-notch copywriter in all respects.