Corporate Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Corporate Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He went above and beyond to ensure that everyone on our corporate account felt extraordinary.
John and his firm have been our corporate accounting firm for many years.
John is very well suited for handling large corporate accounts.
His dedication handling corporate accounts was amazing and exceptional.
John helped us immensely in our transition to a corporate account.
He always demonstrated a high degree of corporate accountability.
John is not your average corporate accounts leader, he is so much more.
John made significant headway into very large corporate accounts where no contacts had been made previously.
He handled large corporate accounts on his own and always took the initiative to grow and progress.
He started as an accountant and swiftly yet steadily climbed the corporate ladder.
In particular, he was especially adept at opening high-revenue corporate accounts.
He makes even the smallest accounts feel appreciated like they were a big enterprise account.
He evaluated risk and provided accountability for the program to corporate and political superiors.
John typically works on only the largest corporate and federal accounts.
He provided consistent leadership to the accountants that he supervised.
He takes accountability of tasks with little or no supervision.
At the same time, he is accountable and adheres to correction.
John made time to meet with his customers - even those that were "captive" corporate accounts.
John is assigned the largest, most sensitive accounts for a reason; he knows how to keep his accounts smiling while maintaining corporate profit objectives.
He got along with everyone and managed his accounts very well.
John has won many corporate accounts for our organisation and can say that he is a great colleague who is always willing to help.
His experience with his team selling to large corporate accounts has been nothing but positive.
John closed two well known corporate accounts in one of the toughest and most competitive markets.
John handles big corporate accounts and often interacts with us on a regular basis.
Although it seemed impossible at the time to do things like "hire someone else to do the accounting" because it was not using his strengths.
Relationships that have been normally for large enterprise accounts were readily available to him.
Under his guidance we won and maintained large corporate and institutional accounts throughout the region.
John imparts account strategy that makes a difference in today's corporate marketplace.
John does an excellent job penetrating and multi-level selling to corporate accounts.